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Cash_and_Carry Cash and carry

Cash and carry shops in Minsk

Cash&Carry has already taken the world by storm, as this format is convenient and efficient not only for small sole traders, cafes, and restaurants but also for big families and companies who are going to celebrate some occasion. In Belarus Cash&Carry shops occupying a considerable area are situated on the outskirts of Minsk and in all regional cities. In such shops in Belarus, one can buy goods and products both wholesale and retail with the obvious prevailing of the former. The benefit of buying wholesale is obvious since the discount can be as low as 40%.

The area occupied by Cash&Carry in Belarus allows customers to have a leisurely stroll as the aisles between the shelves are wide enough and there is plenty of room for trolleys to be able to pass by each other. In most cases, such shops accommodate other shops and boutiques which transforms them into modern multifunctional shopping centres.

The main advantage of Cash&Carry in Belarus is, of course, the price, and since anyone from small business runners to big and united families and friends make count of their budget such shops are real saviours for them. Although to get a discount it is necessary to buy a certain amount of items, the number is not always equivalent to the number packed by the manufacturer in one box. For those who just fulfill their daily purchases the experience of doing it in Belarus’ Cash&Carry shops may also result beneficial since many special offers and perks are provided for retail customers.

Cash&Carry shops in Belarus feature more than 3500 items that can be bought wholesale or retail, paid for in cash or by bank card. The price for 1 item is indicated on a price tag close to the number of items starting from which a special price is applied.
For your purchases to be more purse-friendly we’ve enlisted all Cash&Carry shops in Minsk on this page, so there’s no need in searching for their location and description. You can just pick out a shop and enjoy the price and variety which will save you time and money.