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Maxshow_club Max-show club
Max-show club

Max-show club

Max-Show Club – a club with a 20-year professional history – is located in the area of Yakub Kolas Square. Max-Show is not just a dance club, it is a conceptual space for fans of exciting shows and performances.

Events in Max-show club

Max-Show regularly hosts bartender shows, erotic performances, themed parties, performances by artists, entertaining contests and lotteries. Each visitor has the opportunity not only to become a spectator, but also a participant in the performance. On weekdays, the club hosts parties that are accompanied by contests, women's nights with an erotic male performance and similar events for men. The shows are held at the central bar, which is the accent of the interior.

Menu at Max-show club

In the Max-show club you can order snacks and main dishes of European cuisine. The club features a menu from the chef, as well as a classic cocktail menu. You can order food and drinks at the table with the waiters or at the bar.

Entrance and booking tickets for the show

Max-show club is open daily. You can buy tickets for the show on the websites of ticket operators.