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футбольная лига

Belarus Premier League

The Belarusian football championship is represented by three divisions: the first division, the second division and the Higher League. The official name of the major leagues is “Belarusbank - the football championship of the Republic of Belarus among major league teams”. The rules of the competition are such that 16 teams play 2 matches with each other: one at home, the second at the guest stadium. In total, after 30 rounds, the final standings are formed, in which the team that takes the first place gets the right to represent the Belarusian clubs in the best club tournament in Europe - the UEFA Champions League. Teams that took second and third place fall into the second most important club tournament of the Old World - the UEFA Europa League.

If we talk about the outsiders of the table, namely the teams of 15.16 places, then they drop in the class to the 1st division. In their place next season will come two teams that took 1st and 2nd place in the first division, respectively.

Major league clubs

Members of the Major Football League in football 2020:

• BATE (Borisov);

• FC Vitebsk (Vitebsk);

• Belshina (Bobruisk);

• Power engineer - BSU (Minsk);

• Miner (Salihorsk);

• Torpedo - BelAZ (Zhodino);

• FC Smolevichi (Smolevichi);

• FC Slutsk (Slutsk);

• Slavia - Mozyr (Mozyr);

• Rukh (Brest);

• Neman (Grodno);

• FC Minsk (Minsk);

• FC Isloch (Minsk region);

• Dynamo Minsk (Minsk);

• Dynamo Brest (Brest);

• FC Gorodeya (Gorodeya).


Football club from Borisov. The most titled club in the history of sovereign Belarus. BATE players have become champions of the republic in football 15 times. 4 times the club became the owner of the Belarus Cup and 7 times the owner of the super bowl. He is a regular participant in European competitions, in which he has fought the eminent giants of big football more than once. Home stadium - "Borisov - Arena", with a capacity of up to 13,121 people. The colors of the club are yellow and blue.


Bobruisk team, founded in 1976. The original name is Shinnik. Belshina's golden years fell on the beginning of the 2000s. Then the team was able to become the champion of the country and win the Cup of Belarus, as well as take part in European cups. Home stadium "Spartak". The capacity is 3700 people. The colors of the club are red and black.

FC Vitebsk

The club from the northern capital of Belarus with the same name was founded in 1960. The most significant achievements:

Two-time silver medalist of Belarus (1992/1993, 1994/1995), two-time bronze medalist of Belarus (1993/1994, 1997), winner of the Belarus Cup (1998).

Home Stadium - CSK Vitebsky. Capacity - 8200 people. The colors of the club are blue and white.

FC Gorodeya

Gorodeya is a Belarusian football club from the urban village of Gorodeya, founded in 2004. On January 14, 2011, the club received a state registration certificate and became a professional football club. The team entered the second league of the Belarusian championship in 2008 and won the tournament on the third attempt (season 2010). The debut season in the first league was successful for the club. The final third place in the second division standings was a new club record. The colors of the club are white and green.

FC Dynamo Brest

The football club from the city "over the Bug" was founded in 1960. Despite the rather meager successes of the past years, recently the Brest residents managed to raise the Belarusian Cup over their heads three times, as well as become the champions of the country in 2019. The club has not yet found awards in the European arena. But in connection with the financially successful director joining the club’s structure, his future seems very encouraging. The club is already building a new stadium that will compete with the best arenas in the country. In the meantime, the home stadium of Brest residents is OSK "Brestsky". Capacity - 10170 people. The colors of the club are blue and white.

FC Dynamo Minsk

The capital club ranks second in terms of titles won in the local arena, second only to the eminent BATE. Regular medalist of the Belarusian championship and a participant in European Cup matches. Minsk Dynamo players are famous for their impressive support from their fans who do not abandon them even in the worst of times. Home arena - Dynamo Stadium. Capacity - 22,246 people. The colors of the club are blue and white.

FC Isloch

A young club from the Minsk region. The team plays in the major league of the championship of Belarus. It is the first Belarusian club to win bronze medals at the UEFA Regions' Cup. It was founded in 2007. Home arena - FC Minsk stadium. Capacity - 3000. Colors - gray-blue.

FC Minsk

A relatively young metropolitan football club. He has been playing in the Premier League since 2007 (except 2008). Two-time winner of the first league (2006, 2008), bronze medalist of the championship of Belarus (2010), winner of the Cup of Belarus 2012/2013. If you do not take into account the peak points in the history of the club, then FC Minsk is a strong middle peasant in the Belarusian championship. Club players are nicknamed "citizens." Home arena - FC Minsk stadium. Capacity - 3000 people. The colors are blue-red.

FC Neman

A football club from the city of Grodno is known for the fact that in the entire sovereign history of Belarus it has never dropped in class in the first division, having spent 29 years in a major league in a row.

The best achievement is the silver of the 2002 championship, the 1993 Belarus Cup. The home arena is Neman CSK. The capacity is 8479 people. Colors are yellow-green.


The revived Brest club in 2016 on the basis of the fans of the Dynamo-Brest club, after the revival took part in the regional championship for two years. In the 2018 season, he played in the championship of the Second League of Belarus, and was also a farm club for the main team of the city - Dynamo. After winning the Second League championship in the 2019 season, the club became independent and moved to the First League, where it took 3rd place and advanced to the Premier League. Home arena - USC "Brest". Capacity - 10170 people. The colors are turquoise white.


Slavia-Mazyr is a professional football club from the city of Mazyr. It was founded in 1987. Two-time champion of Belarus: 1996, 2000. Silver medalist of the championship of Belarus: 1995, 1999. Two-time winner of the Cup of Belarus: 1996, 2000. Finalist of the Cup of Belarus: 1999, 2001. Bronze medalist of the Commonwealth Champions Cup: 2001. Has been playing in the major league of the Belarusian championship since 1995 (with breaks). The home arena is the Yunost stadium. Capacity - 5133. Colors - red and black.

FC Slutsk

Like many Belarusian clubs playing in the major league, it is relatively young. Performs at a professional level since 2008. In the 2013 season, he won the right to play in the Major League. There are no special achievements. The home arena is the Gorodskoy stadium. Capacity - 1896. Colors - white and blue.

FK Smolevichi

A football club from the city of the same name a year ago existed as a farm - the club of the most titled team in the country, Borisov BATE. But in 2019, the team managed to gain the right to participate in the major league and begin to exist as an independent team. Home stadium - "Ozerny". Capacity - 1486 people. The colors are red and blue.

FC Torpedo-BelAZ.

Football club from the city of Zhodino. Founded in 1961 under the name "Rocket", the team received the name "Torpedo" in 1969. Participated in the championship and cup of the Byelorussian SSR, as well as the USSR Cup among KFK. Since 1992 - participant of the championships of Belarus. Home stadium - "Torpedo". Capacity - 6500. Colors - black and white.

FC Shakhtar

Shakhtar is a football club from Svetlogorsk. Regular championship medalist. Permanent participant in qualifying matches for the selection to the UEFA Europa League. Founded in 1961. Home Stadium - "Builder". Capacity - 4200. Colors - black and yellow


Despite the fact that this is an almost amateurish young club, students from the capital broke into the elite of Belarusian football back in 2002. True, they could not stay there and for 16 years they tried to return there. In 2019, they succeeded. Home stadium - "RCOR-BSU". The capacity is 1500 people. The colors are orange-blue.