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Personal Trainer
Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer in Minsk

It has become fashionable to be beautiful and fit, it is a trend and a secret dream, the desire of men and women of different ages, children and adolescents. And this is great, because the ideology of a healthy lifestyle has been spreading in the country for several decades. Do not forget the saying - a healthy mind in a healthy body. That is, the physical component is directly interconnected with the inner feeling of oneself, and with confidence in oneself and in one's abilities. Acquiring the cherished body shapes, a person becomes more in demand, both among the representatives of the opposite sex and among his friends and acquaintances. Plus, socially, if you are a well-groomed girl or a young man, it becomes easier to achieve success - after all, the world works like that - you are greeted by "clothes". Coaches who have special knowledge and the ability to develop the motivation of the ward so that he does not leave the hall without one hundred percent dedication become a kind of guide to the world of their dreams. Let's consider how to choose a personal trainer and why you need one in more detail.

Why do you need a personal trainer at the gym?

A personal trainer helps to understand the simulators, to develop an individual program; he gives recommendations taking into account the physiological characteristics of the body structure, the level of physical fitness. The regular visitors of the gym train independently. It is desirable for beginners to enlist the support of a "guide" into the world of sports. Physical activity for an unprepared person can be very dangerous in terms of the appearance of injuries. The coach tells you how to work out on the simulator without risk to health, selects the right equipment, and calculates the possible load individually.

Making a meal plan

The professional will explain the reason for the failures, correct the program, identify problem areas, and give recommendations on nutrition. Individual training disciplines, forces you to engage with full dedication. The result will not be long in coming. A professional trainer-instructor was trained in the discipline of "nutrition", so he has that specific knowledge that you cannot learn from a neighbor or on a youtube-channel.


Sport, fitness is a field of activity where no more than 30 percent of the result depends on the coach. The coach can do everything right. Schedule classes, diet. But if the client is lazy and continues to eat everything in the world, there will be no result. And I forgot that you can't eat it! But do you remember to change the oil in the car? Another case is losing weight girls. She will not eat before training, start exercising, faint, and then say that the gym is bad, and your healthy lifestyle is generally nonsense. The work of the gym is only 30% of the result.

The cost of training with a personal trainer

The cost of an hour of work with a trainer ranges from 8 rubles per hour (valuable for a promotion to attract clients) and up to 25-50 rubles per workout, everything is very individual. What affects the cost of a visit? It should be noted that in many respects the price depends not so much on the quality of the establishment as on the availability of additional services: infrared sauna; pool; massage; group classes in fitness, aerobics, etc. If working with a trainer is important to you, do not overpay for all the extra add-ons - most of them, most likely, you will still use very rarely. Just take a lesson with a trainer without paying a subscription. What you should pay attention to is ventilation - an important parameter when choosing a gym; ventilation systems are often lacking in small basement rocking chairs. Be sure to visit the gym and make sure it doesn't feel like you can't breathe. Inventory is also a very important criterion. A good gym must have the following elements: power frames; various benches for several types of bench press; Olympic neck, pancakes of various sizes; horizontal bar; bars; dumbbells with a large mass range. All shells should be presented in sufficient quantity so that you do not have to wait a long time for your turn to use your inventory every time.

Choosing a personal trainer

It should be noted that there are not enough good personnel for the instructor staff. It is instructor's, not coaching. The instructors are amateurs, the trainers are professionals. It is necessary to determine the desires. Do you want to lose weight? Build muscle? Prepare for the National Bodybuilding Championship? Have fun? To chat? All at the same time? According to the answer, you need to choose a coach. Also pay attention to the coach's appearance. If a person approaches you who is going to make you healthier and more beautiful, but at the same time looks worse than ordinary visitors to the hall, this should raise doubts. Still, few people want a trainer with a belly to do it. In this matter, the proverb “shoemaker without boots” does not work.

Gym selection

Gym visits will only be effective if they are regular. You need to integrate sports into your daily life so that you can go to the gym at least twice a week without interfering with work and personal life. For this reason, the main criterion for choosing a gym for many people is proximity to work, school, house. If you plan to visit the gym early in the morning before work or school, the gym located next to these institutions is the best choice. If you prefer to study in the evenings and on weekends, the best solution would be to buy a subscription to a gym located near your home. Also important is the price category of the hall, for example, a student can tolerate both old exercise equipment and the lack of additional services in the form of a sauna or milkshakes at the entrance, but an avid fitness lover with experience and constant earnings will probably prefer all the options in one place.