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Dom_grebli Swimming pool at Dom grebli
Swimming pool at Dom grebli

Swimming pool at Dom grebli

Services of the swimming pool at Dom Grebli

Dom Grebli teaches children to swim and float on a daily basis. The pool is perfect for learning how to swim and further improving your technique. Typically, the water temperature in the pool is around 27-28 degrees.

The services include groups for beginners as well as for children who can swim. Here children learn sports methods of swimming, practice jumping into water, diving, swimming with tubes and fins.

The formation of groups is carried out taking into account the convenience of all who signed up, therefore classes are held in the morning, afternoon and evening.

What is the peculiarity of the program? For 5 years now professionals have been teaching children from 7 years old with different levels of physical development and hydrophobia to swim. At the end of the first year, the child will be ready to take part in the competition with a 25m chest crawl and a 25 back crawl.

Types of subscriptions in Dom Grebli pool

You can find out all prices by contacting the Dom Grebli administration.

Signing up to Dom Grebli pool

All details, as well as signing up, are carried out by phone +375 29 998-00-89.