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Best driving schools in Minsk

The modern world dictates its own rules. Everything becomes mobile and convenient, technologies become more accessible and make life much easier, and we are adapting to these technologies. This time we will focus on driving schools. Today every third person has driver's license. And this is easily explained: having a driver's license saves time, leaves no questions about personal safety and opens the boundaries of choice of travel. Therefore, if you still do not have a driver's license, we will tell you where to apply for one. Below is a list of the best schools in Minsk. The choice is yours!

Pilot driving school

Driving School Pilot is pleased to offer you its services. Here you can complete training for the category “B” license in just 100 days and retraining from category “B” to “A” in a month. Practical lessons are held at the departmental autodrome of the State Automobile Inspection, and the school has also approved all 8 new exam routes of the State Automobile Inspection for training, which you can legally test during the practice.

Pilot advantages:

• Possibility of getting an installment plan. Payment is made in five stages. The payment schedule is fixed in the contract and is actually an interest-free installment plan. You don't need to pay the entire amount right away. First installment and let's go;

• Fair price. No additional payments during training. The cost of training is clearly spelled out in the contract and does not change during the entire training period. Beware of organizations that change the conditions and costs during training, read the agreement carefully;

• Retake for free. Didn't pass the test the first time? No problem! All tests, within the framework of the group's curriculum, you can retake for free, on any day convenient for you.

Azbuka vozhdeniya driving school

Driving school Azbuka vozhdeniyz is a modern progressive driving school in Minsk. Therefore, the school has already switched to the distance learning format. What are the pros?

• Video tutorials on the youtube channel will be available from 04.06.2020;

• Students who have not mastered the information in the format of online training will be asked to work out this material offline;

• Driving lessons are held according to a planned schedule in compliance with protective measures;

• The quality of training is guaranteed to remain the same.

Jockey driving school

Another driving school in Minsk with the possibility of online training. Sign up and study with a teacher remotely.

The basic program includes:

• Full course of theoretical training;

• A full course of training in driving skills at the circuit;

• Full course of training in driving skills on public roads;

• Free retakes of tests in the learning process;

• Fixed cost for the entire course.

Autodelo plus driving school

A proven driving school that needs no introduction. Why is it worth going to Autodelo plus?

• The driving school has been operating since 2010. Experts are not the first year in this business, therefore they understand how to organize a productive learning process;

• The school trained 3346 people. Over 10 years of work, Avtodelo has trained and graduated a total of 3346 students (as of January 2020);

• The vehicle fleet consists of 2017 cars. Instructors have long switched to modern new cars, which makes the learning process even more comfortable for you;

• It ranked 4th in the republican rating of driving schools. For 2019, according to the UGAI, the driving school takes a confident 4th place among ~ 400 driving schools in the Republic of Belarus;

• Use their own curriculum and teaching method. The instructors left only the most necessary information and removed all the water. Due to this, 1 day a week was enough for theory (instead of 2-3, as in other driving schools). The rest of the time is the practice of driving a car.

Zebra driving school

Zebra driving school will teach you how to drive around the metropolis without stress. Why should you go to Zebra?

• Fair prices and free retake tests! Payment only for tuition and gasoline. All inclusive: retakes, tests and missed lessons;

• Experienced teachers. 10+ years of driving experience and even rally experience;

• Comfortable cars. The largest training minivan in Minsk;

•Included in the price. Give a pen, notebook and traffic rules textbook. There is coffee, tea, water and even cookies for everyone!

Elegy driving school

At Elegy driving school all instructors are women. They teach driving to category B on the routes of the traffic police. They stay with the cadets until they get their license! School for those who:

• is going to go to study for rights;

• wishes to take driving lessons;

• cannot choose a driving school;

• uncertainly drives on the roads.

Driving school Elegy will help you with any question. You will succeed!

VirtuosAuto driving school

The driving school has been preparing category B drivers since 2009. There are more than 20 cars in the car park of the driving school. More than 20 new cars 2016-2019 Advantages of a driving school:

• payment in 4 stages;

• two autodromes to choose from;

• choice of car and instructor;

• free retakes of all tests.

