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Insurance of foreigners in the Republic of Belarus

Insurance is a must-have nowadays. The travel industry always leaves the issue of insurance relevant. In the article, we will consider the topic of insurance: is it needed and where can it be issued to foreigners.


Belarusian Republican Unitary Insurance Company Belgosstrakh is the largest insurance organization in the Republic of Belarus.

Today Belgosstrakh is the leader of the Belarusian insurance market.

The mission of Belgosstrakh is to meet the needs of citizens and organizations of the Republic of Belarus in the protection of welfare by providing high-quality and affordable insurance services.

Working with both individuals and legal entities, Belgosstrakh provides its clients with more than 100 options for insurance services for 86 types of voluntary and compulsory insurance. The company's specialists are constantly developing and implementing new insurance products.

Solid economic potential allows Belgosstrakh to insure risks for very large sums. And the system of cumulative discounts makes permanent cooperation with Belgosstrakh profitable for each client.

Compulsory insurance of foreign citizens in the Republic of Belarus

A medical insurance contract, an insurance policy or an insurance card are included in the package of documents required to obtain a Belarusian visa. It will also need to be shown to the border guard at the entrance to Belarus.

To make your stay in Belarus comfortable for you, take care of your insurance policy in advance. After all, this is your guarantee of protection against unforeseen events.

There are two main options: basic and extended insurance. If you choose basic one to reimburse medical expenses, then upon returning to your homeland you will not have to spend the entire family budget to pay off the debt for medical treatment abroad. It is such a policy that is most often carried to the embassy when applying for a visa.

Extended insurance also includes additional compensation for harm to health. This option is relevant for those who are afraid of losing their ability to work.

To understand which policy to choose, clearly imagine what you will do on vacation and what might happen. Review insurance policies and exclusions, especially for allergies and chronic illnesses. You can always add additional options if necessary.

What is it for?

Travel insurance is a policy that protects you from unexpected expenses abroad. How it works? You buy insurance that covers the necessary insurance risks, when an insured event occurs, you call the number indicated in the insurance policy and describe the problem - and they tell you what to do in this situation. New climate, unusual food, too steep slope in the mountains - there are a lot of factors that can cause illness or accident. And treatment abroad is not at all as cheap as in your country.

The following categories of persons are not subject to compulsory medical insurance when entering Belarus:

• citizens of states with which international treaties operate that regulate the provision of free emergency medical care (citizens of the Russian Federation);

• citizens of states that are members of the Commonwealth of Independent States, to whom emergency medical care is provided free of charge in accordance with an agreement signed on March 27, 1997 (citizens of Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine);

• citizens of Turkmenistan.

How to make compulsory health insurance for a foreign person in the Republic of Belarus?

Insurance can be bought in Belarusian organizations - RUE "Belgosstrakh" and "Beleximgarant" at checkpoints across the state border of the Republic of Belarus (at international airports, border points) upon arrival in the country.

It is allowed to conclude a health insurance contract with foreign companies. In this case, the action of the contract of a foreign insurance organization should extend to the territory of the Republic of Belarus.

Insurance policy

To obtain a visa and cross the State Border of the Republic of Belarus, a foreign citizen must have an insurance policy of a foreign state that meets certain requirements or conclude a health insurance contract at checkpoints.

In this case, the insurance policy can be in the form of an electronic document.

Please note that the representatives of the inviting party - legal entities, citizens of the Republic of Belarus, as well as foreign citizens legally staying in the Belarusian territory - can conclude a compulsory medical insurance contract in favor of a foreign citizen.

Information specified in the insurance policy

The insurance document must contain the following information:

• name of the foreign insurance organization;

• its location;

• contact phone numbers of the organization or international assistance;

• the term of the insurance contract;

• surname, name, patronymic (if any) of a foreign citizen arriving in Belarus for treatment.

The duration of the insurance policy

The term of the insurance contract is the period during which your contract will be valid.

To save money on the policy, use the basic rule: the shorter the trip duration and the lower the sum insured, the cheaper you will pay for the insurance.

Medical insurance must be valid for the entire period of stay or temporary residence of a foreign citizen in the country. The minimum insurance contract amount is 10,000 euros.

Insurance fee

Insurance fee is the cost that you will have to pay for your insurance contract before you leave your homeland.

The insurance fee is paid once in Belarusian rubles, Russian rubles or in another freely convertible currency.

The amount of the insurance fee for compulsory health insurance depends on the insurance period and is calculated in euros.

Electronic insurance policy

You can now buy insurance online. You don't need to go for it anywhere, it will come to you by email.

Benefits of online insurance

• quickly and easily;

• anytime and anywhere;

• from any device;

• additional discounts for online insurance;

• payment by card or through ERIP.

Consequences of the absence of an insurance policy for a foreign citizen

If foreign citizens do not have insurance policies (insurance cards) that meet the specified requirements and their refusal to conclude a compulsory medical insurance agreement at a checkpoint across the State Border of the Republic of Belarus located at international airports, these foreign citizens are denied entry into the Republic of Belarus in the manner determined legislative acts.

According to the legislation of the Republic of Belarus, foreign citizens temporarily staying or temporarily residing in the Republic of Belarus are required to have a compulsory medical insurance contract or a medical insurance contract concluded with a foreign insurance organization in case medical institutions provide them with emergency and urgent medical care.