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Shopping malls in Minsk, Belarus

Tastes differ, so do the places people prefer to buy things into. Market places, shopping centres and malls are numerous in Belarus so everyone can find what they want. Clearly the choice of the shopping establishment to go to depends on the type of a future purchase or the purpose of the pastime as a whole.

Modern shopping malls in Minsk are primarily located at a stone’s through from metro stations or sports and cultural places of interest. Clothes and footwear, bags, jewelry, accessories, gifts, electronics, crockery and many other products and goods are sold in all Belarussian malls. Besides shopping, shopping malls in Minsk offer a handful of opportunities how to spend the time. There are cafes, fast food restaurants that are usually located in one place such as food court, cinemas, exhibitions, workshops, skating rinks, mirror mazes and many more places of entertainment to visit. For kids there are specially designed rooms with slides, trampolines, swings, climbing walls and obstacle courses.

Shopping centers in Minsk are not only about shopping and entertainment — they are the concentration of business with meetings being held in restaurants and cafes as they are easily reached and well-known for everyone. Usually hotels in Minsk are situated just next to a shopping mall which makes it easier for foreigners to familiarize with the surroundings and explore the area around the hotel.

Craftsmen fairs are held in huge shopping malls in Minsk before major holidays such as Christmas, St. Valentine’s Day and Women’s Day. Handmade pins, ties and bows, soap, candles, cookies and knitwear can be admired and bought there.

Shopping in Minsk can become even a more entertaining experience if you happen to take part in a live concert or be a spectator of a fashion show presenting new designer solutions to the public, which are frequently organized in malls.

Malls in Belarus are pretty popular with the youth while the senior generation prefers least huge and least crowded places. Souvenirs and different items of clothes with national embroidery are mainly sold in governmentally run shopping malls in Belarus.

Feel the rhythm of the city and plunge into the atmosphere of joy and happiness from doing shopping in Belarus!