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Belavia: what you need to know about the Belarusian airline

Minsk Airport mainly provides scheduled and charter international flights to Belavia Airlines - one of the most popular airlines in Belarus. How can we book or buy a ticket? What are the airline's flight directions? We will tell all this in the article.

The history of the creation of Belavia

The holiday of the Belavia airline is traditionally celebrated on March 5 (since 1996), but since it was formed on the basis of the Belarusian Civil Aviation Association, it can be considered since 1993.

Expansion of the geography of flights begins in 1998. At this time, a new route Minsk-2 - Prague - Minsk-2 appears.

Already on May 18, 2001, a transport connection appeared between Minsk and Paris.

For the coming year (2002), the first code-sharing agreement was signed with Austrian Airlines, which marked the beginning of functional cooperation with foreign partners.

2003 was a successful year for the company. At this stage, Belavia begins to operate regular flights to Kaliningrad, in October of this year, the first Western-made Boeing 737-500 airplane arrived at the Minsk State Airport, which was leased by the airline. And the signed agreement between Belavia and Air Baltic on the provision of space blocks on the Minsk-Riga-Minsk flights allowed arranging the first steps in the joint work of 2 airlines.

From February 11, 2008 Belavia opens the opportunity to purchase tickets online for passengers on the Moscow-Minsk flight. It openly demonstrates its advantages over the printed one, especially since the bulk of passengers on the Moscow-Minsk route are business people who value their time. With the introduction of the online air ticket technology, passengers forgot about the ticket office, as they no longer needed to go there and waste their time in queues. Also, now there was no need to arrive at the airport in advance in order to issue a ticket before departure.

Direct communication between Minsk and Milan, established in June 2008, is another step in expanding the route network, and the invention of a personal office by the consulate is a step in satisfying the increased interest and demand for air travel between Belarus and Italy.

On May 17, 2010 Belavia and the main French air carrier Air France introduced an electronic interline agreement, on the basis of which both sides had the possibility to issue electronic transportation papers for their flights.

Joining the European Association of Regional Airlines (ERAA) in July became a necessary and pleasant event for the State Airline Belavia.

The following years opened new regular routes for Belavia all over the world.

And since August 1, 2020, Belavia has changed the circumstances of purchasing auxiliary baggage on the airline's regular flights. From this stage, the price is formed depending on the time and method of purchasing the ticket.

Belavia Aircraft Fleet

Belavia Airlines owns a progressive fleet of Western-made weightless vessels. All aircraft meet the requirements of global standards for technical security, noise and have every chance to perform flights to the states of near and far abroad without any restrictions.

At the moment, the Belavia air fleet includes:

• 9 - Boeing 737-800;

• 4 - Boeing 737-500;

• 4 - Boeing 737-300;

• 7 - Embraer 195;

• 5 - Embraer 175;

Destinations of Belavia flights

Belavia operates flights to such countries as:

• Austria;

• Azerbaijan;

• Armenia;

• Belarus;

• Belgium;

• Bulgaria;

•Great Britain;

• Hungary;

• Germany;

• Greece;

• Georgia;

• Egypt;

• Israel;

• Spain;

• Italy;

• Kazakhstan;

• Cyprus;

• Latvia;

• Lebanon;

• Lithuania;

• Moldova;

• Netherlands;

• Poland;

•Russian Federation;

• Serbia;

• Turkmenistan;

• Turkey;

• Uzbekistan;

• Ukraine;

• Finland;

• France;



• Sweden;

• Estonia

Booking and buying tickets Belavia

Online booking service allows you to order a ticket more comfortably and faster. You can book a ticket at any convenient time: the website is open 24/7 and daily. You no longer have to wait for huge queues, because the whole procedure for ordering a ticket will take you no more than 10 minutes. All relevant fares, special offers and bonuses are available on the website.

Once you have found the route, the date of departure and return, and also indicated the number of passengers, click on the "Find" button.

If all fields are filled in, the system starts a deep search for probable flights. If you missed or did not specify the required information field, or you specified it incorrectly, you will notice a reddish frame.

On the appropriate page, you will be shown the selected route, dates, and also the number of vacant seats, which, if you wish, can be changed by clicking the "Change search" link.

Then you pay for the purchase and present your ticket at the document check.

Sales offices in Belarus and abroad

The telephone number of the information service in Belarus is 106, abroad - +375 (17) 220-25-55. You can call any of these numbers and clarify any question. Here you can find information about tickets and flights in any direction.

Minsk National Airport

The State Airport Minsk provides a wide range of airport offers. There are 2 artificial runways (runways) equipped with advanced technology, in fact, which allows you to take on weightless vessels of all types without restrictions in difficult weather conditions.

Ground handling of flights at RUE "National Airport Minsk" is carried out by:

• RUE "National Airport Minsk";

• JSC Belavia Airline.

OnAir Magazine

The magazine was released in November 2009. Since now, more than 100 issues have been released. Any issue publishes inspirational copyright materials about travel, unique interviews with personalities of the world of music, fashion and business, reviews of spaces and phenomena around the world that can attract, among other things, experienced tourists.

Taking into account, in fact, that a quarter of the magazine's audience are foreign tourists, the best materials of the issue are translated into English.

There is still no online presence on board the aircraft, as a result of this, a glossy edition with a volume of 288 to 400 pages is offered to passengers as entertainment during the flight.

Contacts, website and social networks of Belavia

Information - reference service (round the clock)

Phone: 106 (only in Belarus)

(+375 17) 220-25-55 (outside Belarus)


Belavia's official website will help you book a ticket, see the nearest flights or specify the amount for a specific date. Here you will find all the information you are interested in about booking and refunding tickets, new programs, check the flight schedule and all additional information about points and their accrual.

Social networks (Vkontakte, Instagram and Facebook) provide all the relevant information about the company. Here specialists will answer all your questions, give information about the suspension and resumption of flights.

Nowadays, subscribing to Belavia's pages is more relevant than ever, because they post up-to-date information on flights in a timely manner.