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Guide to the Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve

The Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve is one of the most interesting places for tourists in Belarus. The reserve is considered one of the oldest protected areas in the country with untouched nature and interesting tourist attractions. The article will tell you interesting facts about the reserve, the nearest infrastructure and addresses.

Interesting facts about the Berezinsky reserve

The Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve is an example of pristine nature, almost untouched by man. Here you can often meet representatives of flora and fauna, which are included in the Red Book of the Republic of Belarus. For example, some species of black orchids have survived only in the Berezinsky Reserve, and, unfortunately, you will not find analogues throughout Europe. And because of the population of the little owl in its natural habitat, tourists even come from Sweden.

At the same time, each tourist has the opportunity to feed a bison or an elk from his hands. This is more attractive for tourists with children, because they are never averse to feeding rare species of animals with bread or an apple.

Tourists often come here to kayak along the famous routes. The price for such a pleasure will pleasantly surprise you, because it is lower than that of most tour operators.

Fans of fishing choose the reserve as a place of solitude with nature. For example, Russian tourists are happy to rent houses on distant lakes and indulge in wild rest and quiet hunting with a fishing rod.

Hunting is also officially allowed here in agreement with the management. Of course, hunters cannot exterminate rare species of animals, but you can find something interesting on adjoining hunting grounds.

Location of the Berezinsky Reserve

The reserve is located in the northern part of Belarus, at the intersection of the Vitebsk and Minsk regions. If you follow from Minsk, the road will take 120 km. The center of the reserve is the village of Domzheritsy, Lepel district.

The reserve is the pride of the inhabitants of Western Europe, and is also included in the UNESCO World Program.

How to get to the Berezinsky reserve

You can get to the reserve in three convenient ways: by excursion, by bus, or by private car. Details about excursion tours can be clarified by your travel company, the bus schedule depends on the point of your stay.

The best option would be to get to Minsk (the train schedule can be found at There are 4 buses daily from Minsk to the reserve, and 2 more on weekends, so you will still have a choice of a convenient schedule.

Information on the timetable of buses and minibuses from the bus stations of Minsk can be obtained by phone: 8 029 1014114.

Hotels near Berezinsky Nature Reserve

If the programmed excursions are not to your liking, we suggest staying in hotels and independently organize the trip. We have compiled a list of the nearest hotels, different in distance from the reserve and quality of service. You can choose a suitable hotel from the following:

• Hotel Serguch - 610 m from the reserve;

• Plavno Hotel & SPA - 10.7 km from the reserve;

• Lesnoye - 25.9 km from the reserve;

• Usadba Asavy - 22 km from the reserve;

• House by the lake - 17.9 km from the reserve.

All details about the check-in and additional amenities of the hotel can be obtained from the administrators.

Cafes and restaurants in the Berezinsky reserve

The Berezinsky Nature Reserve has a unique opportunity to make your banquet unforgettable. Here are all the conditions for a comfortable pastime in the following establishments:

• Cafe "Forest Tavern";

• restaurant of the hotel "Serguch";

• the restaurant of the Plavno hotel.

Routes in the Berezinsky Reserve

On the tourist portal of the Berezinsky Reserve, you can find hiking, cycling and excursion routes in local territories.

At any time of the year, there is a lot of interesting things for an inquisitive person.

In just a couple of hours you can explore the most interesting places of the spruce forest and admire its inhabitants, as well as walk through the pine forest and stumble upon a light birch forest with thickets of hazel.

From the 15-meter observation tower, the viewing vistas of the raised bog will open, the display of which will definitely surprise any tourist.

The route is equipped with interesting information stands within the framework of the implementation in the Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve of the joint project of the European Union and the United Nations Development Program "Raising the environmental awareness of youth through the establishment and development of Green Schools in Belarus."

Museum and Forest Zoo in the Berezinsky Reserve

The Museum of Nature is the pride of the Berezinsky Reserve. Anyone here will receive basic information about the reserve and its features.

Every tourist who comes to the reserve feels the strongest connection between man and nature. Museums must be involved in the competent establishment of such a connection. Their task is to promote the principles of nature protection. This work is carried out by the Museum of Nature of the Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve, renovated after reconstruction.

Several rooms accommodate representatives of the fauna. The design of the museum is made in the style of the natural environment, so everywhere you can see colorful wallpapers depicting the landscapes of the reserve. The expositions demonstrate the richness of the fauna that live in the wild nature of Belarus. In total, the reserve is rich in 170 species of birds and 20 species of mammals, each of which is represented in the museum.

Each tourist can book a trip through a tour operator or visit museums on their own. Here you can use the services of a guide by pre-ordering a tour by phone 80213226313, +375333780323 and agreeing on the time of your visit.