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Spa&massage Spa & Massage

Spa salons and health centers in Minsk


SPA - relaxation combined with a pleasant scent and soothing massage. The benefits of wellness and cosmetic spa massage are undeniable, as it helps to keep both body and soul in tone.

Body Care

Since ancient times, people trying to cure various diseases, used mud, honey, applied to the skin creams made of natural products, but over time, this method has been forgotten. Based on ancient experience, using modern knowledge, SPA body treatments are carried out in beauty salons. SPA procedures give a person not only beauty and health, they help to relax and unwind.

SPA body treatments include a peeling to cleanse the skin of dead (cornea) particles. After such a procedure the skin rejuvenates considerably, becomes beautiful, and acquires freshness and smoothness. The peeling also helps to open pores, thanks to which our skin "breathes".

The most luxurious SPA-programs

The main body treatment in the spa is massage. There are several types of massage, among which it is worth noting these:

  • classical massage;
  • relaxing massage of the body;
  • anti-cellulite massage.

Massage significantly accelerates metabolism in the human organism, has a beneficial effect on the skin and tones all muscle groups. In addition to the visual effect and improvement of health, the massage also increases the immunity of the body.

Ayurvedic programs

The Ayurvedic program includes about two dozen different procedures: from massage to pouring warm cow milk on the body. At the same time, an individual diet and intake of Ayurvedic medicines is prescribed. A doctor determines the sequence and time of procedures.

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Author's programs

For men

For men, the author's programs of SPA in Minsk include:

  • massage;
  • body care;
  • passive weight loss;
  • detoxification;
  • antistress;
  • hand and foot skin care and so on.

For women

For women, the author's programs of SPA in Minsk include:

  • procedures for face and body;
  • procedures for hands and feet;
  • massage;
  • antistress;
  • detoxification and so on.


Rejuvenation is an opportunity to get beautiful skin without traces of acne, scars and pigmentation. This cosmetological procedure helps to fight the signs of aging skin. After them, wrinkles are significantly reduced or lost, bags under the eyes, and face contours are tightened.

The rejuvenating effect is achieved with the help of a special laser unit. The cosmetologist makes the temperature as well as the depth of penetration of the beam of high precision comfortable and effective. Errors during the procedure are not permitted, as it is possible to get burned or skin changes, which then cannot be corrected.

Romantic encounters

Candles, dim lights, light Eastern music and you two. The program for is not just a spa visit, it's a real date. Everything happens in one room: first you take a bath or shower, and then lie down on the couches and two masters synchronously perform Thai or Balinese aroma-ritual. When the masters leave silently, you are left alone, enjoying a tea party, saying important words to each other...

Figure correction

Figure correction is a complex of effective procedures, which are aimed at fighting against excess weight and restoring the ideal body shape. Innovative methods and procedures will easily get rid of cellulite and extra centimeters, as well as restore skin and muscle firmness.

A hammam for one and a couple

Literally, every village in Turkey can find a hammam. In the capital of Turkey, Ankara, there are about a hundred of them.

According to many doctors, the hammam has a beneficial effect on human health. For the first time in Europe, Turkish baths appeared in Germany, England and America in the XIX century. At that time it was written that Turkish baths are a remedy for many ailments. Many experts claimed that Turkish baths help in the treatment of diseases such as cold, asthma, bronchitis, fever and cholera.

Today, the hammam is often offered in combination with accompanying spa procedures: massage, peeling; in addition to the Turkish bath itself, the same complex may also have a swimming pool and sauna.

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Manual therapy

Manual therapy combines diagnostic techniques and a complex of therapeutic techniques aimed at restoring the functions of various parts of the musculoskeletal system in patients with vertebrogenous diseases of the peripheral nervous system and joint pathology by using manual intervention. Among these influences are the techniques of classical massage, segmental and point massage, therapeutic techniques aimed at normalization of muscles and ligament apparatus functioning, mobilization and manipulation on peripheral and intervertebral joints, as well as therapeutic physical training.

Types of massage in Minsk:

  • SPA-massage
  • Healing and revitalizing massage
  • Power massage
  • Balinese massage
  • Point massage
  • Thai traditional massage
  • Creole massage
  • Spanish massage
  • Mongolian salt massage
  • Indian oil massage Abyang
  • Moroccan (Berber) massage
  • Back massage
  • Jar (vacuum) massage
  • Head massage
  • Classic face massage

Spa centers in Minsk are an ideal place to relax from the bustle of the city and all the worries of our daily life. On this page you will find the best spas in Minsk.