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Belarusian State University

Belarusian State University

Belarusian State University is the leader in the number of foreign students. More than two and a half thousand students from 50 countries study here. Most of the citizens are from China, Turkmenistan, Russia and Kazakhstan. We decided to tell about this university, why it attracts foreigners and how to get here.

About university

The university was opened on October 30, 1921. The BSU complex includes:

  • 20 faculties and educational institutions;
  • 5 retraining and advanced training institutions;
  • 4 research institutes;
  • 13 research centers;
  • 41 research laboratories;
  • 38 student research laboratories;
  • 180 departments
  • 11 unitary enterprises;
  • 3 training experimental stations;
  • 4 museums.

Among the universities of the CIS countries, BSU is in fourth place after such universities as Moscow State University. M.V. Lomonosova, St. Petersburg and Tomsk Universities. In the Interfax ranking of universities in post-Soviet countries in 2013, it takes 2nd place.

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According to the rating of the authoritative British agency QS WUR, in 2018 BSU was in the TOP-500 of the best universities in the world in the 334th position.

BSU is a member of the Eurasian and European Universities Associations; it has 324 international agreements on cooperation with educational and scientific institutions from 50 countries of the world.


The most popular among foreigners is the faculty of international relations, law, philology, economics and geography.

  1. The Faculty of International Relations prepares future experts in political analysis centers, analysts and specialists in the field of public administration and local self-government, political advisers, organizers of open meetings, specialists in contacts with foreign institutions and organizations, as well as specialists in the field of diplomacy.

The cost of training at the FIR for foreigners is 4250$ per year.

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  1. The Faculty of Law is a leading educational and scientific center for the training of lawyers. There are laboratories, a museum of law, as well as a forensic training ground. The faculty holds conferences, seminars, international competitions in conjunction with the universities of Paris. Students practice at the legal clinic of the faculty. In addition, the Faculty of Law cooperates with universities in Austria, Germany, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, France and Sweden.

10 departments and 6 educational laboratories provide the educational process, and the Student Research Laboratory of Theory, Social Law and Legal Informatization also operates on the basis of the faculty.

Students are trained in three specialties:

• political science;

• jurisprudence;

• economic law.

The cost of training for foreign citizens is 3735$ per year in areas of economic law and jurisprudence and 2935$ per year in the specialty of political science.

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  1. At the Faculty of Philology, you will receive knowledge in the field of literature, linguistics and culture, the theory and practice of translation, computer language technologies, and linguistic forensics and so on.

The faculty offers language practices in the countries of the studied language, scientific seminars on pressing problems of modern linguistics, literary criticism, and linguodidactics. The faculty also has educational laboratories, computer, language laboratories and specialized classrooms for innovative training of future philologists.

Here is the training of specialists in the following areas:

• Russian philology;

• Slavic philology;

• classical philology;

• Romano-Germanic philology;

• Eastern philology.

For foreign citizens, the cost of training is 2850$ per year in the areas of Russian Philology and Romano-Germanic Philology, 2545$ per year in the specialties of Belarusian Philology and Slavic Philology, and for the specialty Oriental (Chinese) Philology 3735$ per year.

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  1. All students of the Faculty of Economics of BSU, regardless of specialty, receive fundamental economic, financial and instrumental training. In-depth training begins with the second year in accordance with the specialty chosen upon admission; much attention is paid to special subjects.

Eight departments provide the educational process at the faculty, and training is in the following specialties:

  • management;
  • finance and credit;
  • economics;
  • economic informatics;
  • economic theory.

Tuition for foreign citizens at the Faculty of Economics is 3350$ per year in the specialty of "Economic Theory", 3450$ "Economics" and "Economic Informatics", and "Management" and "Finance and Credit" 3550$ per year.

  1. The Faculty of Geography is the only educational and scientific center in the country for the training of specialists in the field of geoinformatics, cosmoaerocartography, geodemography, hydrometeorology, geoecology, the largest center for the training of geologists and geographers in Belarus. The faculty cooperates with leading scientific, educational and industrial organizations in Belarus and abroad.

The faculty consists of seven departments, two laboratories, six student communities and six specialties:

  • geography (in directions);
  • hydrometeorology;
  • cosmo-aerocartography;
  • geoecology;
  • geology and exploration of mineral deposits;
  • geographic information systems.

The annual cost of training in the specialties is $ 2545 per year.