black_house_club Black House Club
Black House Club


Black House Club opened in Minsk to become the first conceptual institution in the country and to demonstrate the world standards of the entertainment industry. In the name of this place is already hidden mystery. The space of our club plays with all colors and takes us to unpredictable places for imagination. The words’ play – is only the beginning. The club will be interesting for beautiful and intelligent people who understand what a quality holiday is.

The creators of Black House Club have included the maximum number of innovative, interactive innovations and elements that you will not find elsewhere. The whole bar breathes and lives with music and its visitors. Not for nothing one of the slogans of the institution was chosen the phrase “created to surprise”, because it strikes here literally every detail. The bar has two multi-level VIP-zones, bar counters, along the entire perimeter of the club. All this diversity allows you to get new impressions from each subsequent visit. Black House Club is a unique place with its own unrepeatable style, atmosphere and rules.