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Dating in Minsk. Where to meet people in Minsk

After initial encouragement about moving to another country, you begin feeling lonely after a while. In this case you start searching for a place where you can meet new people, have a good time and maybe even meet a soul mate. There are many ways of reaching these goals and we will tell you about some of them.

  1. Speed dating.

Speed dating is a good way to get to know a large number of people and have a nice evening. To become a participant of such event, firstly, you should make sure you meet the age limit and it is from 25 to 35 for women and from 27 to 40 for men. Then, you need register on the website These meetings are usually take place in restaurants and during the evening each participant get acquainted with fifteen people. A quick date goes like this: you have only 5-7 minutes for a small talk but it’s enough to understand if you’re interested in a person. After 5 minutes a man passes to the next table and women stay on their places. You mark if you liked one or another person on a blank given to you in advance. If your sympathies match you’ll be given contacts of each other. The cost of participation in speed dating is thirty Belarusian rubles. And it worth tempting fate and trying to find your love or just an interesting person.

The photo is taken from the website-


  1. Tinder and TopFace.

Dating apps are quite effective in searching for a soul mate. All of them work practically the same way: you are given a list of profiles of people with their photos and a short description of their personalities and if you liked one’s profile, you just push “like” button. If you were “liked” back, an opportunity to start a private chat opens for both of you. So during your online conversation you can arrange a meeting and see each other in real life.

  1. Bars on Zybitskaya street.

As well- known all fancy parties take place on Zybitskaya street in Minsk. A lot of people desiring to meet new people are here on Saturday evening. You can choose any place which suits you the best among many bars intended for people of different kinds( from rock to jazz and vine lovers). And on some lonely evening on weekends go to the chosen place looking for a love and cheerful friends.

Zybitskaya street. The photo is taken from the website-


  1. Cultural events in “Corpus”.

The cultural center “Corpus” locates near “Plošča Pieramohi” metro station on Masherova, 9.Different events take place here every day: concerts of famous Belarusian bands, lections on art and social problems. Every Wednesday they organize free movie nights. It’s easy to get acquainted with people after such events by sharing each other’s opinions on what had happened in a small cozy café in “Corpus”.

“Corpus”. The photo is taken from the website-


  1. Language speaking clubs.

Different speaking clubs which are visited for practicing one or another language and having interesting conversations is also a nice place for meeting new friends. These clubs can be attended both by native speakers and learners. On the whole, people gather together in some place at appointed time and discuss any interesting topics. It’s practiced in English speaking club “Victory Square” which meetings are carried out every Tuesday at 7 p.m. For participating in the club you only have to notify about your coming in a group VKontakte Also “Fialta” suggests speaking English, playing board games, seeing new faces and, generally, have a funny Friday evening. To become a participant of their gatherings you only have to register in this group-

You also shouldn’t forget that different musical, poetic and theatrical events are often held in Minsk. There you can meet people with common interests and views. The main thing is to be brave and give a chance to new acquaintanceships and adventures.