Builders merchant

Construction supermarkets in Minsk

Screws, nails, hammers, sinks, chandeliers, adhesive tapes, wires, and many other useful tools for doing up your apartment can be bought in special shops designed for those who are in the process of decoration of their house or just need to buy something to make their home atmosphere comfortable and cozy.

Tool stores in Belarus usually occupy large areas, which allows them to keep a variety of items on sale, although small stores are also quite common. Here you can find tools needed for repairs to be done, lighting equipment to be installed and wallpapers, tile and paint to be applied on the walls. Sockets, wires, glue, tapes, knives, and scissors can be also purchased here.

Such stores are mostly associated with men than women but as practice shows, women are quite frequent buyers as there are plenty of indispensable for home usage items and adornments.

On this page, you can find the list of tool stores in Minsk alongside with their location and working hours. Most of the enlisted shops maintain websites where you can search for the material or tool needed. Tool stores in Belarus offer loyalty programs with a special discount policy applied on purchases made by discount card holders.