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School holidays

Holidays in Belarus

One word - holidays - it is positive, smiles, and good mood. How is everyone waiting for the onset of these wonderful times, when you don't need to sit at textbooks, go to tutors, take exams, work out debts. All this is left behind, and now, without remorse, you can plunge into a carefree life. It is time, which is familiar to both schoolchildren and students.  If not during these wonderful years, then when enjoy life and protect yourself from any duties. Today we will find out when schoolchildren and students are laid to rest, and where to find information about vacations in Belarus.

School holiday

Remember your school holidays: ice cream, a river, a ball, and you can sleep as much as you like. And if you're lucky, go to the sea, where fabulously beautiful water, lots of fruit, and no homework. Often, summer holidays are associated with camps: sports games, competitions, contests, evening discos - all this worth 9 months of study. Unfortunately, this pleasure ends sooner or later, so now we will find out the dates when you can plan a vacation.

Duration of holidays in elementary school

With the beginning of the school year, everyone already has a question, when will it end. Fortunately, the autumn holidays begin already on November 1, and last until 9 inclusive.

Before the New Year, all schoolchildren know that soon the time to relax will come again, and here you can have a rest well and even fly somewhere, because the holidays last 17 days, from December 26 to January 11 inclusive.

Children from the first and second grades (third grades - for students with special needs of psychophysical development with a five-year term of study at the first stage of general secondary education) were a little luckier, because a week-long rest from February 17 to 23 is provided for them.

And here is not far from the spring holiday, which lasts from March 30 to April 4 inclusive.

Then comes the long-awaited summer - 92 days from June 1 to August 31.

Vacation dates in high school

The 1st term lasts from September 1 to October 31, i.e. you can have a rest from November 1 to 9, because November 2nd is already starting the second term. Students attend schools until December 24, then winter holiday begins, and last until January 11. Now the students need to strain up, because the 3rd is the longest term and it ends on March 28th. Spring holiday pleases children for a week. And from April 6 to May 30, the students study the last term, and go on a summer vacation, which is 3 months long.

Holidays in the ninth and eleventh grades

The timetable remains the same as for the high school, but for children who graduate from the ninth grade, vacations will begin after examinations from June 11 and will last until August 31. 11th grades pass exams until June 11, and they decide themselves how long should past their holiday.

Holidays in colleges and lyceums

A completely new, adult stage of education is college. You need to study more, but unfortunately, rest less, so students are waiting for the holidays with more joy. There is no longer spring or autumn holiday, only in winter and in summer. The schedule of holidays in colleges and lyceums depends on the specialty and faculty, but students rest on average 2 weeks in winter, and 2-3 months in summer.

University holidays

At the university, a vacation is not even a joy, but most likely a reward, because without a successful passed exams, relaxation is unlikely to be complete.

Winter holidays traditionally go after the celebration of the New Year and the successful closure of the session, and begin after January 20. In some universities, the winter session is held before the New Year and then the holidays are combined with the winter holidays and last for three weeks.

Summer holidays begin in late June, after passed exams, and last until September. 1st year students still get used to reducing rest in the fall and spring and starting from the 2nd year, the duration of the holidays is also reduced for practical training by 2-4 weeks.

Public holidays

No less than the vacation, students and schoolchildren enjoy the public holidays, because this is an extra reason to relax from school. Unfortunately there are few, but how nice to relax once again and not go to study. Take a note of a couple of these days to know exactly when you can plan the next day off.

January 1 as well as January 7 - New Year and Orthodox Christmas - days that are unlikely to please schoolchildren, because this is already their  vacation days.

The same can't be said about March 8th - International Women's Day, when it smells of tulips everywhere, and nobody dealing with studying.

April 28 (9th day after Easter) - Radunitsa - one of the oldest holidays.

May 1 - Labor Day - the day on which the May holidays begin, after it May 9 - Victory Day.

July 3 - Independence Day of the Republic of Belarus - a significant day for the whole country.

November 7 - October Revolution Day.

December 25 - Catholic Christmas, a pleasant day when you can go outside and enjoy the Christmas atmosphere.

Where can I find information about vacations in Belarus?

All relevant information about the holidays can be obtained from the administration of your educational institution, or on the website of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus, where all the latest information and amendments are collected.

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