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Universities of Vitebsk city

Universities of Vitebsk city

Vitebsk is the birthplace of famous poets and artists of the last century. Here were born such people as: an outstanding artist and architect, a representative of the Russian and European avant-garde - Lisitsky El; a public figure and Belarusian writer - Vasil Bykov; and Marс Zakharovich Chagall - one of the world's famous representatives of the artistic avant-garde of the twentieth century.

In summer, famous artists come to Vitebsk to give concerts as part of the Slavianski Bazar festival. However, here you can also see the Marс Chagall Museum, the Holy Dormition Cathedral, the Dukhovsky Kruglik and much more.

Vitebsk is not just a beautiful city, but to make sure of it it will not take even one year, but 4-5 years is quite enough. If you want to stay here longer, spend time wisely, learn something new or even learn a new profession, the city offers you 4 universities. The universities of Vitebsk will not only provide you with quality knowledge in your chosen field, but will also help you to fully immerse yourself in the history and traditions of this city and the whole country through their cultural programs. Below you can see the list of universities of Vitebsk.

Vitebsk State University of Technology

In the 60s, light industry was widely developed in the BSSR, and after the Great Patriotic War new enterprises of clothing, knitwear, footwear and other branches of light industry were restored and built. In 1959, the Council of Ministers of the BSSR decided to build and open a light industry technology institute in Vitebsk. It was opened in 1965. After 30 years, the institute was accredited for the status of a higher education institution and received the status of a university.

Today the VSTU consists of 5 faculties, 17 departments, 5 educational buildings, 2 dormitories, an experimental-experimental enterprise, a library and a sports and recreation complex, as well as a science and technology park with 12 enterprises and individual entrepreneurs as its residents.

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The composition of teachers from 2018 includes 15 doctors of science, professors, 100 candidates of science, as well as associate professors.

A VSTU student can study at one of the following faculties:

  • economics and Business Administration;
  • design;
  • information technology and robotics;
  • production technologies;
  • correspondence.

Cost of training for foreign citizens:

  • on preparatory courses - 1500$ for 10 months;
  • on a bachelor degree - from 2200$ to 2450$ a year.

Training at VSTU for foreign citizens is conducted only in Russian.

Vitebsk State University named after P.M. Masherov

In 1910, the Teachers' Institute was founded in Vitebsk, where teachers were trained for secondary schools. In 1918 it was transformed into a pedagogical institute, and in 1924 it was merged with the Belarusian State University.

During the Great Patriotic War, the Institute's corps was destroyed, and many teachers and students died at the front or in the guerrilla movement. Despite this, classes at the Institute began again in 1944. In the 60-70s, the Institute developed rapidly, new faculties were opened and the admission of students was increased. In 1995, the Institute was transformed into a university, and in 1998 it was named after a graduate of P. M. Masherov.

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Now the university has 10 faculties:

  • biological;
  • historical;
  • mathematics and information technologies;
  • pedagogical;
  • social pedagogy and psychology;
  • philological;
  • physical education and sport;
  • education of foreign citizens;
  • legal;
  • graphic art.

In addition, students can continue their studies at the Master's and postgraduate level.

Vitebsk University cooperates with universities in Germany, Great Britain, Latvia, Czech Republic, Serbia, China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and is also an active participant in many reputable international organizations and associations. Students and professors of the VSU undergo internships at universities in Germany, Sweden, Cuba, Poland, Romania and other countries, participate in the development of international projects and grants.

The cost of education for foreign citizens at VSU:

  • on the preparatory department - $2000;
  • on a bachelor degree from $2,300 to $3050 a year.

Vitebsk State Academy of Veterinary Medicine

Currently, the Vitebsk Veterinary Academy conducts scientific research devoted to the study of animal diseases and the development of measures to combat them, improve the breeding and productive qualities of animals, the development of modern technologies that meet international requirements for animal products, as well as scientific support of the educational process. The Veterinary Academy in Vitebsk carries out scientific cooperation with both universities and research centers of the Republic of Belarus, and with many scientific and pedagogical teams of the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Baltic States, Poland, Germany, etc.