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Event tourism in Belarus

Event tourism in Belarus

Today, trips abroad are not uncommon. Everyone loves vacation, the sea, the beach, because any type of vacation relaxes, puts thoughts in order, because this is a kind of reboot, a change of scenery. Do you know how many types of tourism exist today? There are so many of them that it will be difficult to try everyone in this life. But it’s wonderful, because everyone can choose the type of tourism he likes. Healthy, beach, rural, religious, cultural and historical, extreme tourism - there are hundreds of it. We already now about many types, but today we will focus on one of the most interesting type - event tourism.

What is event tourism?

A unique kind of tourism. Just go where the most interesting thing is, because skipping some events is simply unacceptable. Event tourists will not pass a single event, be it historical, sports or business. Today we can already talk about the mass character of this unique tourism, since every day it is gaining unprecedented popularity.

National holidays of Belarus

Each country has its own events and holidays, and Belarus is no exception. Offering to come to the event, we offer to plunge into the national atmosphere, and feel it.


A popular ancient folk festival, which is celebrated on the night of July 6-7. The event is dedicated to the summer solstice and the highest flowering of nature. The celebration is accompanied by folk rites, songs, round dances. Do not be alarmed but ritual jumps over a fire and swimming are indispensable attributes of the holiday.


A traditional holiday with many events. The so-called farewells of winter, illuminated by the joyful expectation of near heat. Traditionally, it is celebrated during the week before Lent. All week you can go to visit each other for pancakes, and after Sunday, all people visit relatives, friends and acquaintances, ask each other for forgiveness if they offended them with words or deeds. This day is called "forgiveness Sunday." Well, an integral ritual of the end of Shrovetide is the burning of a scarecrow at the stake.

Christmas ball in Mir Castle

One of the most striking and memorable events of the winter is Mir ball. The Mir Ball is held in the luxurious interiors of the Portrait Hall. The organizers prepare dance, music and interactive turns, and guests can become not only spectators, but also participants in the celebration. No one will remain indifferent by visiting this ball once. The proof of this is the popularity of the event, because every year the number of those present is growing. The only requirement here is a dress code, otherwise rely on the organizers.

Music festivals

The festival is still a real emotional event, because where, no matter how you can splash out all the energy, dance to your favorite artists, and have a fun time with friends.


The sensational Belarusian event is Lidbeer. For 5 years, the festival has become one of the most anticipated events of the year, because people from all over the country come to it. The uniqueness of Lidbeer is that Lida becomes a festival city for the whole day, in which every guest wants to be an indigenous person: to appreciate the variety of food courts, to participate with friends in numerous entertainments and quests, to enjoy unforgettable emotions from the powerful performances of top musicians for a year ahead. Traditionally, the event is held in late summer and early autumn, but to understand what we speak about, you just need to be there.


The largest free open-air of summer, at which competitions and games are held for guests, and Belarusian and foreign musicians perform on the stage. Among the entertainment, the organizers unfold both sports activities, and "for the mind." In addition, they organize a children's town. Entrance to the A-fest festival is free, for children under 18 years old accompanied by adults.

Rock za Bobrov

Rock za Bobrov is rightly considered the best festival in the CIS. Every year, fans buy tickets in advance, as they know about the quality of the event and the presence of many surprises. The largest festival has already announced artists for this year. The guests of the event on August 1 will be Zveri, Louna, Noize MC, J:mors, Pornofilmi and Poshlaya Molly. The event is worth visiting at least once, the tickets are available just now.

Sport competitions

In Belarus, great attention is paid to physical education and sports. Active support for a healthy lifestyle among residents, multiple victories of Belarusians on the world stage, and amazing results make it clear that there are many athletes here. On this occasion, Belarusians organize marathons: races in which everyone is interested, and those who show the best result are awarded a prize.

Fashion shows

Along with sporting events, Belarus also hosts fashion shows where designers present new collections of their brands.

Belarus fashion week

Fashion Week in Belarus is an international professional event for holding daily designer shows. Fashion Week is focused on the popularization of "prêt – a – porter" and "prêt – a – porter de luxe" designer clothes in Belarus. The event is held at 14 Pobediteley Ave. (the area of ​​the state flag of the Republic of Belarus).

Over the five days of Belarus Fashion Week shows, the event is attended by over 15,000 people, including company directors, businessmen, media people, athletes, embassy representatives, foreign guests, audio-visual and print media (about 300 media representatives get accreditation : journalists, photographers, video operators, correspondents, chief editors). All the detailed information is available on the website.

Brands fashion show

Brands Fashion Show is a new big word in the Belarusian fashion industry, it is a project which purpose is to show at what level fashion shows can be held in Belarus. Brands Fashion Show is a platform on which leading world designers are ready to come, a window through which you can look into the world of big fashion. The event is held in the Falcon club, with the support of the leading glossy magazine of Belarus “Fashion collection”.

Exhibitions and fairs

One of the most interesting events at which you can feel the spirit of the country and choose a product you like, as there are demonstrated new products, ideas and services that would be interesting to potential buyers.

Slavyanskii bazar

"Slavyanskii bazar" is an annual international art festival that has been held in Vitebsk since 1992. The festival is conceived as a common cultural event of three countries: Belarus, Russia, Ukraine. People from all over the world are gathering together to have fun. The most long-awaited event of Vitebsk in 2020 will be held from July 13 till 21. The concert poster and tickets to the "Slavyanskii Bazar in Vitebsk 2020" can be purchased online or at the box office of any city in Belarus.

Food Festivals

In our country, culinary festivals have long been loved by the public. They discover new tastes at the gastro festival, find out what dishes Belarusians have enjoyed in the distant past. Food and drinks at such events are the most diverse, so everyone will find what he likes.

Booking tickets for events

And now you have already decided to attend the event, but what to do, how to book a ticket? Online ticket offices such as,, will help you with this.

Visa to the Republic of Belarus

Citizens of a number of countries of the world can come to Belarus without a visa, if such a procedure is provided for by international treaties.

In addition, Belarus has several visa-free regimes established by the decision of the head of state - with the approved terms and conditions of stay. Thanks to this, foreigners who, as a rule, need a Belarusian visa, can also visit the country in a simplified manner:

up to 30 days - to visit anywhere in Belarus subject to arrival and departure through the National Airport Minsk;

up to 15 days - visit a visa-free zone (it applies, including to the largest cities in the west of the country - Grodno and Brest) if you have a pre-issued document for an individual or group visit to the zone.

Why choose event tourism in Belarus?

Event is a kind of tourism when people become living witnesses of the greatest events in the world of sports, culture and art. Such trips remain in the memory as one of the most vivid moments in life. You will never regret it if you come to traditional holidays like Kupal'e and Maslenitsa. Because the hospitality and good nature of Belarusians on these holidays is revealed to the maximum, everything is saturated with a friendly atmosphere, and where else can you get to know our culture so close?

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