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Cash_and_Carry Cash and carry

Cash and carry shops in Minsk

All people love to make money, and more than to earn, we like to spend it. Shops now offer a large selection of products, the variety is striking in its scope. But as for the money, would you like to spend less? Of course yes. And then wholesale shops come to the rescue. What do you know about it and how often do you use its services? Today we will tell you what kind of wholesale stores are in Minsk, about their prices, promotions, deliveries and pluses in general.

Pluses of wholesale stores

What is wholesale purchase? This is a sale of a batch of product at a reduced wholesale cost. Here is the first plus - the low price of your favorite products. The larger the party, the more favorable the price. The second plus will be favorable delivery conditions. Well, the third is a competent consultation and obtaining relevant information about the product.

Who will benefit from wholesale stores

Of course, these stores are of interest to companies that sell goods further down the chain to the end (consumer). Also, the wholesaler can work with consumers himself, but usually, they give no more than 20% of the total turnover, and work with them is on a residual basis.

Wholesale stores in Minsk

So still, what kind of wholesale stores can be trusted, and which stores are popular in the market. Below is the top wholesale stores in Minsk.


Euroopt is a wholesale store where you can purchase food products, goods for children and mothers, as well as manufactured goods, seasonal goods, and pet products. On the website of the store, which is open from Monday to Friday from 09.00 to 19.00, you can place an order. The minimum order amount for all service areas is 350 Belarusian rubles. Delivery is carried out throughout Belarus.


The main distinguishing feature of the EuroCash brand from other discounters on the Belarusian market is the cash and carry format, which is not quite familiar to our country, but very popular in Europe, which can literally be translated as “buy and carry”. The store specializes in the sale of goods in bulk, small wholesale and retail, and due to this offers particularly favorable conditions. Here you can buy everything with significant discounts and in large quantities. What are the benefits of shopping at EuroCache:

• Wholesale starts already with 3 pieces;

• A wide range of products;

• Constantly low prices;

• Always fresh fruits and vegetables;

• High-quality work with individual entrepreneurs and small businesses.


Euroshop retail chain has been represented in Belarus since 2015, therefore it is young shop in the eyes of the consumer. However, an in-depth study of the needs of customers and their wishes gives EuroShop the opportunity to form the most popular and useful range of products. Here you can find kitchen utensils and tableware, cosmetics and household chemicals, toys, books, clothes, shoes, stationery and all this at competitive prices. Due to the approach aimed at taking into account the interests of customers, Euroshop has established itself as a reliable source of high-quality and useful products at a single price.


Wholesale store from Russia, China and the USA. Beloptovik offers quality goods from other countries without delay, but directly from a warehouse in Minsk. Benefits Beloptovik:

• direct deliveries from China and multi-stage quality control of goods;

• the lowest prices, because they deliver to Belarus the cheapest goods from China in bulk from the manufacturer;

• own warehouse in Moscow and Minsk, which stores a full range of goods, and they do not need to be expected from abroad;

• quick order processing, special conditions for beginners, and a refund for goods that are not for sale.

Workers daily replenish catalogs, in which you can also find wholesale goods from the USA, as well as the best wholesale goods from Russian manufacturers.


Pokupaika is a modern purposeful company, the main purpose of which is to offer the consumer a wide range of goods that are so necessary in everyday life. Here you can find everything: household chemicals, manufactured goods, toys, souvenirs, interior items and much more. Buyer works with manufacturers without intermediaries. Their partners are mainly manufacturers from China and Russia. Pokupaika company is also a wholesale trade center that can offer you the opportunity to purchase goods for your stores, offices, and other administrative facilities. All prices in the catalog are valid, and photos and information on certification of goods are attached to each article.

OOPT.BY is an international wholesale catalog, the purpose of which is to bring together wholesalers, dealers, exporters, importers and manufacturers on one Internet portal of such countries as: Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine.

It is easier for any ordinary buyer to go to the supermarket and purchase the necessary goods in one place than each item in specialized stores. Moreover, you can conduct a comparative analysis of price and quality, get advice from the seller. Similarly, in the OOPT.BY catalog, but only in bulk. is a website with advertisments where you can buy or sell a product at a low price. All you have to do is register, and click on the “add an advertisment” link.

Here you can place no more than 5 ads in a specific category of goods, the rest of your ads falling into the same category will be placed at the discretion of the moderators.

Online Shopping at Wholesale Stores

Many wholesale stores provide an online ordering service. That is, you do not have to go to the store, as you can do this online. Shopping has become even more convenient. And the courier will be happy to deliver your order to the door.

But it is worth remembering that delivery is carried out on a paid basis, when placing an order, transport services will be included in the price of the goods. And the price of the goods in the catalog is indicated on the terms of pickup.

Delivery from wholesale stores

Delivery is carried out throughout Belarus, and the price for delivery depends on the selected store, the number of items, as well as your locality. Delivery in Belarus is carried out in any way convenient for you. For all questions, please contact the store by phone, or consult your store's worker.

Prices in wholesale stores

In wholesale stores you will always find the best prices for the right product. But wholesale stores also have advantages in providing discounts. In this case, you will not even notice the purchase amount.

Promotions for buyers

Many stores hold temporary promotions, which make buying even more profitable. Promotions are held for a certain time, and provide the opportunity to buy goods at the "red price", which means saving even more money.