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Plumbers and electricians

Plumbers and electricians in Belarus

Each of us has some kind of breakdown at home from time to time. Usually in this case the father of the family comes to the rescue. What should those who do not have a jack-of-all-trades at home do? In such cases, people use the service, calling plumbers and electricians at home. This has many advantages. You do not have to run around shops and markets, waste time and nerves choosing and purchasing materials. The specialist himself can buy and bring everything to the object.

How to find a plumber in Minsk?

There are many similar services in Minsk. On the Internet, you can find many sites that have complete information about the services that these services provide, as well as prices, reviews, examples of work. You can also ask a question in a pop-up window. Here are some examples of such sites: plumber works of different difficulties , shef, plumber santa, your master.bel, 124 and others.

Plumber services

A plumber is a very responsible job, because the slightest defect can lead to large monetary losses, from simple damage to furniture and building materials to flooding. That is why a plumber, first, must have professional knowledge and vast experience in working with plumbing equipment. The main task of any plumber should not be the performance of a large amount of work, but the quality of the work performed by him. Plumbers offer a wide range of plumbing jobs.

Repair, replacement and installation of toilets

The toilet is an important device in the bathroom. Modern models differ in shape, color, design, installation method, and set of functions. In order for the device to serve for a long time and without problems, we should entrust the installation, repair and replacement only to experienced and proven firms and specialists.

Toilets are grouped by:

  1. The type of toilet;
  2. Flush system;
  3. Release into the sewer;
  4. Material;
  5. The method of attaching the toilet.

They are divided into floor or mounted. Floor-standing models are simple, convenient, and the installation of the toilet is quick. The replacement takes place without harm to walls or floors. The compact size is suitable for use in small washrooms. Suspended models seem to float in the air, simplifying the cleaning process. Installation is more difficult than that of floor-standing counterparts and takes longer. Only highly qualified specialists who have a set of necessary equipment, components, and consumables install such devices.

Bath installation

The bathroom is a place that is constantly exposed to moisture and temperature changes.

Installing a new bathtube is necessary when:

  1. Carrying out major repairs
  2. Purchasing an apartment in a new building
  3. Replacing the model with a new one
  4. The appearance of leaks or rust

The cost of installing a bath depends on a number of factors, such as model, type, size, material; dismantling the old bath; site preparation; water supply, sewerage; installation method; urgency; use of materials, spare parts of the contractor and much more.

It can be installed in two ways with a podium, without a podium. Moreover, the second option is cheaper.

Types of materials from which containers are made:

  1. Cast iron
  2. Metal
  3. Acrylic

If a replacement is required, then you need to choose a company, make an application for a call, wait for the arrival of specialists.

Maintaining of shower faucet

The mixer is the most used plumbing fixture in the house, as every day a person takes a shower, brushes his teeth, and washes dishes. Therefore, even the most expensive crane, after intensive use, breaks down and requires replacement. The plumber will install the new device according to technical standards, quickly and at a fixed cost.

There are several types of taps in the bathroom: for a washbasin, a bath bowl, a shower or a bidet. By the method of connection, they are built-in, that is, the water supply pipes are built into the wall or overhead, connected to the sink. Each type requires compliance with certain technical work, the availability of tools, consumables for sealing the seams.

The water supply system in the kitchen must work flawlessly. She is exposed to increased stress every day. The faucet is mounted in the sink body, on the countertop or in the wall; therefore, before starting the procedure, it is necessary to carry out the appropriate pipe laying. Installing a faucet in the kitchen requires knowledge of specific nuances, depending on the system and the connection point, as well as the presence of a filter for drinking water.


One of the features of modern urban development is a large number of small apartments. The bulk of residential buildings under construction today are the so-called “affordable housing”. Another trend of the XXI century is the maximum use of the usable area of the apartment. Therefore, the rooms in them are spacious, and the bathrooms, as a rule, are combined and small. As a guarantee of the greatest comfort, residents need the right furnishings for this space:

  1. Toilet
  2. Bath or shower
  3. Dressing table
  4. Wardrobe for towels and bathrobes
  5. Laundry basket

Convenience and safety of movement around the bathroom are also very important, so the Swiss designers came up with a "toilet installation". The installation of the toilet bowl installation is one of the assembly models of all the toilet bowl elements. Its peculiarity lies in the maximum release of space by mounting part of the parts on the wall or behind the wall. This method of installation saves the owner free space in the bathroom, allows you to hide the cistern behind the wall.

