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IT education

IT courses in Minsk

Today, IT specialties are in great demand and have become the most attractive for employment. Previously, everyone wanted to become astronauts, and now they are programmers. And this is not surprising, because the profession has many advantages, such as high salaries, good career prospects, the ability to work remotely and high standards of corporate culture. You can start working in this field after studying at a higher educational institution, so basic knowledge will be stronger, but many will choose the simpler path. And these are IT courses. How to choose the right direction, how to get to better courses, distance learning opportunities and much more can be found in this article.

IT education in Belarus

Unlearning to be a programmer is not so difficult, having at least a minimal desire. And here the question is, where is it better to get an education? The answer to it is ambiguous. If you are about to finish secondary education, the best option would be to enter the university. If this is not your first education, you can consider attending courses and self-development in this area.

University IT training

Many Belarusian universities prepare IT specialists: not only the "profile" BSUIR (Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radio Electronics), but also others, including BSU, BSTU and BNTU.

Of course, for the employer, a completed higher education is a beacon that a person has everything in order with discipline. He was able to study at the university for 4-5 years, and if he has a prestigious diploma, he did it well. What they can teach there is the ability to find information on their own. If a person dropped out of college, then often he lacks responsibility. Absolutely all companies are wary of such candidates.

IT courses

But this does not mean that you can’t get to work in IT without a university diploma. Today, there are a large number of courses that train highly qualified specialists in this field.

Directions of IT-training

As in any profession, in the IT sphere there are many areas from which you can choose the one that suits you.

Software developer

A direction that focuses on the development of web applications, or more simply, websites. Web programming is divided into two main parts: Front-end - creating a user interface, Back-end - writing server-side scripts.

Software tester

Studying and testing a software product is an important component when working on a project. At this stage, defects are identified and the correspondence between the actual behavior of the program and the intended one is checked. A technical study in which different testing methods are used is carried out to obtain information about the quality of the product.

Business analyst

Business analysis is aimed at maximally accurately assessing the needs of the customer, identifying problems and developing the most effective proposals for solving it.

Design and Graphics

Work for those who have a taste and craving for creativity. The main task of such specialists is to create the appearance of the website, to design the project so that it is as convenient and attractive to users as possible.

Best IT courses in Minsk

Choosing courses from the many options offered is not an easy task. We will help you with this!


The Academy offers courses in the most relevant areas: software development, testing, business analysis, web design, Internet marketing, IT sales, data science. Programs are designed for different levels of training.

The IT Academy was created to give its graduates a new profession. The percentage of employment at the academy reaches 81. But, if you haven’t been included in this number, don’t be upset, because about 500 junior level vacancies are open for graduates according to the leading job search websites in the Republic of Belarus.

Belhard academy

The Academy offers courses in areas such as management and business analysis in the field of software development, software development and testing, mobile development, marketing and sales, information security and testing.

The Academy gives students a high level of knowledge, which will become the basis for job search and career growth in the field of IT. Adapting training programs to the requests and requirements of the leading employers of the country strengthens the BELHARD Academy in the leaders of IT education.

Computer Academy SHAG

Directions offered by the Academy: professional computer education, children's computer academy, professional special courses, individual courses, corporate training, software development, computer graphics and design.

Upon completion of training, students receive an international certificate of the SHAG Computer Academy, as well as international certificates from partner companies, so the issue of employment can be considered resolved.


The Academy specializes in training testers and software quality control specialists.

As a result of the course, students receive a certificate, and the best students receive a letter of recommendation, as well as an internship offer at a large IT company with the possibility of subsequent employment.


The Academy offers courses in the following areas: Front-end development, UX / UI design, 3D modeling, Project management, Java development.

As a result of training, representatives of the Academy offer employment.

ISS Advance

The Academy offers such areas as ITIL, audit, business process design, project management, courses for PC users, information security, software tester, business processes.

At the end of the training, representatives of the academy promise no employment problems.


The Academy is engaged in training specialists in the areas of business analysis, usability and UX, business analysis.

Diligent students, with great ambitions, have no problems with employment.

Distance IT Training

Many academies offer distance learning opportunities. And this is no accident, since distance learning has a lot of advantages.


Firstly, in this format, it becomes possible to deliver training to students from all over Belarus. Secondly, it is possible to attract experts from different regions as teachers, including from other countries. Thirdly, this format is in demand among people who, for various reasons, cannot attend full-time classes in the morning and evening groups.


Along with many advantages, there are substantial disadvantages in this format of training. Firstly, there is no “eye to eye” contact, that is, the teacher and the student are far away and do not see each other, secondly, in the classroom, the teacher can devote much more time to the student, and thirdly, the question of motivation, It is much easier to motivate a student while in a classroom with stronger colleagues.

Internships in IT in Belarus

There are many communities and job search websites where you can easily solve the problem of employment, being a highly qualified specialist in this field. Also, your curators will help you will help you at the end of the course.

IT industry in Belarus

The IT industry in Belarus, as well as in any other country, is developing quite efficiently. Demand is growing, the number of worthy specialists is also growing. At the moment, this is one of the most promising and rapidly developing areas, so no wait, you need to start right now!

Programmer career in Belarus

Career growth in this industry is an advantage, because in order to climb the career ladder, you do not need to wait 20 years for a place to be vacated. Ability to work, ambitiousness and motivation are enough. Indeed, for 6 years of experience in the field of IT, you can grow from a junior programmer to a leading one, having gone through the steps of a programmer and senior programmer. All in your hands! Give it a try! Do not put off!

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