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Faculty of Economics BSU

Faculty of Economics BSU

There are enough economic faculties in Belarus both in the capital's universities and in regional ones. Today we will tell you about the student life of the economic faculty of the best university in the country.

On March 1, 1999 on the basis of the Department of Political Economy the Faculty of Economics of BSU was established. Since September of the same year the training of specialists in three specialties has been opened: "Economy", "Management", "Finance and Credit", and since 2012 "Economic Informatics" has been added to them. During the first 10 years, the number of full-time students increased from 480 to 1200, while the number of correspondence students increased from 70 to 780. A specialist or bachelor's degree was issued to approximately 1,300 graduates, while a master's degree in economics was issued to 1,000 graduates. The Faculty of Economics was the first faculty in BSU that start to mass training of masters and switched to the Bologna two-stage system with the purpose of its improvement. The Faculty of Economics of BSU cooperates with the universities of Germany, Spain and Italy, and thanks to this, the ERASMUS project is being implemented.

Students, regardless of their specialty, receive their first two years of fundamental economic training in macro- and microeconomics, accounting and auditing, corporate finance, business planning, investment analysis and other subjects. During this period, it is possible to move from one specialty to another. In-depth professional training begins with the 3rd year of study in accordance with the chosen specialty, when a lot of attention is paid to special subjects and subjects chosen by the student.

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It also provides for educational and industrial practice: in statistics, finance, macro- and microeconomics, international management - both in public institutions and in the best Belarusian and foreign enterprises, as well as in credit and financial institutions. At the request of a number of firms, banks, enterprises, the faculty is actively engaged in scientific and practical work on business planning, consulting, e-business, marketing research, project management, business informatics. Such interaction with the real sector of the economy allows the student to establish contact with the employer and find a place of work long before graduation.

Students of BSU Faculty of Economics work on real projects in scientific laboratories. In addition to developing the theory of e-business and internet marketing, students participate in a number of important projects. They have created a well-known portal, with the help of which it is possible to get information about tenders held in the country. Guides on the business in Belarus were prepared in Chinese, Italian and English.

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The faculty cooperates with the Faculties of Economics of Magdeburg, Leipzig, Dortmund, Bernburg, Frankfurt (Germany), Trento and Bologna (Italy) and Eindhoven (the Netherlands). Many students study abroad for several semesters and take part in joint projects.

BSU has about 30 programs for future managers, economists, mathematicians, financiers, analysts, logisticians and lawyers with knowledge of the economy. The faculty consists of 8 departments and 5 specialties:

  • economic theory;
  • economics;
  • economic Informatics;
  • finance and credit with a specialization in finance or banking;
  • international or innovative management.

Fifteen professors and doctors of sciences, as well as 50 associate professors and candidates of sciences provide the high level of training of students.

Students from different countries of the world study at the Faculty of Economics: Georgia, Vietnam, Israel, China, Kazakhstan, Russia, Turkmenistan and others.

Admission to the Faculty of Economics of BSU

Requirements to the applicants:

  • sufficient level of the previous education (complete secondary education);
  • enough level of the Russian language;
  • for those who are under age a copy of birth certificate with the translation into Russian is necessary (in case the document is not in Russian).

Before entering the university, you need to pass an interview at the university, which will determine the level of your preparation for the educational process and knowledge of the Russian language, or pass the final exams at the end of the training courses.

After signing your studying contract and issuing an order on your enrollment to BSU you will have to get temporary registration (temporary residence permit) for the period of your stay in the Republic of Belarus.

The cost of education at the Faculty of Economics of BSU is $3,300 per year and is available only in Russian.

Entering the best university of our country, you will get not only a high level of education, but also bright impressions. You will be able to get acquainted with our culture and feel the whole taste of student life, as well as learn how students live in Belarus. We are confident that the 4 years you will spend at the Faculty of Economics of the Belarusian State University will be unforgettable and full of impressions for you. We wish you success in entering the university and