Beldorstroy driving school

Driving school Beldorstroy trains category B drivers.

Full support, training before obtaining a driver's license from the traffic police. Advantages of training at Beldorstroy driving school:

• No prepayment;

• Modern cars;

• 5 minutes from the metro station Youth.

Avtovoditel plus driving school

Driving school "Avtovoditel" is located on the street. Rakovskaya 20. The driving school has been operating since 1978, and for the entire period of work they have successfully taught more than 50,000 people to drive.

Specialists train for category "B". Driving school teachers and instructors are highly qualified specialists with extensive teaching experience. Driving instruction is carried out on modern foreign cars.

There is the possibility of training organized groups of employees of companies with payment by bank transfer.

If necessary, the school offers additional driving lessons on the site or in the city for students of the Avtovoditel school and other schools.

Dorozhnaya azbuka driving school

Driving school Dorozhnaya azbuka is recruiting students every month. In reality, the cheapest driving school may be one of the best. Dorozhnaya azbuka is chosen for the following reasons:

• highly experienced teachers and instructors;

• vehicle fleet consisting of new foreign cars;

• own racing tracks;

• very comfortable classrooms equipped with modern technology and equipment;

• modern computer classes;

• excellent alumni reviews;

• the cheapest prices for a driving school in Minsk;

• individual approach to cadets;

• several classrooms in different parts of the city;

• the possibility of paying for courses in installments (in 4 stages).

Strela driving school

Strela driving school will grow you into confident drivers and bring you to the traffic police with a successful result.

Advantages of Strela driving school:

• Favorable cost. Re-examinations as part of training are free. Student discounts;

•Experience. The teachers have successfully graduated more than 10,000 cadets. High percentage of delivery to the traffic police in Minsk;

• Reliability. Training on new exam tickets and traffic police routes;

• Modern cars. The driving school provides only modern cars. The vehicle fleet is constantly updated;

• Comfort. Tea, coffee and water for cadets in each class;

• Convenience. The classrooms and the circuit are within walking distance from the metro.

Dosaaf driving school

The driving school conducts professional training of drivers of category "B" and retraining of drivers from category "B" to category "C", as well as retraining of drivers from category "B" and (or) "C" to "A".

The course of study includes theoretical and practical lessons, after which a certificate of the established form is issued and an organized passing of an exam in the traffic police is carried out. Dosaaf Driving School guarantees a high quality of teaching, as well as favorable, flexible and attractive conditions for students.

Avto-Ritet driving school

Throughout the history of its existence, the driving school "Auto-Ritet" has secured a leading position among the best driving schools in Minsk. In its arsenal there are specially developed individual teaching methods, certified driving school personnel and modern technical equipment of classes. Avto-Ritet driving school is one of the most innovative schools in Minsk, which is in a constant process of improving the material and technical base and quickly introduces innovative technologies and ideas into the learning process.

Stiring driving school

Driving School Stiring produces confident and responsible drivers. The school is ready to offer online training so that you can study even at home. You do not have to worry about the cost, because it will be spelled out in the contract, which means it will be fixed. And as a bonus, you will receive free retakes during the training period at the Stiring driving school!

Auto pravo driving school

Avtopravo school is a reasonable price for high-quality knowledge, a very friendly staff, a convenient schedule of classes, a high place in the traffic police ranking among driving schools. Teachers with a long experience of work, clearly explain, clarify incomprehensible questions. 91% of students take exams at the traffic police from 1 time.

Average cost of training in a driving school

The average cost is 550 rubles. But many driving schools offer phased payment, for example, 1st stage at the beginning of training, 2nd stage one month after the start of training, 3rd stage paying for fuel before the start of practical training, 4th stage 2 months after the start of training.

Payment terms can be changed by agreement with the administration.

Duration of training at a driving school

The training time, including theoretical and practical lessons, is 220 hours. The duration of an academic hour is 45 minutes (excluding driving). The course itself lasts at least 3 months.

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