Jewerly Jewerly and watches

Jewelry shops in Minsk, Belarus

Jewelry and expensive watches are not the only things that make us stand out from the crowd and show our status. But definitely jewelry is what make people feel confident, happy and beautiful. It has been always considered a worthy present that will be precious both to the heart and in times.

Jewelry shops is Minsk can boast of their exquisite and refined collection of gold and silver items with precious stones or Swarovski elements. Earrings, bracelets, pins, pendants, rings and hairpins of different shapes and various styles are displayed in jewelry shops. You can try on the items you like and choose the ones that wear well with your eye-colour or will go on well with your outfit. The prices in jewelry shops in Minsk are not low but at the same time they do not soar high above the sky. Discounts are not a rare thing and Christmas sales is the time most people try to buy jewelry in. You can also pay by your credit card or purchase in instalments paying only one part of the total on the day of the purchase and the rest of the sum later.

There are some international jewelry shops in Minsk such as Pandora that are also popular with both the Belarussians and the foreigners. Jewelry shops organize new collection presentations during which the visitors are able to see the newest items of jewelry and try it on firsthand.

Watches is another human-beings’ obsession. We tend to perceive watches like not only the means of telling the time but like the means of showing our achievements. A Belarussian manufacturer of watches Luch is well-known all over the country for producing reliable and high-quality watches and clocks that will be one for practically a lifetime purchase. The designs vary and the stripes can be changed for a different colour or type if necessary.

Swiss watches are valued all over the world and Belarus is not an exception. Various reseller and official shops are opened in shopping malls in Minsk. Watches can be also bought in Minsk jewelry shops as there are some exclusive designs made of gold and silver.

On this page you can see a list of jewelry shops to visit in Minsk and be mesmerized by the gloss and shine and sophisticated taste and talent of jewelry masters.