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How to buy plane tickets in Belarus?

Booking tickets online

Why does it worth to book the tickets online?

The online booking service makes the ticket booking process more convenient, flexible and quick. You can book a ticket at any convenient time. You do not have to stand in line, and the entire procedure for ordering a ticket will take no more than 10 minutes.

Using an electronic (paperless) ticket is very convenient and saves valuable time. Before flying, you don’t need to contact the airline’s office for a paper ticket, you can immediately check in on the day of departure.

How to order tickets online?

Before booking, check out the flight schedule.

Please note that data entry is limited to 15 minutes on each page.

To indicate the flight route, select the names of the cities of departure and arrival from the drop-down lists of the “From” and “To” fields, respectively.

Then select the “One way” or “Round trip” option according to your wishes, and also indicate the departure / return dates.

Payment for the tickets

A ticket can be purchased no later than 1 hour before departure subject to one of the conditions:

payment card issued by the Bank of Belarus;

payment card supports 3D Secure technology;

the passenger logged in to the site and made at least one flight in the current year.

If there are any of this conditions, the purchase of a ticket is available no later than 6 hours before departure.

Categories of passengers

You can book a ticket for up to five passengers at a time.

When choosing the number of passengers, pay attention to the fact that passengers are divided into three groups: “Adults”, “Children”, “Infants”. If you click on the name of the passenger group, you will see detailed information about the criteria for dividing passengers into groups. One adult can accompany no more than 1 baby or 3 children. Accompaniment of 2 adults, 2 babies and 3 children in one booking is also allowed.

The currency of the payment

Also in this block you can change the purchase currency by selecting it from the drop-down list.

But, in accordance with the decision of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus, the sale of air transportation on the airline’s website from June 01, 2017 for website visitors from the territory of the Republic of Belarus, as well as owners of cards issued by banks of the Republic of Belarus, is carried out only in Belarusian rubles.

How to choose the route and dates of the flight?

After you have selected a route, departure and return dates, and also indicated the number of passengers, click on the “Find” button.

If all the fields are filled in, the system starts searching for possible flights. If any field is not filled or is filled incorrectly, a red frame will appear around it.

On the next page you will be shown the selected route, dates, as well as the number and type of passengers, which, if desired, can be changed by clicking on the link “Change search”.

On this page, one way flights are offered that are operated on the date you specify, including flights operated jointly with partner airlines. Depending on the screen size of your device, in the calendar line you can see the minimum cost of a flight for ± 1 day (2 or 3 days) from the selected date. By clicking on any of the dates, you can see all flights operated on that day, as in the initial search. If you want, you can view flights later (earlier) by clicking on the corresponding arrow in the calendar. If under the date, in place of the cost of the flight, there is a dash, then flights on this day are not operated.

The cost on the page is indicated for the number of passengers you have chosen and includes all taxes and fees.

Sorting of the flights

Sorting of flights takes place according to the time of departure. Full flight information (date and time of flights, flight numbers, airline carriers, travel time, types of aircraft, date and time of arrival, as well as the duration of transfers, if available) can be found by clicking on the “Flight Information” link in the line of each flight.

Information about the flights

For each flight, the list shows the time and airport of departure, the duration of the flight, the number of transfers (if any), the time and airport of arrival, the airline and the number of flights participating in the flight, as well as the minimum cost of the flight in economy and business class. After clicking on the class of service, it becomes possible to select the tariff that best suits your requirements. For each tariff, the basic conditions and cost are indicated.

After choosing a tariff, you will be redirected to the next page.

When you first select the “Return flight”, you will be offered “Back” flights, and the block with the selected flight “There” will appear on top. The choice of flight, as well as the information presented, is similar to the page for selecting the flight “There”.

After choosing a suitable flight and fare, you will be shown information about the flight: round-trip flights (depending on your initial choice); flight information. And also, brief rules with the terms of return and change; the cost for each type of passenger with the ability to view the amount of the fare and fees, and in addition, the total cost of the flight for all passengers.

Tariff Calendar

If all the data matches your needs, click the "Next" button. You will be redirected to the next page.

The “Tariff Calendar” is available on this page, allowing you to find the minimum tariffs for the nearest dates to the selected departure and return. If there are no flights / tickets at the selected departure or return date, the “Tariff Calendar” will be offered immediately.

After you have chosen a flight and fare, click on the “Next” button.

Checking the data

On the next page you can once again get acquainted with the selected route and fares. Check the date and time of departure / return, airports of departure / return, the amount of tariffs and fees. On this page you need to enter data about passengers by filling out the form. Enter all data in Latin letters.

Incorrect entry of passenger information can cause a denial of transportation.

