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Universities of Mogilev city

Universities of Mogilev city

Mogilev Universities. Best universities of Mogilev

Mogilev is a city in the east of Belarus, and although life in it is not the same as in a metropolis, but it is also swift and rich. Mogilev will not leave anyone indifferent, it forces to fall in love at first sight and you will want to come back here repeatedly. You can come here not only to look at the landscapes and get inspired, but also to enter one of the universities, about that we will tell you today. Below you can see the list of best universities of Mogilev city.

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Belarusian State Agricultural Academy

It is the leading university in the country for training specialists for agriculture. It trains future agronomists, zoo-engineers, land surveyors, land reclamation specialists, as well as economists, marketers, environmentalists and lawyers.

In 1836, the Russian government made a decision to run an agricultural school.

The agricultural school was opened on August 15, 1840. It has two categories of training courses: higher and lower. The term of education at the highest level was 3 years. Pupils received higher agronomic education. Agronomists and managers for public and private estates were trained here.

Later, in 1848, the highest grade of the school was transformed into the Agricultural Institute - the first in Russia's higher agricultural education institution, and the lowest grade - into the Agricultural School.

After the 1863 uprising, in which many students took part, the Institute was transferred to St. Petersburg. In 1919 the institute was restored, in 1925 it was transformed into the academy.

BSAA cares about the expansion of international cooperation, development of academic mobility. The university participates in the Erasmus+ program, also works with higher educational institutions of the CIS countries, far and near abroad.

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The Agricultural Academy has all conditions for scientific, cultural and sports life of students. The university has organized master's and post-graduate studies and has three councils for the defense of candidate and doctoral dissertations.

At universities, students can choose from 9 faculties:

  • agronomic;
  • agroecological;
  • business and Law;
  • biotechnology and aquaculture;
  • accounting;
  • land management;
  • land reclamation and construction;
  • agricultural mechanization;
  • economic.

The cost of training at the preparatory department for foreign students is 1450$ for 10 months.

The cost of studying at the bachelor's degree is 1950$ per year.

Training is conducted only in Russian language.

Belarusian-Russian University

Russia and Belarus signed an agreement in Mogilev in 2001, which opened the Belarusian-Russian University. This is one of the famous university of Mogilev.

The Belarusian-Russian University in Mogilev is the largest regional technical university that trains engineers, builders, economists and logisticians in the educational programs of Belarus and Russia. The university has an institute for advanced training and retraining of personnel, an architectural and construction college and lyceums.