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Braslav Lakes

The tourist activity of the Braslav Lakes National Park is known far beyond the borders of our country. The article will explain what attracts tourists and what types of entertainment the park offers.

Interesting facts about Braslav lakes

The national park keeps many mysteries and legends, with which we are obliged to introduce you.

There is a settlement in the national park that is not mentioned in the annals. The settlement took its name from the nearest village, and began to be called Maskovichi. In this place, for the first time in Belarus, materials with runic inscriptions left on parts of animal bones were found.

Another feature of the Braslav Lakes is the variety of crustaceans in the 19th century. Even German merchants bought the inhabitants of this lake. Representatives of famous companies applied for a delicacy, buying up to 80 thousand crayfish. True, later the merchants themselves destroyed the population. They simply did not buy the ordered crayfish, and threw the suffocated crayfish back into the water, which served as their disappearance.

Location of Braslav Lakes

National Park "Braslav Lakes" is located in the Vitebsk region. If you are guided by the capital of the country, then you will have to cover a distance of 250 km to the northwest.

The convenient location allows tourists to easily get to the park, and the ability to book rooms at one of the 4 recreation centers leaves no chance to leave the territory.

Hotels near Braslav Lakes

There are several hotels not far from the lake, which gladly receive guests and can share the variety of entertainment.

These hotels include:

• Blaslaw Lakes Hotel - from 93 BYN per night;

• Mini-hotel "Rest in Braslav" - from 46 BYN per night;

• Holiday home "By the Fireplace" - from 21 BYN per night;

• Apartments "Pearl of Blue Lakes" - from 88 BYN per night;

• Hotel "Vaspan" - from 142 BYN per night.

Each hotel offers comfortable accommodation and additional amenities. All details can be obtained from the administrator of the selected hotel.

Cafes and restaurants on the Braslav lakes

When planning a vacation, you need to familiarize yourself with all the options for spending time with a stop for lunch. We offer 5 places that can offer dishes for every taste:

• Cooking in the shopping center Vtalich, Braslav, st. Sadovaya, 6;

• Cafe Kavyarnya, opposite the gas station at the entrance to the city from the side of Postavy / Daugavpils;

• Restaurant On the verge, st. Krasnoarmeiskaya, 1;

• Restaurant "Braslav Lakes", st. Leninskaya 53;

• Restaurant Drivyaty, st. Rybhoznaya 15a.

All restaurants are distinguished by their cuisine, level of service, and unique design. If you want to reserve a table, please contact the administration of the cafe or restaurant.

How to get to Braslav Lakes?

You can get to Braslav Lakes by car, bus or train (to the Druya ​​station). There are regular routes to Braslav from Minsk, Vitebsk and Polotsk.

Cycling and hiking routes on the Braslav Lakes

On the tourist portal of Braslav Lakes, you can find 8 cycling routes and several hiking routes. They describe the length of the route, its duration, attractions and the best places, as well as interesting facts about these places. Hiking is presented on the park map, which gives you the opportunity to plan the route yourself, starting from interesting places.

You can contact the administration and find out the dates of the next hikes so that an experienced specialist will guide you along the unique paths.

Ecological trails on the Braslav lakes

On the official website of the Braslav Lakes National Park, you can find the Slobodkovskaya Ozovaya Ridge Ecological Trail. It was developed for the purpose of ecological, aesthetic education and environmental education of visitors, acquainting them with the nature of the Braslav Poozerie and historical events.

Here you will find a step-by-step description of the trail with interesting historical facts, a photo gallery where the objects of the show are presented, and a map with a marked route scheme.

Fishing on the Braslav lakes             

In the Braslav region, the concentration of lakes is simply unique. If we take into account the smallest reservoirs, then there are about 300 lakes here, which occupy 9% of the area. Of the 58 fish species living in the reservoirs of Belarus, 28 species are found in the lakes of this group, which attracts fishermen from all over the country.

All issues related to fishing are determined by the Rules for the conduct of fisheries and fishing. If you are going fishing in Narochansky Park, we advise you to contact a fishing engineer or tourism department. They will introduce you to the rules and the fisherman's card.

Hunting on Braslav Lakes

The hunting farm of the National Park "Braslav Lakes" is located in the northwestern part of the Republic of Belarus on the border with Lithuania and Latvia.

Untouched terrain allows hunters to feel the inextricable link between nature and man. Mosaic placement and a complex combination of large and small forests, numerous lakes and winding rivers, raised and low-lying bogs, fields create unique productivity opportunities for various populations of wild animals. Hunting is carried out for the following species of animals: otter, badger, wild boar, roe deer, mink, ptarmigan, black stork, etc.

The Braslav Lakes National Park organizes individual and group hunting tours for both foreign citizens and citizens of the Republic of Belarus.

All questions about the organization of hunting tours can be clarified with the administration.