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Cinema tourism in Belarus

How often do we spend time watching our favorite movie and in a circle with our loved ones? It is safe to say that watching movies is one of the most popular types of recreation among representatives of different ages and social groups of the entire globe. But what if you are not just a fan of a movie or actor, but also an avid tourist-adventurer?! What if you are ready to rush off to the ends of the world for the sake of acquaintance with the scenery and location, flashed in your favorite scene with your favorite actor? In this case, we have great news for you - Belarus is also the country where many popular films were filmed with the participation of famous actors. We will try to dwell in more detail on the most famous paintings.

What is cinema tourism?

A relatively new type of holiday in all post-Soviet countries is a visit to those locations where a film was shot. The most popular locations are picturesque places, sights, hotels and estates, various natural sites, and sometimes entire cities and towns. From the point of view of the development of the tourism industry, this type of recreation is very promising and requires special attention, since, with proper organization, cinema tourism can attract significant flows of foreign and domestic tourists. World experience shows that, in general, cinema tourism is a promising form of cultural and leisure activities, since a potential tourist can form a route himself taking into account his tastes and preferences and opportunities. This form of recreation is relevant, as more and more people refuse the services of tour operators and organize their holidays on their own.

Films shot in Belarus


The architecture of Minsk can be seen in the famous musical comedy of the Russian director Valery Todorovsky. «Dandies» became the film of the year and made the list of the highest grossing Russian films. The plot of the film is a vivid film about Soviet reality and how progressive youth struggled with it. The budget of the film amounted to almost 17 million dollars. Near the GUM on Nezavisimosti Prospect, a company of hangouts was hanging out with Fred (Maxim Matveev), Betsy (Ekaterina Vilkova), Polza (Oksana Akinshina) and Mels (Anton Shagin). The National Art Museum and Oktyabrskaya Street also appear in frames.


In 2018, the premiere of season 7 of the popular series «Matchmakers» will take place. Filming takes place in Belarus and Georgia. From the metropolitan locations you can see Gorky Park and a large shopping and entertainment center. In addition to Minsk the film crew worked in Zhodino at the BELAZ plant, in the city of Logoisk and in the Oginsky estate in Zalesye. Photographs from the shootings regularly appeared on social networks. The fans of the picture were on duty on the set until nightfall, in order to be able to watch the filming process and meet with their favorite characters live.

To the destruction of the Mukhtar

The 11th season of the series «Return of Mukhtar» was also filmed in Belarus. In addition, a Belarusian dog named Vivat played the main role of Mukhtar. He was spotted on a tip from dog lovers. The owner of the dog even took a vacation to be on the set with the dog.


The film is based on the novel of the same name by Boris Akunin. The roles of Yegor Dorin and Oktyabrsky were made by Danila Kozlovsky and Fedor Bondarchuk. Several scenes for the picture were shot in Minsk. Russian stars Danila Kozlovsky and Fedor Bondarchuk in a park named after Yanka Kupala came up with a plan to expose the fascist spy network and tried to calculate the start date of the war. The scene is Moscow, but in the film we see both our opera and ballet-theater, and the Suvorov school. As for the Kremlin, it grows over the development of the main Minsk Avenue thanks to the efforts of artists. On the screen you can find Independence Avenue, the cinema «Central» and a monument to Dzerzhinsky.


The film «Crystal» of the Belarusian director Daria Zhuk received the Grand Prix of the Odessa Film Festival in 2018. This picture for the first time in 20 years, Belarus can nominate for an Oscar. Actions take place in Belarus in the 90s. A young girl dreams of leaving for America, but fills out visa documents incorrectly. She has to live a week in the «factory town», so as not to miss the chance to leave for the United States.

Legend number 17

Danila Kozlovsky is a principal character pattern is not the first time taken place in Belarus. Filming of the culmination scene of the film «Legend No. 17» took place in the capital. The main match between the hockey teams of Canada and the USSR was held on the ice of the Minsk-Arena sports complex. With a more detailed examination of the picture, you will easily notice the stands of such a favorite and popular venue for sports and entertainment events in the city of Minsk.

Thin ice

The main roles in the series were played by Alexei Guskov (Igor Palagin), Ekaterina Guseva (Irina Palagina) and Yegor Beroev (Andrey, Irina's lover). The storyline is rather confused and saturated with everyday intricacies: Irina Palagina, the main character, leaves her husband and files for divorce. The couple has two children that the father will not give up just like that. The character Igor Palagin, according to the actor, lives according to the established principle: to build a house, plant a tree and raise a son. And he does it well. But at one point, everything that he had was taken from Palagin. Guskov compares the life of his hero with Bunin's story «The Caucasus». Throughout history, love affairs of heroes are described, and only at the end the whole essence is revealed. They shot the artist in Minsk in kind. In the frame you can often see the building of the Tennis Club. There were difficulties with filming at the airport. They were not allowed to stay on its territory for a long time, so the film crew found a suitable room and decorated it for the airport.


Almost completely starred in Minsk the popular series detective «Kamenskaya», dedicated to the activities of the investigative forces of Russia. The main role of a miracle investigator and just a beautiful woman is shot by Elena Yakovleva. Such Belarusian locations appeared in the picture as: Independence Avenue, Trinity Suburb, Karl Marx, Starovilenskaya, Komsomolskaya and Kommunisticheskaya Streets.


The direcror Eldar Salavatov experimented with all his heart in the film «PiraMMMida”. He and his team turned our Palace of Trade Union Culture into the office of a large Moscow bank, the Palace of the Republic into the Government House of Russia, and the National Beauty School into the Ostankino television center. The plot of the picture covers their nineties, the time of financial pyramids and risky deposits. Starring - Alexei Serebryakov and Fedor Bondarchuk.

Piranha hunting

The director of film «Piranha» Andrew Kavun turned into a real taiga l ECA in the outskirts of Minsk. According to our bush and puscham strayed famous actors Yevgeny Mironov and Vladimir Mashkov. The places where they were filmed became real attractions, attracting an increasing number of tourists.


The film is directed by Vladimir Khotinenko. E is n he first feature film made under the auspices of the Moscow Patriarchate. The film tells about the activities of the Pskov Orthodox mission during the Great Patriotic War. From August 1941 to February 1944, priests from the Baltic States revived church life in the German-occupied territories from Pskov to Leningrad. The storyline runs in June 1941, in the small village of Tikhoe in the Pskov region. The rector of the branch, father Alexander Ionin, conducts unhurried conversations with his mother, and is engaged in ordinary worldly affairs. Two hours later, he finishes Sunday service. Two days later, the Germans enter the village, occupying his native village. After which the most important mission begins in his life , in which there will be no high-profile feats and biblical miracles, but the main thing is the return of faith to the people. Thus, the priest's duty grows into a sacred feat. The Belarusian military-historical group «Comrades in arms” took part in the shootings. The film was partially shot in Belarus.

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