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Belarus Fashion Week review 2019

Every autumn, in the capital of Belarus take place Belarus Fashion Week, that is why you should visit Minsk at this time of year. Our country is famous for its clothes made of cotton and linen material. In October, it can be bought at shows of famous Belarusian designers, so that all your friends and relatives bite elbows. If you still doubt whether you should go to Belarus for a fashion week, we will tell you what you can lose.

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In October 2019, the 19th season of Belarus Fashion Week was held, which dictated the fashion for Belarusians in 2020. It was dedicated to sustainable fashion and informed consumption. This trend in fashion was created by people who are concerned about the pollution of the planet due to the waste received during the production of clothing.

The goal of the 19th season of Belarus Fashion Week was to create an effective environment for promoting the Belarusian fashion industry on a global level.

The venue for the event was the prestigious residential complex Mayak Minsk house “Michelangelo”. There are on three levels was located temporary shopping center with designer shops, areas with displays and installations.

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The first days of the fashion forum were dedicated to education. Just for this, an educational platform was organized. Thanks to this platform Belarus Fashion Forum: Sustainable Fashion took place. It was dedicated to the development of fashion business in the direction of conscious fashion. Leading experts from Sweden, Germany, Ireland, Russia and Belarus made speeches there. They shared their thoughts about the pollution problem: someone suggested replacing the natural skin of animals with eco, and someone advocated that eco-leather leads to even more pollution of the environment.

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On the first day of the Belarusian Fashion Week was a presentation of the collections of Belarusian designers who used only environmentally friendly materials for sewing. It was mostly flax and recycled clothes.

Further, the fashion show continued with the fact that models walk with their pets or filmed themselves on smartphones online.

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Magazines such as Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, WGSN, Sois Blessed, The Untitled, Circular Fashion, Felicities visited the show.

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The second day of Belarus Fashion Week began with the presentation of innovative startups in the fashion industry “Fashion Tech Hub”. It combined fashion and technology. The initiator of this event was the founder of the Belarusian Fashion Week. The goal of the Fashion Tech Hub was education, where young fashion industry entrepreneurs will be able to learn, and professionals will share their experiences with colleagues.

More than 100 people were trained in the seminar on the digitalization of the Fashion industry, which took place during the Fashion Week. The partner of the program was Coca Cola HBC Belarus. At the end of the evening, networking was held, where guests and participants of the Fashion Tech Hub were able to meet and discuss current issues in the field of fashion and technology.

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Various brands of Belarusian designers were presented on the catwalk, including Balunova, Historia Naturalis, Natalia Korzh, NELVA, Totti Swimwear and so on.

For example, designer Anastasia Yaminskaya with her brand Jamido opened the fourth day of the shows. She presented collection in natural colors using the silk-screen printing technique. 

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Sisters Polina Lokun and Galina Basik presented their young Women Fashion Brand. The girls took part in Belarus Fashion Week for the first time and prepared for the show the current collection of the FW 2020 season. Designers relied on natural muted colors (green, beige gray) and feminine silhouettes. Monochrome trouser and skirt suits, fitted dresses and elegant blouses were presented on the catwalk. In addition, designers prepared a family look. Polina and Galina are mothers, and they understand how important for a modern woman look stylish and fashionable, but also feel comfortable.

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The Serbian designer Jovanas Couture also presented her collection. Black and white evening dresses and costumes, the decor of which was created personally under her strict guidance. The model in a magnificent wedding dress with sewn LED ribbons closed her show.

In addition to fashion shows, you could go shopping with Belarusian designers, get a free consultation by makeup artist Mary Kay and attend the presentation of a new skin care product ‘TimeWise 3D’.

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That is how the Belarusian fashion week in 2019 was held. There was many changes: new modernized platform, Fashion Tech Hub educational project and market with Belarusian designers. All this doesn’t cease to amaze. We hope that the 20th season will please both you and us.