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Barbershops Barbershops

Barbershops in Minsk

In the modern world, only the lazy does not care for himself, because the services of a hairdresser have become available. Many varieties of hairdressing salons appeared, one of which was barbershop. What is it? And what is the fundamental difference between a hairdresser and a barbershop? Many do not expect anything from the master, therefore they are quite happy about the home haircut. But to the barbershop go those who count not only on cutting their hair, but also removing all unnecessary facial hair. Today we will find out what services barbershops offer and where it is better to make a haircut.

Best barbershops in Minsk

Today, a change of style has become very fashionable. After all, watching the streets of the same type of people, dressed in similar outfits, the same hairstyles and facial expressions, tired of everything in order. In a barbershop you can not only have your own signature beard and hairstyle, but also buy accessories, glasses, and sometimes clothes. Often, these are newfangled "look" that carry a certain personality.

The buzz

One of such fashionable hairdressers in Minsk is The Buzz. Professional barbershop creating high-quality men's style. Experienced barbers will not only make a professional haircut, but also will design a beard, as well as shave off all unnecessary facial hair.

Address: Bogdanovicha street, 66.

Grove street

Experienced craftsmen will choose a haircut, taking into account the shape of your head, the features of the hair and, of course, the type of activity. They will make a good styling and tell you how to repeat it yourself. Whether it’s an important meeting, date, party or just a working day, Grove street’s task is to make you look neat, confident and attractive.

Address: Cyril Turovsky street, 6.


Topgun is an international barbershop network. Men's haircuts, beard styling, shaving with a dangerous blade, hair styling and other services provide the best barbers that will definitely not leave you unattended.

Address: Pritytsky street, 73.


Backenbart is one of the best barbershops in Minsk. The barbers created a high-quality hairdresser, while maintaining adequate prices for services. An individual approach to each client. Barbers will help you choose the best men's haircut, paint over gray hair and conduct modeling of a mustache and beard. Barbershop “Backenbart” is a friendly team of professional barbers who know and love their job.

Address: Yesenina street, 6.


Every self-respecting man can get his perfect haircut here, as well as exemplary care for his own beard and mustache. And if you have been looking for a men's salon for a long time, where hairdressers can make your hair and look generally irresistible, then take note of Gents.

Address: Mayakovsky street, 11.


"Bercut" is not just a hairdresser, but a men's club in Minsk, where harmony, brutality and a truly masculine atmosphere reign. Coming to Bercut, you will be able to feel impeccable style, and masters will be able to emphasize your aesthetic merits.

Address: Peter Mstislavets street, 18

Barrymore barbershop

The interior and atmosphere of the barbershop will allow any man to feel free and relaxed. And experienced barbers in a pleasant environment will offer a haircut that will create the perfect look, model and cut a mustache and beard with perfect symmetry and shape.

Address: Myastrovskaya street, 28.


Workers are constantly working on pumping the skill of their employees, giving them master classes and continuing education courses.

They use only the best styling products of world brands - Reuzel, Layrite, Schmiere, imperial, JS Sloane, Uppercut, American crew and many others.

Address: Oktyabrskaya squere 1/1.


Trueman is a barbershop for true men. Inspired by British history and traditions, barbers have created a place where they honor the classic

the old school of men's haircuts and barbara. A place where any man, from a child to a respectable Truman, will find what he looking for. And, of course, a neat haircut, brilliant beard design or a royal shaving ritual.

Address: 46 Independence Avenue.


This is a place where you will be helped to find your own, unique style. It is worth trusting the OldBoy masters once, and the new image will not leave you indifferent. Here you will certainly be offered a cup of tea, you will be shaved and sheared by all European standards, and they certainly will not leave you indifferent to this place.

Address: Cyril Turovsky street, 8.


Luxury Salon “Esquire” is a unique masculine space for modern and successful men, who especially appreciate the individual approach and high-level service.

In addition to classic men's haircuts (hair, beard and mustache, visitors will be offered cosmetic procedures (masks, grooming), manicures, pedicures and tinting for hair.

In the process, salon specialists use professional equipment, tools and branded cosmetics Esquire Grooming.

Address: Pobediteley avenue, 108.

Barber & Co

Barber & Co team are world-class experts providing a wide range of services from various haircuts to the design of a beard and hair coloring. Each gentleman will be satisfied with the services and quality of the upscale men's cosmetics used.

Caring for your hands and feet is extremely important, so entrust it to the barbers. The guys are the first in Belarus to provide a full range of services for the care of your hands and feet in a closed barbershop area for your maximum comfort. Keep your nails clean and tidy and help them stay strong and tidy for a long time.

Address: 9 Pobediteley Avenue.

Barbershop services

Only barbershops can be ordered with a razor. Washing your hair and styling with expensive products and shampoos, a professional haircut, hand and foot care, manicure, pedicure and hair tinting are the top barbershop services.

Men's haircut

You can simply show an approximate photo with the desired hairstyle or explain in words what you want on your head. The selection for barbershops is stricter than for hairdressers, so you can count not only on “half boxing” and “tennis”.

Baby haircut

If you’re tired of looking at stylish photos of stylish boys on Instagram, then don’t pull anymore. Because from such children are growing beautiful and well-groomed men who know how to take care of themselves.

Beard Modeling

The procedure itself takes place in several stages: after agreeing on the form, the barber proceeds to cut and shave with a dangerous razor. It goes without saying that the skin is pre-steamed and processed, and tinted with lotion and, possibly, even ice. In the end - styling, here it is as needed. If the beard is short, in principle, you can do with a minimum of makeup.

Camo of gray hair

A service that is so praised and loved in men's salons and barbershops. Its purpose is to hide gray hair and make hair color uniform. But this is not considered a classic paint, as tinted paint is used for gray hair camouflage, which does not contain elements such as ammonia. It does not harm the structure and natural pigment of the hair.

Hair treatment

In addition to a perfect haircut, barbers will offer you hair treatment, but how important is it to create the perfect look.

Hair coloring

Experiment with your hair, especially when there are trained, highly skilled craftsmen for this. They will select the perfect tone for you, make your hair irresistible.


Styling allows you to create what you like with your hair. The output is a phenomenal volume and a light (without fanaticism) shine. Hair will cease to scatter to the sides, while it will look natural and slightly textured.

Shaving with a razor

Royal shaving is a real ritual that consists of several stages: applying oil, steaming the skin with a towel, applying foam, shaving with a razor, cold compress, applying aftershave, applying cologne.

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