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Buying cars in Belarus (auto dealers and websites)

Today, a car is no longer just a means of transportation, but a necessity. A car is a good way to simplify your life and manage to do all things through the city. We notice that every year there are less and less parking places, in yards, and more and more traffic jams. People buy cars in dealerships, from resellers, but did you know that now you can buy a car online, or compare prices and choose a suitable seller. Today we will find out which sites you should turn to for buying a car.

Cars from auto dealerships

The choice between buying a new car or a used one is concerned all buyers. The most convenient way to buy a car is to visit a car dealership, where you can take a new car under warranty. After all, everyone knows that the time spent on repairs is minimal at first, and in the event of a breakdown, any car dealership will provide you with a guarantee, and, of course, the risk of buying a car with a history that in most cases is unpleasant, such as stolen or mortgaged, is reduced.


Atlant-M is a large group of companies specializing in the sale, warranty and after-sales service of automobiles, as well as in the supply of spare parts. The association includes 3 countries: Belarus, Russia and Ukraine. The AtlantM brand portfolio includes 11 automobile brands: VOLKSWAGEN, KIA, LAND ROVER, TOYOTA, FORD, JAGUAR, MAZDA, LEXUS, SKODA, RENAULT, NISSAN.

On the official website, you can get advice on any issue by phone number or by leaving a request for e-mail. Here you can also find an e-book of reviews, where representatives provide a guarantee of resolving any issue, as well as provide honest customer reviews.


The company has been operating in the Belarusian market since 2006 and provides a full range of services for the sale of cars, warranty and after-sales service, as well as the sale of original spare parts and accessories of Ravon, Lifan, Chevrolet, Opel and Cadillac. The car center has modern technical equipment in full compliance with the requirements of General Motors for the equipment of dealerships. Car center "Multimotors" is the official dealer of Ravon, Lifan and Cadillac in the Republic of Belarus. On the official website you can order a call and get a full consultation on any matter of interest. The site also has information about test drives, auto parts, vacancies and addresses.


RedMotors is the official dealer of Mitsubishi Motors in the Republic of Belarus for the sale and maintenance of Mitsubishi cars, as well as for the sale of original spare parts and accessories for them. Authorized Dealer of Geely, Mitsubishi Motors, Suzuki Motors. On the official website you can find information about test drives, configurators, car comparisons, current news on the car market and special offers. Consultation is carried out by phone, which can also be found on the company's website. For Redmotors fans, a mobile application was created, the link of which is already attached to the site.

Second-hand cars

But buyers do not always give preference to new cars, since the car from the passenger compartment is always more expensive, the choice of new cars from dealers is much smaller than the used cars on the market, and the guarantee applies only to those new cars that undergo regular maintenance. Therefore, it is more profitable to buy a used car, especially since such a machine also has a lot of advantages. Namely: you can buy a car of a higher class due to a lower price, all the improvements of the used car made by the previous owner can go to a new buyer for free, and the choice of a used car is many times more than the offer of new ones in auto centers.


The history of the project began back in 1993 with the release of the newspaper "Autobusiness" – the largest printed automotive publication. Since then, every Thursday, tens of thousands of motorists have access to the latest news, reviews and opinions of owners of popular brands, test drives of automotive innovations, testing of spare parts and accessories. ABW.BY – a site on which everyone will find information about a car they like, in all respects they will choose a used car that suits them. And for any questions you can apply for consultants in user support.


Automobile site of Belarus – announcements about the sale, purchase, exchange of new and used cars, spare parts in the Belarusian car market, winner of the competition “Brand of the Year-2019” in the nomination website about buying and selling cars. The company has not only a website, but also a mobile application accessible to any user. You can choose a car according to the following criteria: make of the car, model, year of manufacture and price. The site will do the rest for you.


Autoby - an auto portal in Belarus with current information about buying a car. Autoby works with 67 car brands. On the website you can read auto news, find a car by all characteristics, buy or sell. For all questions, you can write to the mail, which is provided on the website.


“Lastochka” is a Belarusian automobile site. Ads for used cars (used), new cars in Minsk and other cities. In the car catalog on the website you can find any make of the car, starting from the country of manufacture. All automotive news can be found in the automobile magazine Lastochka GT. And you can read the rules for submitting ads in the section "About the site."


Vodila - a board of free announcements from individuals and legal entities in Belarus. You are given an advanced search for a car on the basis of domestic and foreign manufacturers, as well as the ability to quickly place and sell your transport. Offers from Minsk, Grodno, Gomel, Brest, Mogilev, Vitebsk and other cities of Belarus are there. The website has a simple navigation in which any motorist will gain an understanding. - an automotive portal that provides access to buying / selling used cars. All you need to know about the car is the brand, model, year and price, then the portal will do everything for you. A customs calculator, traffic rules online, a graph of fuel prices, as well as all news and incidents are available on the website.


Auto advertisements of individuals and organizations (car houses, dealers), car sales from all over the republic for convenient search, as well as news and car houses - all this is available on the website You can contact representatives of the portal through the mail or telephone technical support indicated on the site.

Evaluate and compare new and used cars will have to everyone who is thinking about buying. But, if you have not decided yet, then try the answer to these questions, and the solution will not take long: how often and how much will I use the machine? What do I lose when a car is under repair? Should I lose 5-10% of the cost of the car in each of the first 5 years of use?

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