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Best Accounting Firms for IT Companies in Belarus

The working activities of organizations in the field of high technologies are always accompanied by non-economic activities. For competent accounting, representatives of organizations contact accounting firms. The article will tell you about the specifics of accounting firms and show you how to contact the best firms in Belarus.

Accounting for IT companies

The IT sphere is currently rapidly gaining momentum. More and more specialists are appearing on the information technology market, which is due to the availability of state support, presented in the form of tax incentives.

Every IT company faces foreign economic activity and electronic money every day. Therefore, in the case of starting a business, you should take care of the organization of accounting.

We advise you to move away from the routine hiring of a full-time specialist and contact an accounting firm. It is beneficial both in terms of payment for services and the quality of the specialist's work.

What do accounting services for IT companies include?

Accounting services are full support: from entering documents to submitting reports to the tax office.

Leading accounting firms are successfully audited and can provide customer contact information in case you would like to hear from them personally about accounting.

In addition to the standard set of services, professional companies additionally provide the following services:

• Preparation of reports for foreign investors,

• Preparation of documentation for joining the HTP.

Best Accounting Firms for IT Companies in Belarus 2021

SPEX advisers

SPEX advisers is the leading recruiting and accounting agency for IT companies. The agency is deeply convinced that the choice of qualified specialists must be approached scrupulously since their functionality includes many important, responsible tasks.

The agency conducts an initial consultation, after which it provides the following specialists:

• chief accountant;

• Deputy Chief Accountant;

• payroll accountant;

• accountant for various areas;

• an assistant accountant;

• an economist.

If you need the help of another specialist, please inform the manager of the company.

As for the payment for services, its amount is agreed between the employer and the employee, and, as a rule, depends on the size of the enterprise, position, functionality, and other circumstances.

There is a large selection of specialists on the market, which, on the one hand, has a positive effect on the selection of personnel, and on the other hand, requires a lot of time to screen out unsuitable candidates. In order for the selection of a specialist to be successful and in a short time, we advise you to entrust the selection work to professionals.

The agency follows the following steps for recruiting an employee:

• discussion of the requirements of the employer and the nuances of the work,

• consideration of candidates' resumes,

• formation of a list of candidates,

• testing of potential employees by the company's specialists,

• Transfer of the list of candidates to the client.

On the official website of the company, you can get acquainted with successful projects, learn in detail about the services, and send contact information for feedback.

Cooperation with SPEX Advisers can be discussed by calling +375 29 366-44-77.


Erudite is a leading organization in the provision of accounting services. Each employee of the company has extensive experience in his professional activities, as well as actively continues training and is always aware of the latest changes in the legislation of the Republic of Belarus.

The accounting company Erudit provides the following services:

• Preparation and submission of reports,

• Independent assessment of compliance with tax legislation during liquidation,

• Full accounting support,

• Expertise of tax and accounting,

• Accounting support for HTP residents.

The cost of an employee's work depends on the specifics of the field of activity, the taxation system, the current state of accounting and other criteria. To find out the exact cost of accounting services, we suggest filling out a special form on the official website of the company.

Moreover, on the official website of the agency, you can find out details about training courses and company news, subscribe to the mailing list of vacancies and news, and also learn about the specifics of the agency's work.

Cooperation with the accounting agency Erudite can be discussed by calling +37517 395-95-85.

High Accounting Park

High Accounting Park is an accounting firm that provides services to IT companies.

The wide range of services provided by the company includes:

• accounting and tax accounting,

• tax optimization,

• servicing foreign organizations,

• financial analysis, etc.

Previously, the employees of the High Accounting Park conduct consultations for clients, and can also prepare a business project and balance sheet for companies planning to join the HAP.

You can get an online consultation, calculate the cost of services for your organization, read customer reviews, and find out more about the company's services on the official website

Cooperation with the accounting agency High Accounting Park can be discussed by calling +37529 306-22-71.


Audex has been providing accounting services for IT companies for over 20 years. Today Audex is one of the largest audit and consulting companies in Belarus, which provides a full range of services in the field of audit and accounting.

The clients of the company are industrial, construction, transport and trade organizations, companies providing communication services, etc.

The potential of our employees, combined with versatile practical knowledge, allows us to offer customers new ideas, non-standard solutions, and also maintain high quality standards.

 On the official website, you can find out details about the features of the agency's work, the services provided, top clients, and also order a feedback call.


The Belarusian organization FinExpertiza is one of the companies of the audit and consulting network FinExpertiza. The main goal of the company is to provide audit and audit-related services to IT companies in Belarus.

The company employs exceptional professionals in various fields of accounting. The experience of the employees allowed us to quickly take a worthy place in the market for the provision of audit and audit-related services. It took the company 10 years to become one of the top leading accounting service providers in Belarus.

On the official website, you can find out details about the features of the agency's work, the services provided, top clients, as well as order a feedback call.

Cooperation with the accounting agency Finexpertiza can be discussed by calling +375 44 551-76-58.