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Popular swimming pools in Minsk

In Russian there is a saying that fresh air, sun and water are best friends for everyone. Belarus cannot boast sandy beaches and hot summer seasons, but certainly can be proud of its numerous lakes and rivers, for which it is called the blue-eyed. It is impossible to swim in rivers and lakes all year round in Belarus, as the moderate climate does not allow it. Despite the fact that the climate is not favorable enough for outdoor swimming, there are no obstacles to enjoy water in any of the basins of Belarus.

Peculiarities of swimming activities

The benefits of swimming in the pool as a type of physical activity can hardly be overestimated: swimming in the pool can seriously improve health, restore the body's performance after various physical and psychological injuries, as well as reduce/preserve weight.

The benefits of swimming in a swimming pool are manifested in its beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system. Those who are constantly engaged in swimming, have a pulse reduction to 60 beats per minute or less. Accordingly, the heart muscle in these people is much more powerful and economical than in others.

Even the farthest parts of the lungs are involved in breathing while swimming in the pool, which prevents them from stagnating.

What's worth thinking about in advance

Medical Certificate

Before going to the pool, go to the clinic for a medical certificate. They won't let you in the pool without it. Your doctor will inform you about the tests you need to take to the pool.

Schedule of sessions

Also, before you go to the pool, check your session schedule to see what time to come and not to waste.

Preventing in the summer season

In summer, almost all pools are closed for about a month for maintenance or repair. Not at the same time. Each has its own prevention schedule, so that you can always find a working option.

Sports training

If you need to learn how to swim or to raise your level in this case, you can clarify the contacts of the coach or swimming school in the pool. Usually the administrator is ready to give advice on the phone of specialists who work in the pool and swimming schools who rent lanes for group and individual training.

Pool water

The norm of water temperature in the swimming pool is from 22 to 24 degrees. If the temperature is kept lower, there is a risk of seizures. For therapeutic gymnastics and water therapy, a different swimming pool temperature is maintained. The norm for such pools is from 26 to 28 degrees.

For children, it is a children's pool

Swimming will help children to form a correct posture and prevent the development of scoliosis. It is also useful for relieving not only muscle tension, but also psychological. There is nothing better after a long sitting at the desk than a swim. Swimming, like any sport, disciplines and teaches you to be independent. It teaches to distribute time and do everything quickly.

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Personal swimming lessons

Personal swimming lessons will suit both professionals and beginners. Your trainer will teach you how to stay on the water and show you the right technique for different types of swimming.

Pool pass

You can buy a swimming pool pass right on the spot, but only where you will go. One pool pass will not work for different pools.

Sauna with pool

If you want to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, relax and unwind with your soul, then you have a direct way to the pool with sauna. In addition to good rest saunas are also useful, as high temperatures and steam remove toxins and slags from the body, accelerate metabolic processes, rejuvenate the skin and treat chronic respiratory diseases.

The best swimming pools in Minsk


The modern complex includes one swimming pool, two rowing pools, perfectly equipped spacious boathouses, new gym, two comfortable saunas. In addition, the sports complex also has a cozy lounge, cafeteria and playground for active games such as volleyball or basketball.

All conditions have been created here for the quality training of professional sportsmen from Belarus, both in summer and in winter.

The swimming pool is equipped with an advanced water filtration system, and modern rowing machines from leading American and Swedish manufacturers allow training athletes at the highest level.


Swimming pool "VOLNA" is located near Partizansky Prospekt, at 18 Fabrichnaya Street, a few steps from the metro station "Proletarskaya". There is a parking lot next to the building. The building underwent a major renovation in 2008, both internally and externally. Communications were also updated: wiring and plumbing. So for the comfort and convenience of visitors do not have to worry - everything is at the proper level. After the overhaul of the pool updated the inflow of visitors, but there is always enough space for everyone.

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SWIMMING.BY offers swimming lessons in Minsk on a permanent basis. Coaches work with both adults and children from 1 year. Sport swimming school in Minsk will help to improve the physical condition, which is very important in a sedentary way of life. Professional coaches will teach swimming to anyone, regardless of the combination, age and attitude to water.


The center offers an individual approach to each student. You can learn to swim at any age. You can start swimming lessons at Water Broters from six months. Swimming develops strength, flexibility, mobility, helps improve coordination and the ability to own your body.

Classes are held in the morning, afternoon and evening. The main group enrolment takes place at the end of summer, but if places are available, new students are welcome all year round. On average, beginners have 2 months to raise their level to the rest of the students.


The main development concept of Prockub is work in the field of physical culture and health activities among children from 3 to 16 years. It helps children and teenagers to reach the maximum level in the development of all personal qualities, learn to swim and improve themselves in this area. The club creates conditions not only for interesting and useful spending of free time, but also actively develops children in the field of sports.

On this page, you can see the list of the best swimming pools in Minsk. We also draw your attention to the fact that the swimming pools have weekends and days of special cleaning.