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How to get from Minsk to Kiev and back

How to get from Kiev to Minsk and back

Kiev is the capital of Ukraine. It is located on the banks of the Dnieper River and is famous for its religious monuments and historical museums. You don't need to go far to see it all. Choose a suitable route, buy tickets and go to the unknown.

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Route Minsk - Kiev on the map

The distance from the capitals of Belarus and Ukraine is about 570 km that is almost 7 hours on the road. However, it should be taken into account that the time at the border should be added to these 7 hours. Belarus and Ukraine have 12 border points, but all of them are often overloaded. You can look at in real time, how many cars are on the border or compare at which border point there are fewer.


If you have no desire to go by car, that is, a direct train Minsk-Kiev and Riga-Kiev. On the way they are just over 10 hours, of which they have been standing on the border for some time. The border control goes right on the train. There is also a train Minsk - Odessa, it will also take you to Kiev, but it will take 2 hours longer.

Train schedule Minsk-Kiev-Minsk

You can go from Minsk to Kiev in one day by three different trains. The train departs every day at 6:18 a.m. from Minsk and stays in Kiev at 15:52. The train Minsk - Odessa departs at 14:13 and arrives at almost one o'clock in the morning. In addition, the direct train Minsk-Kiev departs at 10:40 pm, you go all night and will be in Kiev at 8 am.

Return trains go according to the following schedule:

  • train Odessa-Minsk departs from Kiev at 1:12 am;
  • train Kiev - Riga departs at 12:45 am;
  • train Kiev - Minsk departs from Kiev at 21:09.

Cost of train tickets

The cost of a one-way ticket starts at $30 and ends at $150. That is, for example, you can ride on the Riga-Kiev train for $30, or you can give $44 for a seat on the Minsk-Kiev train.

The most expensive places on the train are in sleeping cars of high quality. For example, you can ride in a Minsk-Kiev train in such a coach for 150 dollars.

Swiss trains Minsk-Kiev

It's worth finding out about Swiss trains at the ticket offices of Minsk railway station.

Ordinary trains

The trains are good just because you have time to rest, sleep, read a book, which was postponed for a long time or watch 3 films (they are worth downloading in advance, because wi-fi in most trains are not). On the train, you will be provided with bed linen, and from the conductor you can buy tea, coffee, sweets, mashed potatoes or instant pasta.

How to Buy Train Tickets Online

All information on departure, arrival, prices and number of free places is available at There you cannot only clarify your questions, but also buy a ticket online. To do this, go to, specify the departure station - Minsk, destination station - Kiev and the date. The system will give you all variants of trains, you will have to choose a suitable one, specify a place and pay for the ticket with a bankcard. When boarding a train, you will only need to show your passport.