Electrician services

The list of electrician services may be as follows:

  1. Electrical wiring of apartments and houses.
  2. Industrial Electrical Installation.
  3. Installation of lighting.
  4. Installation and transfer of 220V, 380V sockets.
  5. Installation and disconnection of junction boxes.
  6. Installation of switchboard equipment, protection device (diff. Automatic machines, automatic switches).
  7. Services of an electrician during the installation of electrical equipment, up to 1000 V and above.
  8. Laying of cable lines, up to 1000 V and above.
  9. Installation of grounding and lightning protection.

and many others.

Turnkey wiring installation

When making repairs, entrust the organization of an electrician to a competent specialist. Otherwise, the power grid is threatened with overload and failure. In this case, the called electrician will have to contrive to fix the wiring without damaging the finish.

How is the electrical work carried out?

Start cooperation by ordering a service. The most reliable way is to talk to the operator in person by phone. You will tell him the essence of the problem. An electrician will visit you, assess the scope of work on the spot, diagnose systems and equipment. The specialist will determine the places for laying cables, installing devices and equipment, and will draw up a sketch.

Based on the prices, the customer is informed about the cost of the project. After signing the contract at the appointed time, the team will arrive at the facility and carry out the electrical installation just in time. In addition to laying cables and connecting equipment, the work includes the following: installation, replacement, transfer of switches, sockets; wiring for kitchen modules; hanging fixtures; grounding device, warm floor. First, as a rule, the paths for the cables and grounding (wall chasing) are prepared. Then embedded parts are placed in building structures. Further, the presence and condition of equipment, blocks, nodes are checked. At the end, the wizards perform the actual installation, connect the devices.

When making repairs, entrust the organization of an electrician to a competent specialist. Otherwise, the power grid is threatened with overload and failure. In this case, the called electrician will have to contrive to fix the wiring without damaging the finish.

Partial or complete replacement of electrical wiring

When replacing electrical wiring, you should decide for sure: whether you will replace the wiring partially or completely.

The main stages of wiring replacement:

Preparatory. A plan is drawn up for the power grid, living quarters. Points are applied to it where points (chandeliers, sconces, switches, sockets) will be applied to the electrical network.

Rough installation of wiring. Niches are drilled for the display stands. Then the installation of cable lines from the consumer to the switchboard is carried out. In this case, the old wiring is not dismantled, but continues to work. All new wires are inserted into a new shield. Then the assembly and installation of automatic voltage switches is carried out. Sealing the chambers with plaster mortar.

Preliminary check. The assembled lines are checked for shorts. For this, a multimeter is used.

Dismantling of old wiring. Dismantling is done after disconnecting from the riser. This makes it possible to safely dismantle old wires and electrical points. After dismantling the old wiring, you can start finishing work.

Fine installation of electrical wiring. The repair was done. The last steps remain. The internal mechanisms of switches and sockets are installed. Chandeliers and sconces are hung.

Commissioning works. Checking the voltage. Once again we stretch out the contacts, test the automation.

Laying of low-current lines

Low-current systems include cables that carry a low current for non-power purposes. It is measured in milliamperes and with a voltage of 12-24 V. These wires transmit data of various types - image, sound, control signals, information from sensors and sensors.

What types of networks are included in low-current networks and systems?

Weak connections are common in both residential buildings and offices. Wherever communication, control or supervision is required, special cables are laid. These can be the following networks:

  1. communication and switching cables;
  2. computer connections;
  3. security and video surveillance;
  4. fire alarm;
  5. access control and so on.

Round-the-clock call of specialists

Some companies provide a 24-hour home call service. This service is as convenient as possible, since plumbers and electricians are unpredictable things and problems with them can take you by surprise.

Prices for the services of electricians and plumbers in Minsk

The price of calling a plumber at home in each company is optimal, and the speed and quality of work are many times higher than the others. The total cost depends on the amount of work to be done. Criteria such as:

  • prompt check-out: we will arrive in 40-60 minutes after the call;
  • warranty up to 5 years;
  • favorable cost of services;
  • 24/7 support manager support;
  • free insurance (for a certain amount);
  • system of bonuses;
  • the best materials.

Tariffs are transparent; you will not face imposed services or hidden fees, since firms usually take care of their reputation and do their jobs “conscientiously”.