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History of the gallery «ArtbaZa MINSK»

"ArtbaZa MINSK" gallery was opened in Minsk in 2014. The gallery has a positioning as a meeting place for artists and art workers. The gallery was opened in the very center of the city, in the historical district – Troyetskoye Predmestye.

Exhibitions and projects of the "ArtbaZa MINSK" gallery

The gallery actively participates in international art exhibitions. For example, the works of the artists exhibited in the “ArtbaZa MINSK” gallery were presented at Berliner Liste 2017. You can see the list of artists represented in the gallery on the official website. Among them are such artists as Andrei Petkevich, Andrei Ostashov, Vladimir Zhbanov, Alexei Novozhilov, Svetlana Korol, Irina Bolund, Alexander Belsky.