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Flowers delivery

Flower delivery in Belarus |

How pleasant it is to wake up in the morning from the courier’s call and get the treasured bouquet, surprise someone at work, or give flowers to a loved one for the holiday, being 1000 km away. It has become easier to do things, but excuses will not work. Flower delivery is the easiest way to please your loved one, because making the world kinder has become even easier. How to choose a bouquet, where to find delivery, which website will help? We will gradually answer all these questions.

How to choose a bouquet?

Do not worry about choosing a bouquet, because a whole team of florists will help you in delivery, they will pick you a bouquet according to all your wishes, tell you which one is better to take, and make up an individual composition.

Single flowers

Romantic and pleasant, but many girls call it bad manners. But did you know that it has long been believed that if a man gives a woman one flower, he confesses his love and affection. Why it is alone? Because this is a kind of identification of a girl with a noble plant, and the quantity indicates that she is the only one, like a gift rose. Isn’t it more pleasant than a huge bouquet in which much less is enclosed?

Big bouquets

A large bouquet is always generous and pleasant. Girls are more happy with large bouquets, because the beauty and aroma of the composition does not allow it to be forgotten for a long time. And what a holiday without a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers?

Flowers in baskets

The arrangement of flowers in a basket has always been a popular gift for a birthday, a wedding, and any significant event. The basket looks presentable and expensive, moreover, it retains freshness longer than a bouquet on long stalk. The basket can be watered as a houseplant, thereby prolonging the life of the bouquet.

How to place an order for a bouquet?

Surely, everyone asked this question before the first order. Today, there are many convenient ways from which everyone can choose their own and don't make a blunder. The main thing you need to tell florists is the name and phone number of the customer, what flowers or bouquet you want to give, the time and address of delivery, if necessary, the recipient’s contact information (name, phone number), and of course, do not forget about the text on the note.

Order by phone

The easiest way is to order a bouquet by phone. You call the number, and the manager answers, ready to accept the order according to the article number of the bouquet on the website. Also, telephone communication is convenient for simplifying communication in the case of compiling an individual bouquet for a special occasion.

Order through the website

This so-called one-click order. All that is required of you is to enter your name and contact phone number in the form for communication. A callback made by florists will help clarify all the subtleties or get all the necessary help in choosing the optimal composition.

Order payment

After placing your order on the website, you need to wait for the manager to confirm the order, after which you will be sent a letter to Email, in which there will be a link to payment by credit card, as well as instructions on how to pay for your order through the ERIP. Or you can pay by credit card online through the WEBPAY payment system in the store. In any case, you can ask this question on the delivery website or by phone.

Flower delivery

After paying for your order, it won't be long: select the text of the note and provide the delivery address.

How to add a note?

Any delivery will give you the opportunity to stay heard. So write what you want to say with exactly the words that come to your mind. Relatives easily understand that a faceless text from the Internet is inscribed in a postcard. Be yourself, the more dear you will be, the more pleasant the bouquet will be.

How to send a bouquet if the address is unknown?

You should not worry about this either. Professionals of the online store will be able to deliver the bouquet, knowing only the recipient's phone number. Trust them.

How to choose a delivery time?

Choose absolutely any time. A bouquet of flowers will never be superfluous, and it is unlikely to be inappropriate. Therefore, feel free to order and give a smile to your loved ones. You just need to write down the time in the delivery form on the website.

Cost of delivery

You can look at all current prices for bouquets on the website or find out by phone delivery.

How to arrange delivery of a bouquet if you are in another country?

The language of flowers is universal, so international delivery has long been available. High-quality flower delivery around the world implies strict adherence to the agreements, therefore, if payment is provided the day before the required date, then sending and receiving a presentation on the day of placing the order is possible.

Best flower boutiques in Minsk

The city of Minsk is rich in floristic shops, and in the delivery of fresh flowers. Below you will find out which websites should be trusted in this pleasant undertaking.


Roses always remain relevant flowers to this day, and when they are fresh and deliciously smelling - it's like a dream. They will decorate your most unusual gift. And if you slightly forgot to take care of the gift, Rosy.bel deliver 2 hours after the order.

Addresses: Minsk, 127 Dzerzhinsky Ave., entrance 3;

Minsk, Partizansky Ave. 14, room 114;

Minsk city, Independence Avenue 172, base;

Minsk, st. Dimitrova 5;

Minsk, st. East 131;

Minsk, st. Pritytsky 158;

Minsk, st. Belsky 6.

Working hours:

Monday - Saturday from 07:00 to 23:00;

Sunday from 07:00 to 19:00.

The store offers a wide selection of flowers that can be ordered with delivery in Minsk. The catalog contains fresh and varied varieties of roses, bouquets, as well as compositions in baskets and boxes. All this can be bought in the store, without leaving home, paying for the order online by credit card or in cash to the courier. Reception of orders around the clock, on weekends and on holidays.

Store address: Minsk, Romanovskaya Sloboda 5;

Store Hours:

Monday-Friday - from 9:00 to 22:00;

Saturday - from 10:00 to 22:00;

Sunday - from 10:00 to 20:00.

Flowers should be for no reason, - an online store that allows you to please your soul mate and give her a good mood any day. So why not do it right now. Couriers are always polite, friendly and smiling, and customers are satisfied.

Flowers and gifts are delivered 7 days a week from 7:00 to 24:00.

International flower delivery is carried out within 1-2 days from the receipt of the order.

Delivery in Minsk is free.

Belarusian flower delivery service worldwide. The deadline for ordering flowers around the world is from one day. During this time, you will pick up the perfect bouquet according to all wishes, and deliver it wherever you tell.

Orders by phone seven days a week 9: 00-19: 00. Day-to-day orders until 7 p.m. Processing online orders until 23:00. Delivery of accepted orders from 9 to 21 seven days a week.

Address: st. Melezha 4, entrance 5A, Minsk.

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