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итальянская кухня

Italian food in Minsk

Imagine Italy with beautiful streets, delicious pizzas, pasta Bolognese and lasagna. This is probably one of the few countries where it is not architecture that is recalled, but cuisine. Italian cuisine is known worldwide. Many mistakenly think that in Italy there is nothing to try except pasta and pizza. After all, their cuisine pleases with an abundance of delicious dishes, where everyone will find some kind of discovery. Unfortunately, travel this year is fading into the background, so we will indulge in restaurants. Today we will get acquainted with the best Italian restaurants in Minsk and find out what it is like.

What is Italian food like?

One can talk endlessly about Italian cuisine. And it’s better not to speak, but to try. You have lost a lot if you still have not tried fish soup (Zuppa di pesce), cooked from different varieties of fish according to a special recipe, artichokes (Fondo di carciofo), baked with herbs, as well as Sicilian cake (Cassata siciliana) with fresh cottage cheese and candied fruit. How delicious and varied this cuisine cannot be described in words, so we will introduce you to the best restaurants.

Italian Restaurants in Minsk

It’s okay if you don’t get to Italy this summer. This fabulous country will take you to the best restaurants in Minsk. Do not deny yourself the pleasure of having dinner in the best traditions of Italy.

La scala

A respectable European restaurant, a cozy Italian cafe and a spacious living room of a Sicilian house - all this is guessed in the interior of the trattoria, which offers a delicious meal and intimate conversation. A wide palette of flavors and traditional gastronomic techniques are embodied in the original recipes of the chef Ignazio Rosa, as at home. La Scala Trattoria Ignazio: from a delicious family dinner to a gourmet banquet in stile italiano.

Trattoria offers its guests a traditional Italian service and a standard list of services: banquets, corporate parties, receptions, anniversaries, catering, “home chef” and pick-up of pizza. You will find worthy service, excellent cuisine and impressions that will remain in your memory for a long time!

Address: st. Nemiga, 36.


The word falcone is translated from Italian as a bird that impresses with its grace and nobility. Exclusive Italian cuisine, the original interior and the unique style of the restaurant are designed to give visitors the same unforgettable impressions that a fascinating flight of a falcon gives.

Also Falcone restaurant presents its philosophy of healthy eating in the Healthy Menu, which the chef has developed for devotees of a healthy lifestyle. The correct combination of all ingredients and the preservation of their nutritional and taste properties makes dishes and drinks not only healthy, but also extremely tasty.

Address: Korolya street 9.

Il Grottino

The owner of the cafe is Italian Giuseppe. This is a small establishment with budget meal prices and unobtrusive service. The beauty is that there is some kind of atmosphere. Inside is nothing special. Outside is another matter. The terrace is only four to five tables. Italian music plays in the background, and the owner himself often meets guests. One of the attractions is Giuseppe's car - the restored Victory - local photo attraction. Many say here is the best pizza in town, we recommend checking it out.

Address: International street, 13.


The Bergamo Restaurant was founded in the mid-1990s. It was discovered by Maurizio Zanini, an Italian from the town of Bergamo in northern Italy. For more than 20 years, the Italian restaurant has been pleasing with its atmosphere and service. Thanks to Maurizio Zanini, who believed that the inhabitants of the big city will appreciate and love part of its culture - Italian cuisine. Today “Bergamo” is one of the best Italian restaurants in Minsk.

The menu contains simple and understandable dishes of homemade Italian cuisine. The Bergamo wine list includes all the wine regions of Italy. Wine, like gastronomy, is an integral part of Italian culture.

Address: Kuhlman street, 37.


The main advantages of Milano Cafe are its atmospheric interior with a non-trivial color palette and delicious cuisine from a talented and ambitious chef. Milano Café also boasts a rich breakfast menu.

We recommend meat-eaters to beef tagliata with porcini mushrooms, chicken cutlet with tomatoes and arugula, chicken with sherry, foie gras and prunes.

