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Flower Flower and gift shops

Flower and gift shops in Minsk, Belarus

Holidays make our life easier and brighter, because these days we can relax. But we can’t imagine holidays without flowers and gifts. We have compiled a list of stores that will simplify your choice of gifts, pack the bouquet as soon as possible and deliver it to the recipient in case of your absence.

Flower shops in Minsk

Today we will introduce you to the shops where they will help you with choosing a bouquet for any occasion.


A flower shop with a huge selection of roses of different varieties and colors. What is important to know when ordering flowers in this store?

1. the guys deliver bouquets for free when ordering from 22.50;

2. the recipient will have the coveted bouquet within 2 hours after registration;

3. Florists work: Monday - Saturday from 07:00 to 23:00, Sunday from 07:00 to 19:00;

4. Addresses of shops: Minsk, Dzerzhinsky avenue 127, entrance 3; Minsk, Prospect Partizansky 14, room 114; Minsk, Independence avenue 172, basement; Minsk, st. Dimitrova 5; Minsk, st. Eastern 131; Minsk, st. Pritytsky 158; Minsk, st. Belsky 6;

5. Orders are accepted by phone: 8 (017) 388-61-92; 8 (029) 362-91-92; 8 (033) 362-91-92.

A non-trivial flower shop that will fulfill an order for the most unusual bouquet. The shop focuses on cacti, which are brought here from all over the world in all sorts and types. Florists themselves grow some of the cacti in Belarus to instill a culture of love for potted plants, to show the basics of caring for them. Therefore, you can always come here for a cup of coffee, flip through inspirational books for a conversation and choose a plant you like.

Florists can offer a wide range of indoor plants, succulents, flower arrangements and mini-gardens, collect wonderful bouquets of all kinds of shapes and sizes.

Address: Minsk, Prospect Masherova 9, building 8, 1st floor;

Working hours: Mon-Sat 9:00 - 21:00, Sun 10:00 - 20:00.


Lion flowers are a wide variety of floral displays, tactful staff and love for their work. Here a bouquet will be assembled for you, based on your preferences, wrapped in paper and sent to the desired address.

How to contact the store?

You can call +375 33 646-84-03.

How to get there?

Minsk, ave. Independence, 179, floor 1.


Florita studio is one of the most recognizable places of floristry in Minsk. This is a kind of a real house of flowers, where your desires and those of your loved ones come true, where they can really surprise you. Here you will find the most unusual plants and flowers that will decorate any holiday. The assortment of the studio includes blue, rainbow, peony roses, black tulips, decorative pineapples and limes.

The selection of flower arrangements is updated daily.

The VGosti flower salon offers you a wide selection of flowers, compositions and decorations. Professional florists who have received a European floristic education will help you choose the most original flower bouquets, create an individual holiday atmosphere, and also pack the bouquet in unusual craft paper.

You can order a bouquet via viber / Whats'up by phone +375 29 161 16 66.

Shipping will be free; you only need the recipient's phone number.

The catalog of a flower shop will delight you with its assortment, while florists will select the best bouquet for your occasion. Delivery is carried out throughout Minsk, depending on the location of the client.

The cost of the service, provided that the place of delivery and payment is in the same area, is 6 rubles. The rest of the amounts are discussed by phone + 375 29 143 71 11.

The catalog is presented using clear filters, with the help of which you can find the flowers or plants you need very simply. The online store contains the current prices for bouquets and compositions.


The flower studio for the most sophisticated clients provides services for the design of cafes and restaurants, wedding floristry, corporate events and offers exclusive preparation of gift bouquets.

You can place an order using the quick order form, or by calling +375296440303 viber / Whats’up. Delivery providers can handle it even in 30 minutes for an additional fee. Payment can be made through an electronic payment system.

Packaging bouquets and gifts

Each store has a large selection of packaging materials. The most popular are kraft paper, tissue paper, corrugated paper, and crepe paper.

Online stores provide an opportunity to order flower packaging together with a bouquet or a separate order. Check with specialists by phone for all details.

Delivery of bouquets

Most stores provide delivery. All details are specified with the store manager by phone, payment depends on the order value, in some stores delivery is free of charge in Minsk.

Fill out the form on the store's website or call, and the manager will advise you.

Online flower shops

Rozybel and Vetka-kvetka are online stores where you can choose a bouquet by looking at the catalog. Delivery and payment are discussed only with managers, you will be told about the process of drawing up a bouquet by calling the company. You will be required to clarify the case, customer number, address and method of payment.

Gift shops in Minsk

Gift shops are a kind of lifesaver in choosing gifts in the absence of time and ideas. We know at least 3 stores that are ready to help in such cases.

Gift shop invites all Minsk residents for gifts. The huge catalog contains incredible gifts for any holiday and for any person.

Souvenirs, toys, textiles, accessories, sets for baths, tourism and recreation, spicy games "18 +" and much more with the prefix "original" will help to surprise any recipient.

You can buy "surprises" from the store according to the following scenario: place an order through the "Basket", and the specialists will organize the delivery of your purchase in the near future.

Party mix

Party Mix is ​​a new gift shop that will surprise even the most sophisticated customer.

Experts will pick up a gift for any occasion as soon as possible, and you don't have to waste time looking for ideas. Candles for a cake, holiday gifts, Chinese lanterns, balloons and equipment for them, and you no longer have to "puzzle" how to inflate a foil balloon, holiday accessories and much more, as the catalog is constantly expanding.

Everyone has a case when you only remember on this day that you were invited to your birthday. And what about the gift? The YLET.BY online store has prepared a wide range of interesting gifts for any occasion.

The catalog is easy to navigate, which makes it easy to find interesting exclusive ones, ranging from cool little gizmos, usb-gadgets to creative lamps, umbrellas and games.

Moreover, delivery from the YLET.BY store is carried out throughout Belarus by mail, and in Minsk by courier. Find out the details on the website.