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IT courses and education in Belarus

IT education in Belarus

In the 21st century, the chances of success are those who quickly respond to changes in the labor market in connection with constantly developing information technologies and digitalization. Today, many corporations use information technology in order to increase their competitiveness, so the job market is replete with advertisements for the search for an IT specialist.

  1. BSUIR

BSUIR is perhaps the best Belarusian University to train IT specialists.

BSUIR offers foreign citizens:

  • training in Russian and English;
  • additional education in educational centers of the leading world companies Microsoft, IBM, Cisco, SAP, National Instruments, INTES, A1QA, Android Software Center;
  • an international diploma recognized throughout the world;
  • internship and practice abroad, student exchange programs;
  • demand for graduates in the international labor market.

Faculties of BSUIR, where they train IT-specialists:

  • faculty of computer systems and networks;
  • faculty of Information Technology and Management;
  • faculty of Engineering and Economics;
  • faculty of Computer Engineering;
  • faculty of Radio Engineering and Electronics;
  • faculty of Telecommunications.

Training in preparatory courses in Russian will cost you 2000$ for 9 months, and in English – 4000$ for the same period.

Studying at the university lasts 4-5 years. Tuition in Russian is 2500$ per year, and in English – 5000$ per year.

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  1. BSTU

Training of IT-specialists in BSTU is held at the Faculty of Information Technology. It consists of 6 departments and 4 specialties:

  • information systems and technologies;
  • information security software for mobile systems;
  • information technology software;
  • design of electronic and web publications.

The cost of training in Russian language courses is:

  • 1290$ - 10 months;
  • 860$ - 6 months;
  • 730$ - 5 months;
  • 430$ - 3 months;
  • 150$ - 1 month.

The cost of training at BSTU is 2830$ per year in Russian and 5000$ per year in English. The duration of the curriculum is 4.5-5 years. However, please note that the cost changes annually, you need to clarify it in the selection committee.