Valuable Italian pasta lovers will be served tagliatelle with shrimp, zucchini and bisque sauce, orzo pasta with beef and gorgonzola, spaghetti with mussels and french sauce or classic spaghetti Carbonara.

Address: Volodarsky street, 19.

IL Patio

IL Patio prides on its attentive service, homely atmosphere and dishes prepared according to traditional Italian recipes from the heart. The restaurant menu offers a wide selection of dishes from vegetables, meat, seafood and, of course, real Italian pizza, pasta, lasagna and much more. This is a great place to spend time with family, friends or colleagues. Restaurants IL Patio are made in bright colors, reminiscent of the colorful Italy. Soft lighting, pleasant music and design with baroque elements are harmoniously combined and create a comfortable and truly family atmosphere, conducive to a friendly feast.

Address: Independence Avenue, 22.


Perfetto is a modern restaurant with a cozy atmosphere and delicious Italian cuisine at affordable prices. The restaurant has a main room for 45 people, and for those who like privacy, there is a VIP room that can accommodate up to 12 guests. On weekdays, lounge music is played here, and on weekends, live tunes are played.

The Perfetto menu will delight all italiano lovers. Italian cuisine is represented by lasagna, seafood, ravioli, risotto, hot grilled dishes, a large selection of pizzas and delicious desserts at affordable prices. On weekdays from 12:00 to 16:00, the restaurant offers a special lunch menu with delicious homemade and at the same time inexpensive dishes. The menu changes every weekday during the week.

Address: Nemiga street, 28.

L’angolo Italiano

Have you wanted to try real home-made Italian cuisine for a long time? Could not find a place with a warm and sunny atmosphere, which is so sometimes lacking? Then you definitely need to look into the restaurant L’angolo Italiano.

The interior resembles an authentic Italian terrace with small wooden tables and cozy seats, brick walls and a vine. And on the largest wall is a fresco with a landscape of a valley in Tuscany.

All menus in “L’angolo Italiano” are copyrighted with classic notes. Dishes are prepared in different ways, eat steamed or cooked using su-view technology. They cook pizza and pasta, ravioli and risotto, minestrone soup and pepperonate.

Especially popular here are dishes such as “Parmigiana Eggplant” from Giovanna's grandmother, Chef's shrimp, “L’angolo with seafood” pizza.

Address: Rakovskaya street, 36.


Cafe Italiano! is a small corner of modern Italy in a big city. The place is ideal for young people in the evenings, and for families with children in the afternoon, for whom a children's corner is open on Saturdays and Sundays.

The basis of the kitchen cafe Italiano! lay down the dishes of traditional Italian cuisine with the author's refinement. Here they decided to move away from the classic pastas and pizzas that are already popular in Belarus, and introduce residents and guests of the capital to the truly traditional Italian food of our time. Recipes were collected from all over Italy, and some of the basics are borrowed from old recipes for cookbooks.

Chef Italiano! originally from Italy. He practiced and studied culinary skills in his homeland for many years and knows all the favorite tricks of real Italians in cooking.

Address: October street, 19.


The name bar-bistro received from the song of the Venetian gondoliers - Barcarola, which they hum while working. The decoration of the premises was done by Italian designers: they made stucco molding, painted the ceiling and walls. The eminent chef puts the kitchen in the institution, continues to refine it and advise the rest of the cooks. Emphasis was placed on classic dishes, cocktails, aperitifs and digestifs. The menu mainly consists of familiar Italian dishes: carbonara pasta, carpaccio, gravlax from salmon, mussels marinier, various meat hot dishes, risotto with liver and others.

Address: Zamkovaya street, 27.

Table reservation

Nobody wants to allow a situation where all the places are occupied, but you so wanted to try worlwide known italian cuisine. Good news for you: absolutely all establishments will be happy to reserve you a table for dinner. Therefore, dial a number and safely plan your evening in the style of Italy.

Average check

All the restaurants is of high enough quality, but with an average bill of 35-65 Belarusian rubles, which is quite affordable for any resident.