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Auto station services

Service stations and car dealerships in Minsk

Service stations and car dealerships in Minsk are at every step, while companies annually open new service stations, increasing the number of services and materials. Car service stations in Belarus offer a wide range of services for maintenance and repair of European, American and Japanese cars and brands.

Car maintenance and repair

Repairs at car dealerships start with high-precision diagnostics. The mechanics then select the best option for troubleshooting and tell you the approximate cost and time of the work. Upon completion of service you will be issued a warranty card.

Service stations offer the following services:

  • diagnostics of control systems and sensors;
  • diagnostics of brakes on a professional stand;
  • brake disc running;
  • diagnostics of D4D diesel injectors;
  • manufacturing of brake tubes with a rolling and bending pattern that matches your vehicle;
  • air conditioning refueling, including partial refueling;
  • headlight angle adjustment;
  • gearbox repair;
  • brake system repair;
  • repair of the cooling system;
  • chassis repair;
  • suspension repair;
  • steering repair;
  • engine overhaul.

All service station mechanics have high professional training and extensive experience. Service is provided by cashless and cash, VISA and MasterCard.

Popular car repair services:

Diagnostics of the car

Specialists of the service will carry out computer diagnostics of electronic control systems of the car: engine, automatic transmission, airbags, cruise control, climate control, immobilizer, dashboard, parking system, air suspension, navigation system, etc.

Suspension diagnostics

In the service station you can make diagnostics of the suspension, which includes:

  • check the condition of shock absorbers, springs, levers, support cups;
  • check of absence of backlashes in ball bearings, steering tips, SHURS;
  • inspection of silent blocks and other components of the chassis of the car;
  • inspection of wheel bearings.

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Suspension repair

Suspension repair includes services:

  • hub bearing replacement;
  • running gear diagnosis;
  • replacement of shock absorbers;
  • replacement of springs;
  • replacement of silent blocks;
  • replacement of levers;
  • replacement of the ball;
  • replacement of stabilizer racks.

Engine overhaul

Engine overhaul includes:

  • replacement of the timing belt;
  • repair of the cooling system;
  • SBT repair;
  • replacement of the timing chain;
  • replacement of the crankshaft gland;
  • replacement of hydrocompensators;
  • motor replacement;
  • crankshaft repair;
  • replacement of the gasket of GBTs;
  • replacement of oil caps.

Oil change

There are specialized car dealerships in Belarus to replace oils. They will provide you with the following services:

  • oil change;
  • coolant replacement;
  • oil change in the power steering;
  • fuel filter replacement;
  • air filter replacement;
  • tyre service;
  • air conditioner refueling;
  • suspension repair and so on.

Car maintenance

Car maintenance includes:

  • engine oil change;
  • filter replacement;
  • scheduled maintenance;
  • automatic transmission oil change.

Body repair

Depending on the degree of complexity and the nature of the work being done, it is different:

  • restoration or replacement of individual body parts and elements: bumper, wing, etc;
  • straightening, correction of damages, dents;
  • body priming;
  • grinding to ensure maximum smoothness of the surface to be restored;
  • removal of minor defects: dents, scratches, "bugs", etc;
  • full or local painting;
  • polishing and application of protective composition.

Not always the need for bodywork is caused by car damage. Sometimes motorists turn to salons to give individuality to their car through tuning.

Ordering auto parts

Service stations allow their customers to buy new or used parts for all known car models. This makes it possible to carry out repair work as well as to eliminate faults.

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Catalogue of Minsk service stations and firms that perform repair of cars on the map


At AMT Service, repair starts with high-precision diagnostics. This is an important stage in which even covert breakdowns are detected. The specialists then select the best option for troubleshooting and inform you about the approximate cost and time of the work. At the end of service is issued a warranty card, which is the main proof of the quality of service station.

The services include:

  • engine repair;
  • free diagnostics of suspension;
  • suspension repair;
  • steering repair;
  • chassis repair;
  • cooling system repair;
  • brake system repair;
  • gearbox repair and so on.

A wider list of services can be found at


TEXX SERVICE serves cars and SUVs, and the company's specialists have a high level of knowledge and are constantly improving their professional level. TEXX SERVICE services:

  • oil change;
  • coolant change;
  • oil change in power steering;
  • fuel filter replacement;
  • air filter replacement;
  • cabin filter replacement;
  • tyre service;
  • disc unrolling and dressing;
  • air conditioner refueling;
  • suspension repair;
  • replacement of brake pads;
  • brake system repair;
  • steering repair;
  • 3D camber;
  • computer diagnostics;
  • autoelectrics.

Service provides permanent discounts and advertising activities in the network for its clients. It allows saving money and receiving services or goods at favorable prices.

More detailed information can be found on a site of company


The range of services allows specialists to offer customers what they need. BOSCH SERVICE provides services for all types of engines: petrol, diesel, electric and hybrid. All service stations in the network are systematically certified.

The services of a service station is included:

  • engine maintenance;
  • brake system maintenance;
  • auto glass replacement or repair;
  • electronic systems maintenance;
  • maintenance service;
  • lighting system inspection;
  • tire service;
  • mechanical and fitter's work;
  • climate systems maintenance;
  • professional service for the car.

Website STO:


Company GAZAVTO SYSTEM is engaged in installation and service of the gas equipment more than 20 years and is the official representative of Italian firm LANDI RENZO - the leading world manufacturer of the gas equipment for a car.

Gas is a good alternative to gasoline, as gas prices are almost two times lower, which is a good saving for your budget.

Before installing and using gas equipment, it is necessary to study safety precautions for its use, as, for example, propane-butane is explosive due to the fact that it is heavier than air and in case of leakage it accumulates in an enclosed space.

If you have any questions, you can contact the service and specialists will give you free advice.

All information about the company and services can be found here:


ARTE MOTORS service station offers a wide range of maintenance and repair services for cars of European, American and Japanese manufacturers and brands. In the service you can get computer diagnostics of electronic control systems of the car: engine, automatic transmission, airbags, cruise control, climate control, immobilizer, dashboard, parking system, air suspension, navigation systems, etc.

You can get acquainted with discounts and promotions at


With TOLEX MOTORS, you will get:

  • new original licensed spare parts;
  • piston rings and crankshaft liners;
  • filters: oil, fuel, air and cabin filters;
  • spark plugs and glow plugs;
  • brake pads;
  • brake disks and so on.

Detailed information about the company can be found at

Promotions and discounts

Service stations always offer their customers savings and discount cards, and some even a discount for filling up the apartment. Service specialists always inform their customers about new discounts and promotions.

If your car did not survive a long journey or suddenly failed, you can contact the service at any time, and specialists will always consult and do everything possible to repair.