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комаровский рынок

Komarovsky market

Komarovsky market can be called the Minsk heritage. Today it is the main food market of the capital. Every day Minsk residents come here in search of fresh products, and leave it with full packages of vegetables, fruits and meat for dinner. Today we will talk about the history of the creation of the market, working hours, and discuss whether it is worth coming here.

History of the Komarovsky market

At the beginning of the 20th century, it was the far outskirts of Minsk, where the poor people lived mainly, and the streets were buried in impassable mud. During the post-war reconstruction of the city, the building density around the Institute of Physical Education increases, but Komarovka in the first post-war five-year plan is still a wooden slum. In 1964, next to the Collective Farm Market, the Furniture House opened, a glass pavilion, designed by architect A. Obraztsov. And in 1972, the construction of the complex of the Central Indoor Collective Farm Market, the main food market of the whole republic, began at the Furniture House. The main building, a covered market for 1200 retail spaces, designed by a group of architects Belgiprotorg, is a reinforced concrete dome-shell. The huge overlap inside impresses with the complete absence of internal columns. The construction was completed in 1979. A single complex with a covered market included a series of seasonal trade and a public house facing Kulman Street.

Location of the Komarovsky market

You can find the Komarovsky market at Khorujey street, 8.

Getting to the market is not at all difficult, it is located to the left of Yakub Kolas Square according to GPS coordinates: 53.920020, 27.577189.

Getting there by public transport is even easier:

metro station is “Yakub Kolas Square”

trolley numbers are 12, 22, 29, 40 to get to the stop "Komarovsky market";

buses No. 19, 24, 25, 29, 44, 59, 91, 136, 901 to get to the stop "Komarovsky market";

minibus taxi numbers are 1051, 1063, 1077, 1112, 1152 to get to the stop "Komarovsky market".

Working hours

The Komarovsky market is open from Tuesday to Sunday. Monday is traditionally a day off.

Opening hours: from 9.00 to 19.00.

Payment and ATMs

Often, sellers calculate in cash, so it’s better to withdraw money from the card in advance. But you should not worry, because several ATMs work near the Komarovsky market: Alfa Bank, Belarusbank, BPS-Sberbank, Bel-VEB, BSBbank and BTA Bank.

Prices on the Komarovsky market

Buers are not sold the produce expensive.

In mid-June, strawberries can already be bought for 6.5 rubles, cherries for 7, and apricots for 6 belarusian rubles.

On rows with vegetables, many sell Pinsk cucumbers and sell for 5 rubles. The average price of it are 4 rubles. Non-farmer sellers have cucumbers for 2.5 rubles. For tomatoes, the cheapest prices are 2.5–2.8 rubles per kilogram. In many places there is cherry on a branch of 3.8 rubles.

Young potatoes in the summer put for 3 rubles.

What can be found on the Komarovsky market?

All agricultural products, especially in the summer. Come to the Komarovsky market, and there on the tables slides poured strawberries, cherries, apricots. You go a little further and you see cucumbers, tomatoes, peas, mushrooms. But walking around the market, you can purchase any food products: lard, milk, cottage cheese, meat, bakery products, etc. Sellers here are attracted by their courtesy and accuracy. And if you doubt the quality of the product, then you will immediately be offered to try before buying. Someone said the products on the "Komarovka" with a sign of quality and real taste.

Indoor market

The market is divided into 2 parts: indoor market and seasonal.

The indoor pavilion is original in its architecture, built in 1980. A construction of this kind is a monument of architecture and urban planning. This unique building is the only one in Europe. At the central entrance of the market sits a bronze grandmother who sells seeds, a peculiar symbol of Komarovka. The area of ​​the trading floor of the indoor market is 13 thousand square meters.

A distinctive feature of the covered market is the presence of a shopping arcade reserved for the sale of dairy products from a personal farmstead. The freshest home-made cottage cheese, butter, sour cream and cheeses can be purchased exclusively at Komarovka.

Seasonal Market

On the seasonal part of the market, in three sectors, for the sale of potatoes, vegetables and fruits, groceries, about 700 trading places were allocated. During the period of seasonal harvesting, more than a hundred additional portable tables for trade are placed here.

In the fourth sector, 100 trading places were allocated for the trade in fresh-frozen fish, preserves, and Korean salads.

The fifth sector is provided for the sale of its branded products to Belarusian manufacturing enterprises.

Why is it worth visiting Komarovka?

Everyone knows and loves Komarovka. This is not a market, but a real agricultural exhibition of the country. Here you will find the best seasonings in the capital (by the way, all chefs buy spices exclusively on Komarovka), and the freshest meat, and milk from “real cow”, and fruit and vegetables directly from the garden. Tourists are advised to visit Komarovka even in the capital travel agencies. But pop stars who regularly come to Minsk on tour do not even need to be reminded of Komarovka.

Contact details and website

Komarovsky market has long become a significant object in Minsk, and if you have not been there, be sure to check out the website.

Phone: 8 (017) 292-66-08.

Attractions nearby

Market Square has now become a favorite pastime of citizens. There is a picturesque fountain on it, near which you can relax in a circle of original sculptures of ancient characters.

And at the central entrance to the covered part of the market, buyers are met by "Grandma with seeds." The author of the sculpture is Oleg Kupriyanov.

In 2002, bronze sculptures by Vladimir Zhbanov “Horse and Sparrow”, “Lady with a Dog”, and “Photographer” appeared at the fountain in front of the seasonal market.

And already in 2019, the sculpture group at the fountain was decorated with “Cow”.