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Galleries and art spaces in Belarus

What is a gallery? Usually, the gallery is a place of storage of art objects, where you can admire the authentic paintings of famous artists. We are talking about non-profit galleries, such as the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow or the Tate Gallery in London. But contemporary art dictates its own rules, and commercial ones appeared along with the usual galleries. Such galleries sell artifacts by contemporary artists. In this article, we will become more familiar with contemporary art and the famous art spaces of Belarus.

Contemporary art in Belarus

Contemporary art is represented by a variety of approaches and techniques, there is a mixture and interaction of styles, similar to the European version of the vision of art. Artists represented by artists are capable of an unbiased perception of any course of world trends.

Significant names in the field of art in Belarus

If you still did not know, then Belarus is very rich in talents. This is confirmed by artists who are known not only in our country, but also abroad. For example, Marc Chagall with his works “The Bride”, “Paris Through the Window”, “Me and the Village”; Lev Bakst - "Ancient Horror", "Dinner"; Vitaly Zvirko - “Noon”, “March”.

The best galleries and art spaces

The best works of our famous artists are presented on the walls of galleries and art spaces, where anyone who is interested in art can come to admire this personally.

Gallery DK

Gallery of classical and modern art. Over the four years since the opening, the gallery team held more than thirty personal and collective exhibitions by Belarusian authors, including CHEESE by Vladimir Tsesler, the sensational exhibition project of the English street art Banksy&3,14 Art, an exhibition of paintings and sculptures by Vladislav Stalmakhov "People are Big - people are small. "

The gallery organizes paid exhibitions of Belarusian and foreign masters, provides a venue for events, and also provides drinks for every taste in the ART & WINE bar.

Art Belarus

This art space was created to stimulate the creative search for artists and expand the horizons of art critics. The collection contains works by artists born within the borders of the modern Republic of Belarus, whose names have received wide public recognition. For objective reasons, the creative heritage of many of these authors was not represented in the museum collections of our country. Today, Art Belarus owns unique collections of old-printed publications, paintings of the 19th century, works by the authors of the World of Art association, and Belarusian artists from abroad.

Exhibition Hall LIBRA

Art space for exhibitions of contemporary artists. Here you can see the work of the most prominent representatives of contemporary art. Often at such events a dress code is entered, and in the program you will find original tours, concerts of pop artists, a glass of champagne and a good mood!

Gallery of modern art "Ў"

On 19 Oktyabrskaya Street, the "Ў" Gallery moved to a building with high ceilings, huge halls and a barrier-free environment, which means that art has become even more accessible. Wheelchair lifts appeared here. Russian has also been added to the Belarusian and English languages ​​in the gallery - in the last place, from time to time, they encountered dissatisfaction with the Russian-speaking audience, but now they decided to expand the borders. Now the guys will put more emphasis on holding events and selling art than designer things.

Art Gallery of Mastastva

The most famous art space in Minsk, and this is not surprising, because the exposition of several halls of the Gallery is replenished every day. Here you can always find fresh work, get free professional advice on the purchase of contemporary art, and also make a competent investment in a work of art.

“Mastastva Gallery” organizes not only exhibitions of popular artists of Belarus, but also periodically opens up new names in contemporary art.

Kastus Kachan Art Gallery

Art space for creative meetings, literary and musical presentations, master classes, seminars, trainings and open airs, as well as a place for charity projects and events. Here you can admire the collection of glass, furniture, household items of past times, and purchase postcards, reproductions and souvenirs.

Gallery House of Pictures

The “House of Paintings” is the largest private art gallery in Belarus and the only collection that has gathered under one roof rare and valuable works of artists awarded the State Prize - National Artist. Here you can touch the rare works of Art and contemporary Belarusian art. Here, creative meetings and exclusive film screenings are held, master classes and workshops are organized. In the video library on the gallery website you can find interviews with outstanding Belarusian artists and artists.

Gallery "U Maistra"

An art platform for the presentation of contemporary Belarusian and European art, which combines in one space a gallery hall, a shop of designer clothes and leather goods made by Makey. The gallery organizes sales exhibitions, auctions, workshops and charity events.

A&V Art Gallery

An art space trying to maintain and develop contemporary Belarusian art not only in his native country, but also abroad. The gallery focuses on contemporary Belarusian artists, holds solo exhibitions on its website, and regularly takes part in major international art exhibitions around the world. Here you can not only look at the exhibits of contemporary artists, but also buy what you like.

Verh Art Space

An art space created to support contemporary art. Entertainment and educational events are often held here, because there is everything you need: a platform of about 900 meters with two bars and the stage.

National Museum of Art

The largest museum of art profile in Belarus, the place where the richest collection of art objects is collected, and the originals of Aivazovsky, Shishkin and Pukirev are stored. According to estimates, there are more than 30 thousand works that form twenty different collections and make up two main museum collections: a collection of national art and a collection of art monuments of countries and peoples of the world.

Museum of Modern Art

In support of the development of current trends in art, a museum of contemporary art was created. With the help of the center, it is planned to combine young and established artists who are engaged in contemporary art.

Exhibitions in Belarus

Many artists are worried about the pressing state of contemporary art, for example, Vladimir Prokoptsov, who kept the main museum of the country afloat for 20 years, and today creates numerous exhibitions and projects in support of contemporary artists. The latter took place on February 28, 2019 at the National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus, where a press screening and a press conference were organized dedicated to the presentation of the project “Contemporary Art of Belarus”.

Art collections of Belgazprombank

At present, the Belgazprombank corporate collection has more than 100 artifacts created since the beginning of the 16th century. The collection contains works by artists born within the borders of the modern Republic of Belarus, whose names have received wide public recognition. For objective reasons, the creative heritage of many of these authors was not represented in the museum collections of our country.