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Nightclub in Minsk

If you want to spend an unforgettable night and dance until dawn, then a trip to a nightclub in Belarus is a good idea. Nightlife in our country is very rich with lots of entertainment. Nightclubs in Minsk are diverse and numerous, while nightclubs in other cities cannot boast the same.

By what criteria should you choose a nightclub?

If you don't want to go to a nightclub with a dubious contingent, then you should carefully consider choosing a nightclub.

  1. Face-control

Elite institutions in Minsk care about their reputation, so there are always guards at the entrance, who pass to the club based on the appearance of the person and the degree of alcohol intoxication. If a person is not very sober, they won't be missed. Also not allowed in sportswear and shoes, shirts and shorts, and girls should be wearing shoes or sandals.

  1. Places available

Always make a reservation in advance, otherwise you will have to be on the dance floor in a jolt, and it can ruin your evening.

  1. Prices

Prices are an important part of a good club. In an elite nightclub prices are high, but the quality of alcohol is also high, so you can not be afraid that the bartender instead of a good whiskey will pour a drink from a nearby store for three pennies.

  1. Kitchen

If you come to a nightclub not only to dance, but also to have a good time, then pay attention to the availability of the kitchen in the club and what dishes can offer you there.

  1. Artists

Elite nightclubs usually feature guest artists rather than a homebrew toastmaster.


Prices for kitchen in institutions will start from $5. Coffee and dessert may cost cheaper, but not everywhere. For alcohol prices are absolutely different everywhere, but the average minimum price of a cocktail is $7-10.

Cost of entrance

You always have to pay for entering a nightclub in Minsk. Depending on the institution, entrance to a nightclub costs from $7. If you order a preferential VIP-table, the administrator will warn you about the cost.

The best nightclubs in Minsk


It's more of a bar than a club, but you can also have a good rest here.

The whole place is immersed in twilight, and the dance hall is quite large. The perimeter has comfortable sofas for big and not very big companies. The walls of the institution are painted in the style of pop art.

COYOTE is an institution with European cuisine, and the cooks delight guests with their author's recipes. Among the specialties there is a huge burger "COYOTE" and a meat snack to beer for the large plateau company "COYOTE".

The bar menu is also diverse: here you can order a beer or a cocktail, and if not, the bartender will mix you any drink you want.

Acoustic musicians in the style of blues and rock-n-roll perform at the institution on Thursdays, and on Fridays and Saturdays from 11 pm guests can hear cover bands.

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In the nightclub, the presenters entertain visitors and bartenders make incredible cocktails.

Here you can order European cuisine or choose one of numerous alcoholic drinks from the bar list.

Go-Go dancers perform here for guests, and at the entrance, the situation is controlled by face control, so you don't have to worry about the NEXT nightclub contingent.

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This is the first conceptual nightclub in Minsk. The space of this place plays with all the colors and takes us to unpredictable places for imagination. The club will be to the taste of beautiful and intelligent people who understand what an exclusive holiday is.

The bar has two multi-level VIP zones, "The Bed" zone; four bar counters, different in size and performance. The club allows getting new impressions from each subsequent visit. The ceiling and walls change their color, the zone of bars - it creates a new, unexpected atmosphere.

The kitchen of Black House Club is eclectic, unique and inimitable. The main secret is to use familiar for us and our favorite ingredients to transform them into incredible flavor combinations.

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Maxshow club

Barman shows, erotic performances, raffles and theme parties all promise the guests of Maxshow club.

The owners describe the institution as a place for not only qualitatively and comfortably realized, but also bright evening: besides club rest, it is worth to come here to get to any of the frequent show programs.

Amazing here can be thematic parties, which are held every weekend and each time dramatically different from each other. What's more, the theme of the evening is not only about the show, but also about the food and clothing of the staff.

Every weekday in Maxshow club parties pass, but they are always diluted by some actions: competitions with drawings, female nights with erotic man's performance, similar actions for men and many other things.

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Nightclub RICH CAT features a non-trivial design with cat statues and music format. Preference is given to such areas as R'n'B, Mash up and POP. Performers are approached very carefully, choosing the popular, but unbeaten. RICH CAT also hosts concerts by foreign artists and performances by famous DJs.

There is a popular eclecticism in the interior. In addition, the central place in the decor is taken by the symbol of the club - the cat. Elegant figures, made in white, were specially designed and produced exclusively for RICH CAT.

Show ballet, Go-Go dancers, DJs, cover bands, artists, including specially invited artists from abroad, thematic and private parties are held here for guests.

RICH CAT club menu includes European, Japanese and author's cuisine. Facility’s chef in his own way interprets all classical positions. Alcohol choice is rich and diverse: large choice of wines, whiskey, rum, champagne, cognac and classical cocktails.