The data entered in the “Last Name” and “First Name” fields must exactly match the corresponding data indicated in the passenger's passport. When entering passport data, make sure that the validity of the passport does not expire at the time of the flight and will comply with the rules of the host country.

Approval of the booking

Information on your reservation will be sent to the e-mail address indicated in the "E-mail" field within 3 hours.

In the “Telephone” field, please enter the country code and telephone number by which we can contact you if we have any questions.

After all the necessary data are filled in, please check their correctness.

How to pay for tickets online?

Choose a payment method for your reservation from the proposed options (one or several methods may be offered depending on the chosen destinations and the time remaining before departure).

Today, airline sites accept payment for flights using VISA, MasterCard and American Express plastic cards.

You can pay for your reservation through the Banking system "Calculation" or at one of the airline sales offices. The “Settlement” system is an automated system for receiving funds operating in the territory of the Republic of Belarus.

After successful completion of payment, you will be taken to a confirmation page with full information about the reservation. The same information will be sent within several hours to the e-mail address which was indicated on the page for entering passport data.

The current state of the tickets

In the upper right corner is your reservation number, by which you can check the current status of the reservation on the page "Booking Status".

It is recommended that you print this page and take it with your passport for registration. Booking confirmations printed from the website and received by e-mail are equally valid.

If you are unable to print the page, you only need to write down or remember the reservation number, departure date and flight number.

Now reservation is completed.

How to apply for a return ticket?

The contract of carriage by air

When buying a ticket on the airline’s website, an air transportation agreement is concluded with the passenger, according to which all contractual obligations arise directly between these parties. The contract of carriage by air may be terminated upon request:



on a voluntary basis (at the request of one of the parties);

forced (due to circumstances independent of the party, for example, canceling a flight, changing the schedule, etc.).

The reasons for returning the tickets

The return of the ticket purchased on the site and the money on it is carried out only on the basis of an application for refusal of air transportation and a refund of money filled in:

in case of passenger's full age and legal capacity - by the passenger himself or his authorized representative;

in case of minor and / or incapacitation of a passenger - by his legal representative (parents, adoptive parents, guardians or trustees).

The rules of counting the returning money

The amount to be refunded is usually calculated in accordance with the rules of the applicable fare, which can be found on the airline’s website.

Refundable funds will be transferred within 20 working days from the receipt of all necessary information.

Websites for buying tickets

Ticket offices for the purchase of airline tickets in Minsk

You can also buy tickets at the box office for cash. If you are in doubt about the way to purchase tickets online, then the addresses of air ticket offices in Minsk are listed below.

Ticket offices’ addresses


Minsk, Dzerzhinsky Avenue, 11 of. 806;

Nova Tour

Minsk city, Independence Avenue, 63/3;

the Airport Minsk - 1

Minsk, Chkalova Street 38/1;

Relaxation planet

Minsk, V. Khoruzhey Street, 1A, pom. 655 (TC "Silhouette");


Minsk, Lenin Street, 18;

Smok Travel

Minsk, Independence Avenue, 40;


Minsk city, Independence Avenue, 11/2, “Minsk” Hotel;


Minsk city, Pobediteley Avenue, 5;

Documents required to purchase airline tickets

Documents for the purchase of children's tickets

First of all, before starting the trip and before buying a ticket, specify what type of document the child needs to fly to a particular country.

It could be:

Birth certificate (as a rule, it is enough to visit Russia, Ukraine, Belarus).

To visit other countries, a passport is required.

A child can travel without his own passport only if he is inscribed on the passport of one of the old-style parents (issued for 5 years) and this parent accompanies the child on the trip. If the parents of the child have a new passport (issued for 10 years), a small passenger needs to receive a personal passport regardless of his age, and whether the child is entered in the parent's passport or not.

Kinship confirmation

If you plan to fly abroad, border guards have the right to demand proof of kinship, even if the child is flying with both parents.

If the surnames of the parent and child are the same, a birth certificate is sufficient; if different, you will need a birth certificate and a certificate of new marriage with a change of surname.

In the event that the parents have died, are missing or are deprived of parental rights, a document is needed on guardianship, adoption or guardianship.

When a child travels with one of his parents abroad, the notarized consent of the second parent is required.

Information about flights

Where can you find flight information? Where to see the flight schedule? Discounts on flights

You can find out about various information about flights, as well as their schedule and cost, as well as possible discounts on flights on the websites of airlines (the sites are given above).

Transfer from airport

What is a transfer? How much does it cost to order a transfer and how to pay? How to cancel a transfer?

Transfer - a term that comes from the English language (to transfer - move). Today it is actively used to indicate the transport of tourists from the place of arrival (from the station, port, and airport) to the hotel, hotel, and cottage.

To order a transfer you should contact travel agencies or transfer services.

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