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Mir Mir cinema
Mir cinema


Location of the Mir cinema

Cinema "Mir" is one of the oldest cinemas in Minsk (it was opened in 1958). Today the cinema is equipped with professional modern equipment and consists of 2 cozy halls - 256 seats and 188 seats.

The cinema is located in the center of Minsk near the metro station.

Facilities of the Mir cinema

The cinema includes free parking for visitors, a lobby for those who are waiting for the movie show and a bar area for drinks and snacks. Also, the building provides all the conditions for the comfort of people with disabilities.

Viewers are offered films in both 2D and 3D formats.

The cinema hosts many exhibitions and expositions, which are performed right in the main hall and are available for everyone. Also, the cinema "Mir" is one of the sites for the movie competition and festival "Listapad".