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Is coronavirus over? People walk on the streets without masks

The problem that suddenly appeared on everyone's lips is coronavirus. Many people changed their plans dramatically, and some even lost their jobs. The whole world was dumbfounded by bad news, but the problem somehow dragged on. And if at first people rushed to buy masks and gloves, now precautionary measures are far from being followed by all. What has changed? Is the virus over? Or people are already tired of living in the negative.

Coronavirus statistics

The statistics are actually deplorable. According to the World Health Organization, to date 7531837 infected, 421512 have been died worldwide, but there is good news: the number of patients who have recovered is already more than 3804636.

The leader in the number of confirmed cases, according to Johns Hawkins University, remains the United States, where over 2 million infected have been identified. This is due to non-compliance with safety rules. Mass protests are being held in the United States over the death of African-American George Floyd after being detained by police.

Brazil is in second place with the number of cases - 772.4 thousand. Russia in third, the UK in fourth, and India in fifth place.

Coronavirus statistics in Belarus

Coronavirus on 06/11/2020 in Belarus was found in 51816 people. the number of Covid-19 infected has increased by 750. Reported cases of deaths from coronavirus today increased by 5 and make up 293. Recovered and discharged from hospitals increased by 976 and today total 26643 people.

The situation with coronavirus in the world

The coronavirus burst into our lives all of a sudden, and greatly frightened a large part of the world's population. Thus, some countries have taken emergency measures, such as closing borders, canceling mass events, and quarantine. But gradually many countries cancel emergency measures, limiting themselves only to personal safety measures, and advise wearing masks, gloves, not approaching people at a distance closer than a meter, and also restricting personal touch.

Coronavirus restrictions and rules

Many countries introduced restrictions in connection with the spread of coronavirus, although now they are gradually being removed. Recall that since March 17 a ban was introduced on entry into the Schengen zone and the European Union. And from July 1, the European Union plans to begin to open borders for citizens of other states.

Zoos, hotels, campsites, swimming pools, water parks, as well as filming companies will resume work. Thus, from June 12, Hollywood movie studios were allowed to resume filming.

Pandemic Travel

Coronavirus has made adjustments to the tourism industry. Will tourists be able to visit other countries as before? What awaits them this summer?

All countries of the European Union, except Ireland, have closed their borders to non-EU citizens from March 17, 2020. The opening is scheduled for June 15, but with a number of rules and restrictions.

The Czech Republic became the first country to open its borders to foreign citizens.

A number of European countries are ready to open their borders for the beach year from next month. The first charter flight from Minsk to Albania is scheduled for June 12. From July 1, it will be possible to vsit such countries as Turkey, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Montenegro. Croatia, Iceland will open their borders on June 15, Moldova and Poland are ready to receive tourists from Belarus on June 16.

Hungary, Spain, Ukraine extended the restrictions related to the distribution of COVID-19 for an indefinite period.

Service industry work

During the pandemic, many service sectors suffered as much as possible, the whole small business suffered heavy losses, and some not only suspended their activities, but closed completely. Among such areas are catering, fitness, sports, tourism, hotels, cosmetology, SPA, duty-free trade, transport, entertainment, and mass sports events. But there are industries whose losses incurred maximum losses - this is catering, fitness and tourism.

Service companies are asking for support measures for all types of businesses, as well as to recognize the pandemic period as a force majeure in all affected sectors in terms of calculating rents, loans, repayment of housing and communal services, etc.

Coronavirus Predictions

The pandemic is already fed up with people around the world, and there is only one question in the head: when will the virus recede? The situation in the world is changing every day, so it’s difficult to talk about the timing of the end of the pandemic.

Will there be a second wave?

Recent research by Italian scientists suggests that a second wave of coronavirus may be avoided. This is due to the fact that the virus began to weaken. These data are also confirmed by specialists from other countries.

It is likely that soon coronavirus will cause a banal respiratory disease in humans.

But not everyone is so optimistic. Japanese, Berlin, and American doctors believe that a second outbreak of a dangerous virus is almost inevitable. But they immediately notice that the second wave will not be similar to what people are going through now, as countries will be better prepared for it.

The main thing is that the second wave does not coincide with the beginning of the flu epidemic, which is predicted for the winter.

Medicine search

Now more than 150 anti-coronavirus drugs are being developed and tested in the world. Most of them are already existing drugs that may be able to affect the virus.

At present, in some countries, research centers are trying to use the blood of people who have had COVID-19 as a treatment, since they must form antibodies in their blood that can fight the virus.

How does this happen? The patient who recovered gives the blood plasma and doctor transfuses it to the patient.

In the coming months, the results of clinical trials will become known. Perhaps scientists will soon find a cure that will kill the virus.

In the meantime, patients in two directions:

1. If the symptoms are mild, then prescribe paracetamol, plenty of fluids and bed rest.

2. If the patient requires hospitalization, the patient is given oxygen through mechanical ventilation

When will the pandemic end?

The end of the pandemic will be possible in the absence of active cases of infection, and in the absence of growth of new cases.

At the end of April, scientists at Singapore University of Technology and Design predicted that the spread of coronavirus worldwide would end only on December 9th. But it’s easy to guess that the forecast is inaccurate, and it’s not easy to make accurate forecasts.

To end the pandemic as soon as possible, one should not forget about precautionary measures, namely:

• Do not leave home unnecessarily;

• Keep a safe distance;

• Wash hands as often as possible;

• Cover the mouth when coughing;

• Wear a mask and gloves in a public place.