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How to buy bus tickets in Belarus?

According to statistics, around 88% of the total passenger flow accounts for road transport of passengers in the world. In Belarus, this figure is 95% as of 2015. It is also worth noting that Belarus occupies the 44th place in the world ranking according to the length of roads, in our country on average per 100 square km of the surface - 41.66 km are roads (rating from 180 countries). How often do we use this type of transport as a bus (minibus). This type of transport is quite common among those travelers who want to save money, and at the same time they are ready to spend most of their time in a sitting position. In addition, modern bus models are equipped with comfortable seats in which you can not only sit, but also sleep. Fortunately, the travel distances for local trips are not large, since Belarus is 650 and 540 km in length and width from the borders, respectively. What tourists and ordinary citizens who plan to use the bus transportation services need to know, we will analyze further.

Note: there are state carriers in Belarus, such as «Minsktrans», bus stations and private ones (Individual Entrepreneurs, «MinskLine», «EcoLines», and so on). You can buy a ticket at the box office ticket offices, directly from the driver, pre-ordering it by phone (only for local trips and, as a rule, private owners provide this service), via the Internet, from the conductor (local trips).

Ordering bus tickets on the Internet.

How to order bus tickets on the Internet?

You should go to one of the sites - aggregators of electronic ticket sales. Keep in mind the rule that the sale of travel documents (electronic tickets) to the suburbs and intercity according to the rules of transportation is possible no earlier than 15 days before the date of travel (international - from 15 days), but no later than 4 hours before the departure of the bus on a trip. We choose the date of the trip, the route. Then for passengers you must enter:

  1. Type of ticket (full or choose the type of benefits).
  2. Surname, Name, Patronymic of the passenger.
  3. For a discount ticket, you must enter the number of the discount document
  4. For international trips, you must enter your passport number.
  5. For international trips, a parameter with a child without a seat is available.
  6. Get the order number, which is necessary for further payment of tickets via the Internet.

Is it possible to book a bus ticket?

No, as such, the reservation service does not exist, unlike railway transport and air transportation. In fact, the booking procedure is a period of time during which, after choosing the route and date of travel, you must have time to pay for the order so that your transaction is successful. This is usually about 20 minutes.

How to pay for bus tickets on the Internet.

  • 1 way. By credit card online. A card of any bank that supports the Master Card and Visa payment system is suitable. The purchase is safe as it passes through a secure acquiring page.
  • 2 way. Using QIWI payment system - in an electronic wallet or in payment terminals. To buy tickets in the terminal, write the phone number that you indicated when booking the ticket, and then pay the full price. In a personal QIWI wallet payment without comission.
  • 3 way. You can pay for your ticket through the PayPal international payment system. The order number obtained on the website of the bus station or electronic aggregator system is used to identify your transaction.
  • 4 way. Payment using the ERIP system. Use the “Internet banking” system, section “tickets, lotteries” - “Transport tickets”.

How to return bus ticket?

The electronic ticket can be returned at the ticket offices of the bus station or station. Upon return, it is necessary to present a paper copy of the electronic ticket or its number, as well as an identity document. You can return the ticket no later than 15 minutes before the departure of the bus.

The return of a ticket purchased through a cash desk can also be made at any cash desk of the company that made the sale. For example, the state-owned enterprise «Minsktrans» will not accept tickets from the private company «EcoLines» and vice versa.

Sites for buying bus tickets.

Ticket sales system for buses only. A distinctive feature is that the system offers a wide range of payment methods, and you can even choose a departure and / or destination station using the site's service. You can also familiarize yourself with the schedule, availability of seats in the direction you are interested in.

The website sells round-the-clock electronic tickets for road and rail transport. It unites about 150 companies of carriers, works throughout Europe. On the site you can see the schedule and availability of suburban and international buses.

A large private company operating in the EU and CIS countries, it carries out regular trips using its own rolling stock, the company's bus fleet consists of more than 200 buses that are designed for comfortable and safe trips. It offers a developed loyalty program for customers. It sells tickets over the Internet and in company offices.

An international company operating in Belarus, Ukraine, Russia and Europe. Engaged only in bus transportation of passengers. On the site you can only issue a ticket purchase online.

Internet ticket office is a project of the tourist portal

On the site you can find reference information about the most interesting places and ways of recreation, the site is also a forum platform for tourism topics, it accumulates data on trips, rail transport, bus transportation and transfers using its own rolling stock.

Ticket offices for buying bus tickets in Minsk

Addresses of ticket offices and bus stations:

The central bus station is located at the address 6 Bobruiskaya St., Minsk.

Open daily, working on a 24/7 basis. Phone 8- (017) 227-41-89

The bus station “Vostochny” 34 Vaneeva St., Minsk. The dispatcher's phone number is 8- (017) - 248-58-21.

Bus station "Avtozavodskaya" is located at the address: 156 Partizansky prospekt, Minsk. Working hours from 05:00 to 23:00. The telephone number is 8-(017)243-46-40.

Documents required to purchase bus tickets.

For the citizens of Belarus.

If you are planning a trip inside the country, then you just need to present a ticket to the driver or controller. When purchasing a ticket to the border zone - you need to indicate the number of the document allowing entry into the border zone. The original of this document must be kept during the trip and presented during check-up. One permit document entitles you to purchase only one ticket. If you are traveling on a preferential ticket, then you need to have the original document that entitles you to a preferential fare, and present it at the request of controlling persons.

For citizens of other countries

You should always have a passport or residence permit with you when purchasing a ticket to the border zone - you need to indicate the number of the document allowing entry into the border zone. The original of this document must be kept during the trip and presented during check-up.


Where can I find information about the trip?

Full information on trips can be obtained directly at the box office, in the information of bus stations in person and by phone, on the Internet.

Where to see the schedule?

All schedules for local trips in Minsk are available on the website of the MinskTrans by clicking on the link.

All schedules for international trips are available on the above sites, which are simultaneously sites for the sale of electronic tickets online.

Promotions and discounts on tickets

Among the trips on state buses, there are discounts for pensioners, people with disabilities, participants of the Second World War, for local trips you can buy one ticket for an adult with a child under 7 year old (including for foreign citizens).

Private companies often offer seasonal discounts, special offers to regular customers (bonus system) registered in the system. You can follow these offers by installing applications on your phone or by subscribing to e-mails on the Internet.

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