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How to buy train tickets in Belarus

Today, with easy access to travel, visiting other countries and cities has become an essential part of our life. After all, it is so simple and are not charged extra money. For some, this is a way of entertainment, someone on the contrary refers to trips with great responsibility, since this is part of the work - in any case, trips are accompanied by a preliminary purchase of tickets. But here everything is quite simplified. Today we will learn how to buy a train ticket, whether it can be done online, as well as about trusted websites for buying tickets.

Order train tickets online

The most mobile way to buy tickets is to order online. But not everyone trusts such websites, and many questions immediately arise: how to return the money if the trip is canceled? How to present a ticket to the conductor? How to pick up a ticket purchased online? All these questions already have answers.

How to buy a railway ticket on the Internet?

To find train schedules and train tickets, use the search form. Select a route and departure date. On the page that opens, you will see a list of trains and the cost of train tickets, the duration of the trip, the type of car, time of arrival and departure. You only need to select and book inexpensive tickets for any direction where trains run by the Belarusian Chygunka.

Is it possible to book railway tickets?

You can book a ticket for any trip, subject to redemption of the ticket an hour before departure.

How to pay for railway tickets on the Internet?

To pay, enter the card details (number, cardholder’s name, card expiration date, CVV / CVC code) in the appropriate fields. Click "Pay." For a card payment to be successful, the following conditions must be met: the card is open for making payments on the Internet, there is no bank limit for withdrawing the amount from the card, there is enough money on the card with which you pay the order.

How to issue a return of railway tickets?

To return money online for the entire order / single ticket: go to "My ticket", in the "Railway tickets" section, select the reservation you need, select the "Edit your order" section and click on the "Return tickets" button. Indicate the passengers for whom you are making a return. You can return the entire order or individual tickets for this reservation. Click "Calculate the amount to return", then confirm the return. The amount of return depends on the date of delivery, type of train and wagon.

Websites for the purchase of railway tickets

Gradually, people switch to online shopping, and train tickets are no exception. Under the same conditions, you can save time on the road to the station, so people started using websites for buying online tickets. is website for buying and booking railway online tickets. The site is simplified for indecisive customers, so it has become even more convenient to use. At the top of the screen you can enable a video demonstration of the purchase, the site also provides answers to frequently asked questions, information about discounts and how to get them.

Aggregator website for air, train and bus tickets. Cheap tickets to anywhere in the world, relevant information for travelers and corporate clients, frequently asked questions - all this can be found on the website.

No matter where the path lies, Biletix will form the optimal route, suggest the most efficient transportation solution, and find an attractive price offer. A hotline and online consultants will help you in choosing the most suitable option.

Railway ticket offices in Minsk

The most common way to buy is at the box office. After all, here you know for sure that the ticket is in your pocket. Conservative solutions are often the most stable, and for some the most calm, since there is nothing more to worry about.

Addresses of railway ticket offices

The main railway ticket office in Minsk

The main railway ticket office in Minsk is located in the station building - Railway Station Square, 3, tel. 225-51-42. The ticket office works around the clock, so if you have the opportunity, then it is better to buy tickets either early in the morning or late in the evening, when the queues, if there are any, are much less than the rest of the time.

Other railway ticket offices in Minsk

However, in addition to the ticket office at the train station in the capital, there are a number of ticket offices where you can easily purchase tickets for any trains, as well as redeem booked tickets. They are located:

1. Railway ticket office of Independence Ave., 18, tel. 225-62-71

2. Voronyansky st., 6, tel. 225-57-54

Working hours from 8.00 to 20.00.

Telephone booking

Most likely, everyone now has a telephone at hand, which is why the first thing that comes to mind is to book a ticket by phone.

Why is it convenient to book tickets by phone?

This simply saves your time, and in the case of a spontaneous trip, you do not need to look for money for payment right away. All that is needed is a desire and knowledge of the direction. The return will be another plus, in this case, the reservation is canceled automatically if you did not buy tickets an hour before departure, that is, you lose nothing.

Contact phone numbers

• Booking tickets by phone (only for residents of Minsk) tel.: +375 (17) 225-70-51

• Reservation of seats for trains 151 (RUE Beltelecom, UE Velkom, JLLC MTS) (around the clock)

Ticket delivery

To prevent all fears about the invalidity of online tickets, many use delivery.

How to arrange a ticket delivery?

After booking a ticket, the operator must contact you to discuss the issue of payment and delivery.

How much does it cost to arrange a ticket delivery?

The cost of delivery in Minsk within the Minsk Ring Road varies depending on the amount of the order:

- order amount up to 40 rubles - delivery cost 2.25 rubles

- the order amount is from 40 rubles to 200 rubles - the delivery cost is 4.8 rubles

- the order amount is more than 200 rubles - the delivery cost is 7.9 rubles. The cost of the reservation service is 0.20 rubles for each place.

How fast will the ticket delivery arrive?

Ordering tickets is possible no earlier than 45 days before the train departure date, but no later than 36 hours on intra-republican traffic (48 hours on international traffic).

Information about the trip

When planning a trip, you don’t want to encounter any problems or information about the transfer.

Where can I find information?

All information about the train, its transfers and delays, you can find on the website or by phone of the railway station.

What documents do I need to have with me?

A ticket on the form (you can print it in the registration terminal at the station or get it at the ticket office, giving the 14-digit order code);

Passenger's identity document (passport of a citizen of the Republic of Belarus, residence permit in the Republic of Belarus, refugee certificate, military ID, other document containing a photograph certified by a seal, and a passenger who has not reached the age of 14 - a passport or birth certificate);

Boarding international lines is carried out only upon presentation of a passenger identification document to the car conductor, the data of which are indicated during electronic registration. Without a printed form of an electronic travel document, a passenger is not allowed to board the train.

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