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YouTube bloggers

Belarusian Youtube bloggers

The Internet has firmly entered our lives, and it’s already quite difficult to imagine how we lived before it. There is content for everyone, and the competitiveness of entertainment on the Internet has grown so much that it exceeds television. TVs are being replaced by Youtube. And this is not surprising because there are so many programs there that both children and adults are plesed. After all, even the opposition began to produce the show, though the ball in coart of young people. Therefore, today we will talk about Belarusian Youtube bloggers that have gained popularity far beyond the borders of our country.

Development of Youtube channels in Belarus

The development of channels on this platform does not depend on the host country. After all, all you need is a camera, charisma, and fresh ideas. Anyone can become a Youtube blogger, but do not forget that this is the result of regular and painstaking work. Like in any job, you cannot skip, but the result will not be long in coming.

Popular topics on Youtube

The days when a blogger could just say something on a low-budget camera for half an hour have passed. Competitiveness has grown, and now to release quality content you need to work hard. Today it’s easy to find out which bloggers earn the most and whose videos they watch the most. Based on this, we can conclude that the most popular areas on Youtube are interviews, entertainment shows, comedy shows, and travel shows.

Top Belarusian Youtube Bloggers

Belarus has long been storming the domestic Youtube with its content. Our bloggers are slowly crowding out Russian from this sphere and giving a new branch of popularity to our country. Now we will find out who these modern heroes are.

Vlad Bumaga

Who opens the list of Youtube bloggers in Belarus? Of course, Vlad Bumaga (known as A4) is such a popular video blogger that the number of its subscribers in the amount of 18.6 million has long surpassed the number of residents of our country.

Vlad Bumaga is known for his challenges; he began to gain rapid popularity after the video, where he and his friend spent the whole night in a closed trampoline center. But the growth in the number of subscribers began when Vlad A4 gathered 3 thousand fans in the Galleria shopping center. Content A4 differs from the entire Russian language YouTube in that there is virtually no obscene language in Vlad’s video.

Now Vlad is storming the Russian hire. So, in February, he visited the Evening Urgant program and an entertainment show

“Comment out” with Egor Creed.

Julia Godunova

Now Vlad is in a relationship with the Belarusian live-style blogger Yulia Godunova. The genre of her videos is vlogs, conversational videos, beauty vlogs and much more. Recently, Julia began to try on a new role, and now she is a singer. The girl is developing in the genre of pop music. There are already 1, 1 million subscribers on her Youtube channel, and the number of subscribers on Instagram exceeds 1.3 million.

Dima Ermuzevich

A friend of Julia, and no less popular blogger in Belarus - Dima Ermuzevich. Dima is engaged in shooting vlogs, sings, records videos, tells the secrets of photography, and also records videos of various genres. The main feature of “vlogs” of Ermuzevich is naturalness. No takes, no rehearsals. It's boring. Dmitry’s Youtube channel has 893 thousand subscribers, and Instagram has already gained 914 thousand.

Its author - Gleb - talks about success stories, compiles various tops, tells where the heroes of famous memes are now, notes the shortcomings of iPhones and much more. The most popular video is “the top 10 disappeared sweets we miss”: 12 million views.

The channel has 4, 88 million subscribers on Youtube.

Priyatnyi Ildar

Ildar now has 3.17 million subscribers and 150 million views of his video, the most popular of which is about the scandal with Diana Shurygina and the show on Channel One.

On his channel, Ildar often talks about the latest TV shows and new products in the world of the Internet, and also leads a kind of column "I want to work" - he tries himself in different professions: from a lifeguard to a garbage man. The promotion of Khabibullin is handled by the same agency as Vlad Bumaga.

Semeika Z

A large family from Minsk makes a video about their children. Also in the videos appear mom Irina and dad Oleg. Live and natural videos about ordinary people - this is the feature of this channel.

Content is geared towards their peers. Children play with their parents (the most popular video, which collected 12 million views, was devoted to how they put down the slide and an inflatable trampoline), build a water park at home and take lessons at school.

The Youtube channel has 1.67 million subscribers.

Playboyz tv

An entertaining channel that translates and dubs foreign pranks and social experiments. Youtube channel has 1.56 million subscribers, and the most popular video gained 8 million views.


Do it yourself videos, where ordinary things (postcards, handbags, notebooks) turn into non-standard ones and get a second life.

The channel turned out to be in demand due to an interesting format and theme. Because in the CIS, people like to do something and remodel with their own hands: furniture or even a notebook with a postcard. Whereas in Europe it’s easier to go and buy the right thing. We are in demand, people are looking for such items.

The YouTube channel has 1.51 million subscribers, and the most popular survival kit at school video has 4 million views.


Daniil is a 19-year-old guy from Pinsk. His channel currently has approximately 1.68 million subscribers.

Danik removes vlogs about his life: he discusses popular topics and trends on YouTube, and also tells what to do if you are alone at home, you were kicked out of school, you watched a movie or on a calendar Friday, 13th. The guy also has a whole series of videos in the style of “in short.”

Valery Yaskevich

Guitarist, Belarusian novice singer with her own YouTube channel, participant in the show in Ukraine “X-factor. Season 8" The winner of a music contest. She performs various cover versions of both Russian and English songs.

Youtube channel has 694 thousand subscribers, and a cover of Max Korzh’s song “Пьяный дождь'” collected 5.9 million views.


A little higher, we talked about the Belarusian family of successful video bloggers - “Semeika Z”. Relatives decided not to limit themselves to one YouTube channel, and soon a daughter option appeared - "Zheka ZHEET". On the channel, the brave Eugene removes challenges, makes reviews and vlogs on how the family travel, rafting on the river and having fun in nature.

The channel has 539 thousand subscribers, and the most popular video about the home water park gained 37 million views.

Art’s Animations

Youtube channel in Belarusian about the history of our country. In the cartoons, national issues are raised, but the author warns that this is only for humorous purposes.

So far, the channel has 330 thousand subscribers, and the most popular video gained 5, 2 million views.


Youtube channel on social and political issues. On the Nekhta channel you will find infotainment content about Belarus.

The documentary film “Lukashenko. Criminal materials." gived a big popularity to this channel. The film came out on top in the trends of Belarus a day after publication, and at the moment the film has gained 2.4 million views. The film retells known facts about the president’s family, the first election, a rally on Independence Square in 2010, an explosion in the metro, an attempt to launch a battery plant in Brest, BelAES and much more. The gift from Ilon Mask and the poems of Vasil Bykov are also recalled in it.

Ksenia Levchik

For the first time in the world, people learned about a talented charming girl when a funny video appeared on the YouTube video hosting, in which a two-year-old baby soulfully performed the song “Уходи и дверь закрой” by Evgenia Otradnaya.

 Now the girl is recording new videos for subscribers to the channel. Ksenia prefers to cover songs by top bands and artists. Among the repertoire of Ksenia, one can find recordings of the songs “Топ” and “Троль" of the group “Время и стекло”, Элджей “Розовое вино” and even the sensational “Медуза” of Matrang.

Ksenia’s channel collected 2 million subscribers, and the most popular cover was Medusa, which collected 12 million views.

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