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Proclub "Proclub" Swimming Pool
"Proclub" Swimming Pool

"Proclub" Swimming Pool

Services at the "Proclub" Swimming School

Proclub is a swimming school that teaches kids from 3 years old not to be afraid of water. The school is actively expanding the number of specialists and uses only modern techniques and teaching approaches.

Proclub positions itself as a children's physical culture and entertainment center, where children with joy and interest increase their level of physical, emotional and intellectual development.

The school offers not only high-quality education for children, but also sports and health programs during school holidays.

The swimming school offers the following services:

• Classes for children from 3 years old for any level of training;

• Activities and entertainment for mothers and newborn babies;

• Interactive fitness for kids 2-8 years old;

• Sports and family events.

Types of subscriptions at "Proclub" Swimming School

Swimming school presents its price list.

• Teaching and improving swimming for children from 6 years old - 105 rubles per month;

• Swimming lessons for adults - 150 rubles;

• Festive program "On a visit to Grandfather Frost" - 20-30 rubles;

• Mini holiday - 110 rubles;

• Standard holiday - 150 rubles;

• Holiday premium - 195 rubles;

• Great holiday - 285 rubles.

Singing up in "Proclub" Swimming School

All the details, as well as the signing up, are carried out by phone:

• +375 29 326-17-94;

• +375 29 865-25-80;

• +375 29 350-79-15.