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Pan-Asian Food

Pan-Asian cuisine in Belarus

The variety of food in the modern world reaches incredible proportions. Each country pleases with its national cuisine, each dish with its exquisite serve, but unlike other famous cuisines, few people know about Pan-Asian. And this is not surprising, since in comparison with other culinary trends of the East, pan-Asian appeared recently. Today we learn all about Pan-Asian cuisine and get acquainted with its best restaurants in Minsk.

Pan-Asian cuisine

So what is Pan-Asian cuisine famous for? This is a kind of mix of unusual combinations of tastes, aromas and exotic seasonings. The idea is to combine the incongruous, i.e. in one dish they manage to get the perfect combination of sweet and salty, sour and bitter taste. The main components of Pan-Asian dishes are rice, vegetables and fruits, as well as seafood and meat.

What national cuisines are included in the Pan-Asian?

If you take the typical features of Thai, Lao, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Malaysian, Indonesian, Korean cuisines, mix them with Japanese-Chinese traditions, add European taste preferences, American trends and regional products, you get a colorful mix, which is called Pan-Asian cuisine.

Pan-Asian Restaurants in Minsk

With an increase in demand for oriental cuisine, the number of restaurants that can offer original dishes and service, as well as closer acquaintance with this trend, is increasing.


Different cuisines of Asian countries in one restaurant - this is what Shikari offers to visitors.

You can find restaurants at the addresses of Independence Ave., 18 and Surganova street, 50, and for all questions you can call 7774.

Promotions, gift cards, discounts, and delicious dishes are waiting for you in Shikari. Also from 17 BYN you can order delivery of delicious pleasure.

Gan bei

A restaurant that will help you not to remain indifferent to Asian cuisine. A convenient location will make you do it faster. Restaurants are located in the largest shopping centers of Minsk: GREEN CITY, DANA MOLL, GALLERIA.

You can also place your order in the call center by number: 7719 (A1, MTC, LIFE).

For lovers of home meals, the restaurant opened delivery, where you can place your order with a minimum amount of 20 BYN.


Rethought recipes of Japanese cuisine in the context of modern world trends. What the restaurant is famous for is that the ingredients for the dishes are purchased only from trusted suppliers, and the entire cooking process is controlled more strictly than the Chinese Internet.

Call center at 7989 is open until 03.00,

Restaurant addresses: 84 Pobediteley Ave., Arena-City shopping center, food court, 2nd floor;

Dzerzhinsky Avenue 126, Prostore Hypermarket (opening hours: 11: 00-23: 00);

Independence Avenue, 47 (opening hours: 10: 00-23: 00);

st. Kalvariyskaya, 33 (opening hours: 09: 00-02: 00).

Delivery orders are accepted until 02.00.

Sushi Vesla

Sushi Vesla is the first and largest company in Minsk for the delivery of sushi and Asian cuisine. It was founded in 2007 - the first point opened on August 2. Over the next ten years, ten more Sushi Vesla points were opened, which made it possible to deliver to any district of the city as soon as possible.

Addresses: Masherova Ave. 78 (11.00-23.00);

st. Y. Kolas, 37 Iceberg shopping center (around the clock);

st. Pritytsky, 83 (11.00-23.00);

st. Shafarnyanskaya, 11 (11.00-23.00);

st. Umanskaya, 54 TC "Globo" (Mon-Fri, Sun 11: 00-23: 00, Fri-Sat around the clock);

Partizansky Ave., 150a, Shopping Center "Momo" (10.00-23.00);

Pobediteley Ave. 9, Galleria Minsk shopping center (10.00-22.00).

Orders are received by phone +375293210000, +375333210000.


SOBA - a national Japanese dish in the form of long brown-gray noodles from buckwheat flour. Everyone loves SOBA for its peculiar mild taste and believes that its threads symbolize a long and healthy life. However, this product is really able to have a beneficial effect on health, because buckwheat flour has impressive nutritional properties.

Tasty and varied Pan-Asian and European cuisine in the center of Minsk at Platonov street, 49. Affordable prices. Convenient parking. The ability to deliver all the dishes to your home.


The Ronin delivery service allows you to bring the atmosphere of the restaurant to your home. Restaurant serving, punctuality and courtesy of couriers, all this creates the effect of being in the restaurant from any corner of the capital.

You can place an order by phone +375 (29) 157-29-05.

Operation mode:

Delivery from 11.00 till 23.00;

Restaurant from 11.00 till 00.00;

Fri, Sat from 11.00 till 01.00.

Acceptance of orders for delivery and pickup ends at 23:00

An order is considered confirmed if the call center operator calls you back.

Restaurant address: st. Bogdanovich, 78.


New fishy neobistro with Japanese motifs is opened on Revolutionary. It is a combination of take away restaurants and a Japanese food delivery service that brings a street food culture.

The menu is made in American style from rethought and adapted recipes of Pan-Asian cuisine.

Address: Str. Revolutionary, 28.

Call Center: +375 (29) 135-98-35.

Sushi planet

The company began its story with sushi, but later other products appeared on the delivery menu. For example, noodles, soups, salads, snacks, and desserts.

Address: st. Lenin, 3.

Call Center: 7774.

Delivery is carried out by courier within 90 minutes, payment is made in cash to the courier, and when placing an order on the website with a plastic card.

Mai tai

Accessible and simple, restaurant workers in T-shirts and sneakers, bright paintings adorn the walls, and the terrace turned bright red. The chefs have a strong desire to acquaint you with real Thai food, cook it in the best traditions of this vibrant and exotic country and open their doors daily at noon. The restaurant are open every day from 12:00 till 23:00 on Kirova street, 11.


The cafe is located in the historical and cultural center of the capital, surrounded by fashionable party places, a boutique alley and the Nemiga and Metropol shopping malls at Komsomolskaya street, 6. “Chaihana Eggplant” combines oriental motifs and elements of modern style. The restaurant has 3 lounge areas for guests to relax. And more than 300 items on the menu will help you choose what you like.

Table reservation

Table reservations are made in every restaurant. All you need to do is call the call center of the desired restaurant and trust the manager.

Average check of Pan-Asian restaurants in Minsk

The average bill in Pan-Asian restaurants is from 35 to 65 BYN.

It costs a lot to be authentic, but you will be greatly impressed.

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