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Faculty of International Relationship of BSU

BSU Faculty of International Relationship

The BSU Faculty of International Relationship was founded in 1995. Today it is located in the center of Minsk and it is hard to miss it. This is a 13-story glass building that is very different in appearance from its neighbors.

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The FIR prepares specialists in the following areas:

  • international relationship;
  • international law;
  • world economy;
  • management with specialization;
  • management in the field of international tourism;
  • customs;
  • linguistic and regional studies;
  • modern foreign languages;
  • cultural studies.

At the Faculty of International Relationship in the block of general subjects you will find:

• law;

• economics;

• statistics;

• science of the state;

• demography;

• international economic relationship;

• management in international business;

• political and economic geography;

• economic policy;

• international cultural relations;

• international political relations;

• European integration;

• international security;

• international financial markets, etc.

A good education in international relationship is a great start to a career. Unfortunately, it should not be the only strong asset in the graduate's resume. It is definitely necessary to know at least two foreign languages ​​at a level that allows you to work with foreign partners. Internships and practices are highly appreciated, which will be an excellent proof of the organizational skills and determination of the candidate to work. The career opportunities of graduates of international relationship are very wide. You can work as:

  • an expert in political analysis centers;
  • an analyst and specialist in the field of public administration and local self-government, as well as in non-governmental institutions;
  • political adviser;
  • an organizer of open meetings,
  • a specialist in contacts with foreign institutions, organizations,
  • diplomacy specialist
  • a journalist writing about current events in the world in the media - press, radio and television.

Graduate is ready to work in:

  • international and national organizations and institutions that cooperate with foreign markets;
  • enterprises that operate in international markets;
  • institutions and enterprises related to international trade;
  • international organizations and institutions;
  • government units related to foreign and economic policy;
  • research and expert centers dealing with issues of international relationship.

Thanks to interdisciplinary education, the graduate is also ready to work in institutions that aren’t directly related to the field of international relationship. If you consciously studied and honestly prepared for future professional problems, you can be calm in good work both in the domestic and international markets.

Internationalist is the name of a graduate of the faculty of international relations, who has broad knowledge about the world and the changes taking place in it, and if he wants, he can use it as an asset in any professional activity.

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The FIR collaborates with dozens of academies, universities and institutes, as well as research and educational centers from the CIS, America, Asia and Europe. It allows the faculty to send its' best students to other countries for exchange and internships.

The scientific activity of students of the faculty of international relationship is quite diverse and provides a large number of opportunities for students.

There are 6 student research laboratories on the basis of the departments of BSU FIR, as well as about 15 scientific circles and clubs, where everyone can find a field of interest, competent guidance from teachers and scientists, as well as a motivating environment and coworking with their colleagues.

Every year in April, the faculty holds a large students conference, where about 60 sections are organized so that everyone can prove themselves.

In addition, a collection of scientific articles by students, undergraduates and graduate students is regularly published at the Faculty of International Relations. Publications from this collection are important in determining the reduction in tuition.