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Spex Advisers
Spex Advisers

Spex Advisers LLC: accounting and recruiting

Spex Advisers is a recruiting agency in Minsk that will help you create a professional and friendly atmosphere in your company.

Services of Spex Advisers

Spex Advisers offers professional accounting services, recruitment and outstaffing in Belarus. The agency takes care of all the administrative and accounting processes so that you can only focus on your business.

Spex Advisers works in the following areas:

• Accounting services;

• Outstaffing;

• Management;

• Recruiting;

• and other.

Company experience

The employees of the company have experience in accounting, tax consulting and law for 10 years or more. The agency is trusted by such Belarusian and foreign companies as Alfa Bank, Talance, Beladev, Webbee, BSB Bank, Decentr and others. Spex Advisers are responsible for its actions.

You can get acquainted with the full list of the company's services on the official website.